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Coffee Makers buying guide

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Everybody needs that extra little boost in the morning, their little fix so to speak. Why not wake up to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the comfort and warmth of your own kitchen before you have to take that first step into Monday morning with your very own coffee maker.

The coffee maker is a great buy and is the perfect way to start your day or even whether it is the first thing that you dive for when you walk in the door at the end of a stressful day, or before you head to your bed at night! When you think of the amount of use that you will get out of this, its great value for money for all coffee fanatics out there.

There are a few different coffee machines to consider, some are better than others:

The perculator may make coffee...well in a fashion, but be aware that it can sometimes remove essential flavours, so basically no flavour at all and this kind of defeats the object of a coffee maker.

Then we move onto the French Press this does have a manual pump, not everybody's cup of coffee should i say as its not automated like some of the others. Tend to find that it can be rather small, but if you are struggling for unit space this could be ideal. It is something that you have to enjoy rather quickly as it struggles to retain the heat.

The Automatic Drip coffee maker is very simple and rather cost efficient. The texture is very light, so not the most tastiest cup of coffee that you will ever get, this machine comes with rather a few quirky functions. The Cappuccino Machine This device looks great on the old kitchen units, somthing to impress the friends with. Provides a frothy finish. Again with a very light texture much sweeter then any of the others. So if you are after the hard stuff, a real strong cup of coffee, then this sexy looking machine is not for you.

Then we have the Cold Water brewer very easy to use, but I have to say if you are in a rush, its not ideal as it takes over 12 hours to brew, when it has eventually brewed there is not much more to do. It has great flavour, produces less acitity. Really good if you want to make iced coffee as well. The Vacuum Coffee Maker for all you strong coffee lovers out there, this really does the trick, a very strong flavour. It claims to mix the water coffee grinds exceptionally well. This sometimes can result in the coffee grounds ending up in your cup!

The Espresso Maker this has rather a few models, manual, semi, automatic and wait for it...Super automatic. This also has a very bold rich taste to it. Its also plugles,as it requires just heat. It could be your new best friend, you could almost take it anywhere. The Combination Maker This is very good as it can make a few different various of coffee It can make espresso and cappuccino so great if you and your other half have different taste buds. It is rather big, so ensure that you have plenty of space.

Popular Coffee Maker brands

Some popular brands of coffee makers include, Tassimo, Krups, Senseo, Gaggia and Delonghi so for all those coffee junkies out there, some of them are cheaper than others, so get investigating and get buying.

Buying Guide to Coffee Makers
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