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Disney Pixar toys buying guide

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Disney Pixar Toys Guide - An Introduction

Pure magic is what happens when a multi award winning computer animation studio like Pixar and a revered landmark producer of heart-warming stories and animated movies like Disney team up. Now add the fact that each of these amazing movies includes morsels of humour geared for every age group from young children to adults, and you have a movie that the whole family will treasure.

What naturally seems to follow the raving success of movies such as Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, Up, Cars, and A Bug’s Life, is a public demand for merchandise that can be easily incorporated into daily life. Fans seek products such as toys, clothing and accessories, home items, and backpacks because they serve as a constant reminder and a revival of the magic that they experienced while viewing the movie.

How to use this guide

Together, Disney and Pixar have co-created eleven unforgettable movies that have inspired the creation of some 65,000 merchandise items by more than 2000 manufacturers to date. The aim of this buyer’s guide is to provide you the tools that will enable you to quickly, easily sort through that daunting mountain of merchandise, and identify your ideal item.

The Types and Gift Suggestions section of this guide will help you identify what kinds of items are available in categories such as clothing, home accessories, toys and more. In the Types and Gift Suggestions section, for example, you will find the Disney Pixar complete listing of movies that have been released on DVD to date or the expected date of their release. Types and Gift Suggestions will even provide you a brief list of the helpful suggestions for each category to ease the challenge of coming up with great gift ideas.

Once you have selected one of the suggestions, just click on the item or movie link and Price Inspector will provide information on where you can purchase that item at the cheapest possible price.

Finally, if you cannot remember a specific character name from a particular movie, or you know the character name but not which movie it belongs to or the other characters in the movie check out the Jargon Buster section of this guide.

Types and Gift Suggestions

Merchandise from the Disney Pixar movies includes just about everything you can think of and then some. Whether you are looking for products as a collector or as a gift for a child, you will find an incredible variety available.

Of course, a Disney Pixar action figure, a Disney Pixar DVD, or a Disney Pixar Electronic game are on the top of every child’s wish list. However, there are other Disney Pixar items that children love, which you may not have considered. For example, there is an affordable Disney Pixar camera for children. Here is a list of ideas for gifts from some of the most popular categories.

Apparel and Accessories

Disney Pixar movie apparel includes clothing from baby and toddler sizes to adult sizes. This category includes everything from T-shirts, jackets, cuff links, socks, underwear and caps to complete costumes so kids can dress up like their favourite characters. This category includes everything from T-shirts, jackets, cuff links, socks, underwear and caps to complete costumes so kids can dress up like their favourite characters.

• Boys 4 Pair Disney Pixar™ Cars Socks Assorted

These socks feature two of a boy’s favourite characters, Lightning McQueen and Mater. They are also a great buy at £5.00.

• Disney Pixar Car Tyres Hooded Poncho

This features Lightning McQueen and comes in red. It is currently £5.00.

• Disney Pixar Cars Helmet

If they loved the movie Cars, this helmet is one they will be sure to wear even when you are not looking. It costs £16.99, comes in red, and fits head size 48-52cm.

Art Prints

Children also love to decorate their bedrooms with posters or prints of their favourite characters. Here are two gift suggestions that are sure to be appreciated.

• Woody by Disney

This print measures 60 x 30 cm. It costs £14.99.

• Buzz Lightyear and Woody by Disney

This print cost is £5.99 and is 28 x 35 cm.

Educational Toys

Why not educate them while they play by selecting a Disney Pixar book, colouring book, or puzzle? Better yet get them a Disney Pixar box set of books.

• LeapPad Software Disney Pixar Cars Book

This is a wonderful “read along book” that children enjoy reading repeatedly. The bonus is that it will help a child ages 4 to 6 master skills in both reading and math. It costs £4.99.

• Disney Pixar Up Book of the Film

This book will be nearly as well received as the movie, and it is reasonably priced at £3.59.

• Disney Pixar Cars Activity Book

Here is a great gift for no reason at all. Give it on a rainy day and watch them learn, colour, and play. It is priced at £3.59.

Home Décor

If you are an adult who enjoys the Disney Pixar movies you will find a great selection including items such as flatware, patches, buttons, key rings, mugs, desktop accessories and furniture.

Home decorating items for children include, duvet covers, children’s furniture and accessories such as bedside lamps, lunchboxes, bedroom curtains, towels, and party favours.

Here are some great Disney Pixar gift suggestions for children from the home décor category:

• Disney Pixar Toy Box

Help the child on your gift list keep all his favourite toys organised by giving them a toy box he/she will treasure. It comes shaped and with the image of Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. It also does double duty as seating for two and runs £45.99.

• Disney Cars Toddler Bed for £79.99
• Disney Cars Toddler Bed with Storage for £119.99

These are two practical choices in toddlers’ beds. Either will help you and your child create a bedroom that they will love. It may even help them adjust to sleeping in their own room.


