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Cookers buying guide

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Introduction to Cookers

Cookers are indispensable in the modern kitchen, probably the most important appliance you'll ever buy.  It may be difficult to choose the best one for you, but Price Inspector is here to guide you through the process.

Handy Tips to consider when buying a new cooker

  • Consider the size and shape of your kitchen, how you plan to use your cooker, and your budget. Will you be cooking frequently for large dinner parties, or will you dine out more often than you'll actually cook? Do you need a compact model due to a smaller kitchen set-up?
  • Determine the available fuel for your cooker. Does your kitchen have gas or electrical connections or both?
  • Do you cook food from frozen frequently? If so, consider a cooker that includes a defrost function.
  • If you purchase a gas cooker, make sure it has a flame failure device (FFD). This is a safety feature that automatically cuts off the gas if the flame goes out, and it's now legally required in some circumstances.

Different types of cookers

  • Electric Cookers: These take longer to heat than a gas cooker, unless it is an electric fan oven. With electric fan ovens, preheating will take less time, cooking time is reduced, and temperatures are more even. The electric fan also circulates the air so that cooking odours are not transferred to each other if you're cooking multiple dishes at once.
  • Gas Cookers: Gas cookers offer fast, responsive heat, cooking quickly on the hob. You will need to preheat, although you can create different temperatures in different zones of the oven. This is convenient for cooking several dishes at once. Also, moist heat will keep your food from drying out during cooking. It is important to note that gas cookers must be installed by a Gas Safe Register fitter.
  • Duel Fuel Cookers: These combine the convenient, quick heat of a gas hob with a faster, more even electric fan oven.
  • Range Cookers: Range cookers can be powered by either gas or electricity, and they are larger cookers. They may feature up to 8 burners and a double oven. If you will be entertaining or cooking for large groups frequently, you might want to consider a range cooker, assuming there is room in your kitchen. Range cookers sometimes include a wok hub.

Cooker Sizes

  • Single ovens can be installed under a worktop in at eye level.
  • Double ovens must be fitted under your worktop.
  • Compact: If you have a small kitchen, a compact cooker will provide all the features of larger ones, while taking up much less room.

Overall Summary on Cookers

Optional features for cookers include a programmable timer, allowing you to set start and finish times, as well as manual alarm settings. Self cleaning ovens offer a cleaning cycle to burn away cooking deposits, making cleaning the oven much easier.

Top brands for cookers include AEG, Baumatic, Belling, Bosch, Cannon, Rangemaster, Smeg, and Zanussi. Price Inspector provide the knowledge and price-comparison necessary to choose the perfect cooker. The price of your cooker will vary depending on numerous factors, including brand, size, fuel, and finish. For a basic gas cooker, you might spend as little as £100, while the largest, professional models can be nearly £9,000. To spend your money wisely, consider what features you really need and want to pay for, and remember that smaller cookers typically cost less than larger ones.

Buying Guide to Cookers
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