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Dog Supplies buying guide

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Dog Supplies - An Introduction

Our dogs are part of our families and lives, the perfect companions at any age. Whether we prefer larger dogs such as a Boxer Dog to cute Shitzu Puppies Or Dogs is a matter of personal taste and how much space we have available, but all sizes and breeds wrap themselves around our heart strings in a way unlike any other pet.

The way we care for them involves regular exercise, (and gets us out for a brisk walk in the process) sound nutrition and visits to the vet when they are under the weather. We express our gratitude to these wonderful animals by showering them with affection and the occasional treat.

Shopping online for Dog care supplies provides owners with a greater variety of products. Some items are available, such as Citronella Collars and Veterinary Supplies, which are hard to find in stores.

Travelling with your Dog is safer and more fun for you both, if he is securely snapped into a car Dog Harness, to prevent excessive movement around the vehicle or permit the windows to be opened fully. A novel way to travel by foot with a larger Dog is to fit him with a Backpack or a Dog Backpack Easy Fit Pet Saddlebag, useful on hikes and shopping trips. This gives him a chance to help you out and burn off some energy at the same time.

If a smart new Dog Collar or a Waterproof Dog Coat for bad weather is on your shopping list, we have some great suggestions for all breeds and sizes in our Best Buys section. More general shopping tips on everyday items such as a Dog Bowl or Bed can be found in our buyer's tips and the special guide to frequently asked Dog care questions.

Tips to consider before buying Dog Supplies

  • A Dog Harness like the Petlondon Lattice Harness Black will help you train a new puppy, or small dog safely, since the pressure exerted by the leash is evenly distributed over the body of the Dog, rather than just on his neck. This offers more control when guiding your pet through drills and at classes.
  • Using human, rather than pet shampoos like Herbal Dog Shampoo may irritate your dog’s eyes. In an emergency, dilute it 50/50 with water and avoid areas close to the eyes.
  • For dog owners in homes with small children and sensitive persons, such as older and immune compromised patients, consider a Dog Collar which uses natural insect repellent, such as Citronella Collar and those using tee tree oil. These types of Dog Collars emit a pleasant, easily tolerated smell and contain no toxic chemicals.
  • Trim nails with a specially designed pair of Dog Nail Clippers, preferably after a warm bath, since they will be slightly softer to cut and easier to trim correctly, once the area is clean.
  • Mark your calendar to most effectively administer medicines such as Milbemax Dog Worming Tablets. As soon as a dose is given, cross off the entry, to prevent over-dosing.
  • For dogs at risk of kidney disease, and to prevent this common illness in your pet, consider feeding him or her a low-ash formula like Royal Canin Renal Dog Food, which contains less minerals and other ingredients certain breeds and older dogs have trouble metabolizing.
  • To encourage your family to feed only appropriate foods to your dog, keep a pack of treats handy in the area where they eat, and let everyone in the house know how many to give at a time.
  • For a special treat, or as reward for learning well at class, Pedigree Dog Treats Beef flavour are tasty and good for your dog’s health.
  • Households with more than one dog can save money on dog snacks by buying them in bulk from James Wellbeloved Pure Incentive Dog Treats, a trusted name, who have sizes up to 15 kg.

Essential Dog Care Products

When a new pet, especially a Dog, joins the family, you will need some basic supplies such as one Bowl for Dog Food and another for water, a Dog Bed if you do not plan on sharing beds and other furniture, and some Dog Grooming Tools such as Dog Nail Clippers, brushes that suit the coat of your new Dog, and a Collar, leash and Car Harness if you plan to take him out, or on trips. For outside use, a Dog House offers shelter from bad weather and shade from the sun, while installing a Dog Door permits him to come and go without disturbing the family, especially useful at night. If your garden is long or large, a Dog Whistle will bring him running, once you have trained with to respond to it. Treats are a good reward.

Specialized food for dogs with medical conditions which have been diagnosed by your vet, such as Royal Canin Renal Dog Food and Waltham Hepatic Dog Food are good for everyday feeding, or times when you are away and need to ensure his diet is carefully followed. For dogs that are getting a little stout, Food like Royal Canin Obesity Dog Food will supply all the nutrients they need while helping to safely reduce heir weight. Dogs with touchy digestive systems respond well to Royal Canin Sensitive Dog Food. Another good option to try for picky eaters is Organic Pet Foods that contain no additives or residual elements that may upset them.

Hands-on Dog Care Products

As much as the family will enjoy dressing up their new pet in collars and coats of all colours and designs, like the sporty Classic Soft Dog Harness, regular care necessary for their health and cleanliness involves a bit more work.