Finally, remember to check out the Disney Pixar bicycles, ride on cars, balls, and helmets.


There are more than 2,000 brand names associated with the creation of Disney Pixar Merchandise aside from Disney itself. Here are the top five brands and some information about the company. While recalls have been made on certain items over the years associated with every brand, these five brands have handled those recalls in a timely and responsible manner.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price launched into business in 1930 and managed to survive and thrive during one of the most challenging times for business in human history, The Great Depression.
Their toys have a whimsical quality about them which children adored and continue to love to this day. Over the years, parents worldwide have come to trust the quality of artisanship and materials that Fisher Price put into every toy.

In 1993, Fisher Price became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. and became the brand name that Mattel placed on their line of toys and gear for infants and young children.

The Fisher Price brand name is trusted and well-known name as a producer of toys that support a child’s development. Some of the most recognised toy lines that Fisher Price produces include Barney, Disney, Dora the Explorer, Power Wheels, See ‘n Say, and Sesame Street.

One of the most loved Disney Pixar toys that Fisher Price produces is:

• The Fisher Price GeoTrax Pixar Cars Remote Control Vehicle Lightning McQueen.


Hasbro began as a textile remnant factory in 1923 when two brothers, Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, founded Hasbro. Over the years, Hasbro has expanded from textile remnants to school supplies such as pencil boxes, to their first toys in the 1940s.

Their first toy to become a major success was Mr. Potato Head in 1964. Since that time, Hasbro has enjoyed many toy successes such as G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony. Board game successes occurred regularly after 1984 when Hasbro acquired Milton Bradley and in 1991 Parker Brothers. Popular board games include Twister, The Game of Life, Yahtzee, and Disney Pixar Monopoly as well as all its other Monopoly versions.

One of the most popular Disney Pixar toys that is produced by Hasbro is:

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pull String Woody Doll


LeapFrog, founded by Michael Wood in 1995 is a U.S. based company that takes great pride in producing quality educational books, games, and toys for infants and grade school age children around the world. Michael Wood began creating learning toys, books, and games because he wanted to help his own son learn to read. That personally motivated investment is evident in every product LeapFrog produces.

LeapFrog’s most popular Disney Pixar related educational products include:

• Junior Book Disney Pixar Car Shapes
Cars Activity Book
• LeapFrog Enterprises Leapster Cars Game


Mattel is the largest toy producer in the world, largely due to the popularity of the Barbie doll line since the doll’s introduction in 1960. Harold Mattson, whose nickname was Matt, and Elliot Handler, gave the name, Mattel to their company, which was founded in 1945.

Since 2007, Mattel toys have been manufactured in China. While this has produced some recalls, Mattel’s responsible and quick handling of the problem has resulted in continued customer trust of Mattel merchandise.

Some of Mattel’s other great successes have been Hot Wheels, and Matchbox cars, the latter of which has become highly prized collectibles.

It was not surprising that Mattel would produce a line of cars for the Disney Pixar movie Cars, the most popular of which is the 1.55 Disney Pixar Diecast Car Collection. This line will undoubtedly become another of Mattel’s highly prized collectibles.

Thinkway Toys

Albert Chan founded Thinkway Toys in 1984 in Markham, Canada. It is a privately owned company whose aim is stated in their logo tag line, “Creating fun with technology”. Thinkway is well recognised for the creating and developing the highest quality designs.

Thinkway Toys and Disney Pixar began their association when Pixar launched D in 1995. While many companies were hesitant to get on board with the first Computer Graphics Imaging animated movie, Albert Chan, the head of Thinkway was not. He and John Lasseter, who is the director of Toy Story, mutually inspired one another from their first meeting. John Lasseter was keen on keeping the toys true to the film toys and Albert Chan’s innovation and creative ability were able to bring John Lasseter’s vision for Toy Story and Wall E toys to a successful reality.

The most popular Thinkway Disney Pixar film toy is:

• The Disney Pixar Toy Story Definitive Collection


Jargon Explained

The most challenging aspect, with regard to jargon that is specific to Disney Pixar merchandise, is familiarisation with which characters belong together and go with which movie, especially if you are attempting to collect full sets for a child.

Sometimes, the only information you have to go on is the name of a child’s favourite Disney Pixar movie, but you lack the knowledge of which characters belong to that movie. Perhaps the child has given you only the name of his favourite character, but you do not know the name of the movie or other characters associated with that movie.
This can make selecting the right toys for a particular child quite challenging.

In order to help you target the right toys for the child or collector that you are buying for, here is a list all the Disney Pixar movies in alphabetical order, along with the most popular characters from each movie.

You can search this list by movie name, or simply scan the lists for the character name the child has given you. The character list for each movie is also in alphabetical order, so you need to only look for the right starting letter in the name rather than scan the entire list.

