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"D" buying guide

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Price Inspector has gone through his files to organize your most popular searches to make shopping even easier. Based on your favourite searches on Price Inspector, D is for Dyson, Dr Martens, Disney, and so much more!

  • Spring is time for a fresh start, and a home makeover is no exception. Freshen up your home’s exterior with Dulux Weathershield paint. This paint is weather proof, mold resistant, and lasts longer. The Dulux Paint Pod works with the Dulux Emulsion paint roller system, which is a smart new way to give you a splatter-free, ultra-fine finish to your project.
  • Dr Martens have an iconic look that has become a cult classic. Whether you want Dr Martens boots or shoes, Price Inspector brings you all the latest looks. The classic Dr Martens 1460 is just one of the many designs, and it comes in such a variety of colours and patterns you’ll find one you love.
  • Find out why Dyson has become one of the most-loved vacuums in the world. Most people don’t love to vacuum, but a new Dyson Ball may just change your mind. Some of their most popular models include the Dyson DC25, the DC14, the Dyson DC19, and the DC24. For smaller jobs, you’ll want the Dyson Handheld. If a Dyson just isn’t in your budget, the Black and Decker Dustbuster is another highly rated handheld vacuum.
  • To get the most out of your digital radio, why not get a new DAB Radio CD player that lets you enjoy both radio and your CDs. You can even wake up to your favourite digital radio stations if you choose a DAB clock radio.
  • Bring a modern touch to your kitchen with a Dualit or Delonghi Icona Kettle. These stylish appliances are certainly not your grandmother’s tea kettle, with modern colours and conveniences. Complete the upgrade with a Dualit toaster and a new dish drainer, and then sit back with a well-deserved cup of Douwe Egberts coffee. A Dolce Gusto coffee maker will make your coffee even better.
  • If you have a little girl in your life, chances are that she loves the Disney Princess collection. Whether she has one favourite or loves them all, she’ll love the Disney Princess Castle and Disney Princess costume for all her make-believe play. When she’s ready to get some fresh air, the Disney Princess bike lets her continue the story outside.
  • Small appliances can bring big conveniences to your life. A dehumidifier protects your home and contents from the damage caused by excess moisture, as well as making you more comfortable. A deep fat fryer makes deep frying easy, as it precisely controls the cooking oil temperature and reduces splatter.
  • Duraphat fluoride toothpaste is a professional-strength toothpaste designed to prevent dental caries in adults and older adolescents, especially for those who are most at risk. Price Inspector is here to help you protect your precious teeth, always at the cheapest prices.
  • Get ready for company with a new double airbed. These are especially convenient if you don’t have a dedicated guest room, as you can simply inflate the aerobed when company arrives, then store it away between uses. If you do have a guest room, check to see if you need a new divan base to keep your guests comfortable. Maybe some damask wallpaper or a new dressing table would freshen up the room.
  • If you noticed your house was draughty this winter, don’t put off repairs until next winter. Stock up on draught excluder to keep chilly air from leaking through letter boxes, doors, and windows. You can also buy decorative draught excluders that look nice while keeping your home comfortable.
  • If you’re like us, you want to watch your favourite television shows but still have a life. With a DVR, you can record your shows even when you’re busy (or simply watching another programme), and then watch it at your convenience. If you buy a DVD recorder combi, it’s easy to watch your favourite DVDs or VHS tapes, and you can even transfer those home movies from tape to DVD. A digital voice recorder makes it easy for you to record your thoughts and remember important tasks when you can’t take notes.
  • We know you love your dogs and cats and want them to live a long, healthy life. That’s why Drontal products are made for every age and size of dog or cat, even puppies and kittens, to keep them worm-free. Price Inspector also helps you find cheap prices on high-quality food, such as Dog Food Hills.
  • Is Spring Fever starting for you? We know we’re ready to get out and enjoy some warm weather. What better way to get your children outside than with a Dareway? These stand-up motorized scooters are like a kid-sized Segway, and they come in silver or pink and lavender, perfect for your little daredevils. If you want to get outside also, get yourself a dual suspension mountain bike or a dirt jump bike.
  • Want to smell great? Of course you do! DKNY Blossom perfume, part of the Be Delicious collection, brings the spring-like smell of apple blossoms wherever you go. For men, Dune will remind you of seaside escapes, perfect for spring and summer. Even if you’re just relaxing in Dungarees, you’ll smell terrific.
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