To properly bathe your dog or cut his nails, you must get him accustomed to the experience gradually. Each size and breed of dog presents its own particular challenges, but with some practice and advice, the process will become familiar to you both and proceed smoothly. Small dogs are more likely to be nervous and need a lot of reassurance, while the sheer size of the largest ones means the logistics of washing them often involve their owners getting very wet, too.

The RSPCA recommends your dog has a bath at least once every three months, but summer runs out in the woods and winter jaunts in the snow will shorten that time. For safe cleaning use a specific pet product like Shampuchi Luxurious Lemon Dog Shampoo and finish his grooming session with a product like Frontline Spray to protect your pet from the irritation of bugs he may pick up, while outside.

For nervous dogs of all sizes, vets recommend Bach Original Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy Spray to calm nerves, not just at bath time, but for all events which cause them stress. When a Dog manifests jealousy at the arrival of a new baby, or another pet, this nifty remedy will ease it through the process. This homeopathic remedy works as well on pets as it does on humans, and should be a part of your first aid kit for all accidents and injuries of pets and their owners.

Best Buys

The perfect after-bath treatment to keep ticks, fleas, lice and other bugs off your pet for up to five weeks is the Frontline Spray, recommended by vets. Contact with other dogs is a common source of infestation, and almost impossible to prevent, as they check each other out on the street. Ticks may attach themselves to dogs on a stroll through even medium length grass. With one application after each month, any bugs they pick up are killed quickly and safely before your pet can become ill from the bites of these bugs.

A Herbal Dog Shampoo that cleans thoroughly and gently, leaving behind the pleasing smell of fresh herbs is a favourite of our office dog owners. The all-natural ingredients repel insects while the added lanolin softens and condition the coat. Bottles cost well under a fiver for 250ml, which lasts for ages.

Fancy colours and patterns for every occasion are easy to find in Dog Collars, but those of us who need harnesses to keep our puppies and smaller dogs under control will be happy to find a variety of colours and sizes fro medium to large from Puppia. These fit across the dog’s chest, evenly distributing the pull from a leash to give the owner maximum control at no expense to the dog’s comfort. The Puppia Classic Soft Harness comes recommended by vets for all sizes of dogs and has a range of matching leashes for the final touch. At under £30 for both items, we think they are stylish and good value for money.

Jargon Explained

Stop Dog Pulling CollarStop Dog Pulling Collar: This device safely breaks your Dog of the habit of puling too hard on the leash.
Dog DoorDog Door: A dog door will allow your pet to come and go freely without the need for barking to alert you and permits pets that also function as guard dogs to roam over a large area.
Organic Pet FoodsOrganic Pet Foods: these foods are made in accordance to the same legal standards as organic food for human consumption, and offer a “green alternative” to feeding your pet.
Dog CollarDog Collar: A collar prevents your pet from being mistaken for a stray. To fit correctly, ensure two fingers can be comfortably placed between the collar and the dog’s neck.
Banned Food for DogsDogs cannot eat a number of foods humans can safely consume. On the banned list are any kind of chocolate or coffee, garlic, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes, yeast dough, fatty foods, foods sweetened with xylitol, onions and salt.
Dog Grooming ToolsDog Grooming Tools: These vary for each Dog. Special combs are needed to help remove a winter coat, during the warmer months and for longer haired breeds. Brushes for general sprucing up after a bath and cotton balls for protecting ears from water while bathing are basic requirements.
Dog WhistleDog Whistle: Ultrasonic Dog whistles are handy for calling them in at night, without disturbing neighbours, or alerting intruders to the presence of your dog.
Dog BackpackDog Backpack: Dogs, especially the medium and larger breeds, love to carry small loads strapped to their backs. A small pack can contain a waterproof coat or clean up supplies, handy if you are walking far from home.
Dog HouseDog House: A permanent home either inside or outside the house gives a pet shelter and a place uniquely his own.
Car HarnessCar Harness: A vital piece of safety equipment for all who transport dogs in their vehicles The harness safely snaps into seat fixtures to ensure he does not obstruct your view of the road.
Dog Nail ClippersDog Nail Clippers: These specialized tools are very strong clippers to safely keep the length of you dog’s claws under control.
Dog BowlDog Bowl: Essential equipment for feeding your pet They should be examined frequently for chips and scratches and replaced after illness.
Dog BedsDog Beds: A great way to encourage dogs to sleep in one place, where their shed hair is easier to clean up these should be washed in a gentle detergent, every week.
Dog Training CollarDog Training Collar: These devices check the tendency of dogs to bark uncontrollably and at inconvenient times.
General Pet CareGeneral Pet Care: For detailed instructions, always ask at your local veterinarian, who has leaflets and books about the proper care of many popular breeds of dog.
SireThe dog’s Father. This is important when buying pedigree dogs such as a Shitzu Puppies Or Dogs.
DamThe correct term for a dog’s mother. 

Buying Guide to Dog Supplies
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