Bugs LifeA Bugs Life was the endearing 1998, G rated, Disney Pixar release.
FlikFlik is an ant who has an amazing talent for inventions that make life easier. He does not fit in with the other ants that are worker ants and do not see a need to improve things. Flik has plenty of friends though, including Princess Dot and the Circus bugs that help him save the anthill from Hopper and his gang of grasshopper bullies. Flik also has a crush on Princess Atta and is tries to impress her.
FrancisFrancis is a ladybug who is another one of Flik’s friends. He hates being mistaken for a girl. He is, in fact, a tough, male ladybug and a member of the Circus bugs.
HeimlichHeimlich is a cute, plump-cheeked, green caterpillar, or future butterfly who is perpetually hungry and therefore, is always eating. He has an understandable fear and dislike of birds. He is a member of the Circus bugs.
HopperHopper enjoys using his larger grasshopper size to intimidate and bully smaller bugs, especially ants. He is the leader of the Grasshopper Gang. Hopper hates birds and has a sidekick named Molt.
Manny aka Manny the MagnificentManny is a Praying Mantis, who is the magician of the Circus bug group. He is friends with Gypsy the moth.
Princess AttaPrincess Atta is the daughter of the Queen Ant and wants to one day be the queen herself. Her sister is Princess Dot. Despite Flik’s attempts to impress her, she sees him as an oddball who constantly messes up.
Princess DotPrincess Dot’s biggest disappointment is that she can’t fly like her big sister, Princess Atta. Princess Dot is friends with Flik and the Circus bugs and loves adventures.
RosieRosie is a Black Widow Spider whose sidekick is Slim who is a Stick Insect. Rosie is a friend to Flik and the Circus bugs. She is elegant, motherly, and proud of being the fastest spinner in the west.
SlimSlim is a Stick Insect and the Circus clown of the Circus bugs. He hangs out with Rosie and is friends with the other Circus bugs and Flik.
CarsCars was released by Disney Pixar in 2006 and rated G.
BoostBoost is an extremely self-confident, Kyoku Jitsu racing car with an outstanding paint job and sports carbon fibre panels. He is the impressive leader of the car gang who has Nitrous boost capability at the flip of a switch.
Chick Hicks aka ThunderChick is a staunch competitor of Lightning McQueen. Chick is a 1979 Shyster Cremlin with a V-8 engine. He is also well-known cheater. Lightning gave Chick the nickname of Thunder because Thunder never comes ahead of Lightning.
DJ aka Devon MontgomeryDJ is a Reko-Do Spinner, who likes to annoy other cars on the road with all kinds of loud music. He is equipped with woofers and subwoofers as well as sports tweeters.
Doc HudsonDoc Hudson is a 1951 Hudson Hornet with step down chassis who does double duty as the respected doctor and judge of the town.
FillmoreFillmore is Radiator Spring’s resident Hippie. He is a 1960 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus complete with a Hippie Flower Power paint job. He boasts organic brake shoes, fuel, and oil.
FloFlo is a 1957, custom, Motorama Show Car, who owns Flo’s V-8 Café and treats her customers to the finest fuel in 50 states. Flo is married to Ramone. Flo is the only vehicle that Ramone considers to beautiful and perfect to paint.
GuidoGuido is a small, light blue, Italian Alza Tutto forklift who is Luigi’s assistant at the Casa Della Tires. Guido and Luigi are big racing fans. They prefer Ferrari racing, as Italy is their native country, but they are extremely enthusiastic about any type of car racing.
King, The aka Strip WeathersThe King is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird with rear spoiler has the most wins of all in the Piston Cup races. He is the racing legend.
Lightning McQueenHe is the fastest racecar in the world. Lightning McQueen has a 750 horsepower, V-8 engine that can go from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds flat. He is capable of speeds up to 200 miles per hour.
LizzieLizzie, a Ford Model T, 2-door sedan from 1923 is a high-spirited, somewhat brazen, little old lady. Although she can be forgetful, she is still a savvy business woman who sells Route 66 memorabilia.
LuigiLuigi is a 1959 Fiat 500 charmer, who runs Casa Della Tires with Guido, his Italian compatriot. He believes that while cars may not be able to choose their own make and model, they can choose the tires that they wear.
MackThe (Disney Pixar Mack) character is a 1985 Mack Super-Liner Semi Hauler, who sings to pass the time on the road. He is Lightening McQueen’s driver and loyal friend.
MaterThis lovable character runs on 6 or 7 of his 8 cylinders and is a Haulital Hook ‘Em Tow Truck, who owns and runs Tow Mater Towing and Salvage in the town of Radiator Springs.
RamoneRamone is 1959 Chevrolet Impala Low-rider. He is equipped with hydraulics and is a true artist when it comes to custom body painting. Ramone is the owner of Ramone’s House of Body Art. He is married to Flo.
SallySally is a 2002 Porsche Carrera, who is the town attorney and loves to tend to the town’s historical preservation projects. She also loves to cruise around town with Lightning McQueen.
RedRed is a very sensitive and shy 1950’s Fire Truck with an engine for driving and another engine for pumping water. He is devoted to his town and loves serving the community, whether it is tending its flowers or putting out fires.
SargeThis delightful authoritarian character is a true Stars and Stripes, decorated hero from World War II. He is a 4-cylinder, 1942, Army Jeep. He runs an SUV Bootcamp and owns Sarge’s Surplus Hut, which is stocked with surplus military gear.
SheriffSheriff is a Mercury, 1949 Police Cruiser, who comes from a long line of law enforcement vehicles. He tends to backfire when he is pushing 60 miles per hour and nap behind the billboard while waiting for speeders but in the main, he takes his job very seriously.
Snot RodThis character is a 1970s Bragatron Road burner, muscle car, and member of the car gang. He sneezes due to chronic allergies, which causes fire to shoot out of his tailpipes and his tyres to burn out.
WingoThis Gashi Wingo likes speed and is often stopped for speeding by Sheriff. He is a member of the gang who blinds other vehicles with his excessively bright headlights. He works at the Custom Paint Shop
CoralCoral is the free-spirited clown fish who is Nemo’s mother.
CrushThis character is a wise, 150 year old turtle who hangs out in the East Australian current with his son Squirt.
DarlaDarla is the niece of the Dentist, who captures Nemo and puts him in a tank. Darla is Nemo’s nemesis.
DentistThe Dentist is the character that thinks he is saving Nemo when he captures him and puts him in his office fish tank.
DoryDory is a bug-eyed blue fish with a yellow tail from the Australian Barrier Reef. She fears jellyfish and is good friends with Bruce the Shark and Marlin, Nemo’s father. While she has short-term memory challenges, she can speak Whale as a second language.
MarlinMarlin is the clown fish who is Nemo’s overprotective father. His friends are Dory and Bruce the Shark.
NemoThe Disney Pixar Nemo character is an adorable little, clown fish that is orange with white stripes and is at the heart of the Finding Nemo story. He has one baby fin, which never fully developed due to any injury he sustained when his mother was attacked and killed. His father told Nemo that his baby fin is a lucky fin so that Nemo would not feel self-conscious about it. Nemo is an adventurous fish who often feels smothered by his over protective father, Marlin. Nemo also has many friends including Bloat, Bubbles, Deb, Dory, Flo, Gill, Gurgle, Jacques, Nigel, Peach, and Squirt.
NigelEvery fish should have a feathered friend. Nigel is a loyal feathered friend to the Tank gang.
Mr. RayThis Disney Pixar character is a Ray Fish, who is the Oceanography teacher of Nemo and his classmates. He gives his students rides on his broad back while instructing them about the ocean.
SquirtSquirt is a baby turtle who floats in the East Australian current with his 150-year-old father Crush. The two have a memorable and heart warming bond.
Tank GangMembers of the gang include Bloat, Bubbles, Deb, Gill, Jacques, and Peach.
Twelve Step SharksWhen the whole world shuns you, its time to change your ways at least that is the thinking of the members of the 12 Step Program, who include the sharks, Anchor, Bruce, and Chum. They give changing their inclination to eat other fish their best effort.
Bob Parr aka Mr. IncredibleMr. Incredible has one life goal, which is to save the world with his superhuman strength. He is married to Helen Parr. Together, they have three children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible wears a red, suit and a black mask and is also known as Bob Parr, the Insuricare Claims Adjuster when he is not saving the world as Mr. Incredible. He aims to save the world from Syndrome and Syndrome’s Omnidroids.
Buddy Pine aka SyndromeHe has red hair, and is Mr. Incredible’s number one adversary. He is also the leader of the Omnidroids.
Dashiell Parr aka DashAlthough he is a bit of a show-off, Dash is your typical boy with lots of energy. He has so much superhuman energy that he can propel boats. He likes to wear a black mask and red suit like his father Mr. Incredible. Aside from superhuman speed, he can also run on water.
Edna ModeEdna is a famous super suit designer and is friends with the Parr family and Lucius Best also known as Fronzone.
Helen ParrHelen Parr’s biggest job in life, is to keep her husband Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible out of trouble. She does this by staying on top of her game. She and Mr. Parr have three children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Helen Parr is capable of superhuman stretching and thus bears the name Elastigirl. She can also shape shift into a speedboat or a parachute.
Jack-Jack ParrThis Disney Pixar character is the baby of the Parr family. He wears a baby red superhero suit and black mask. He may be prone to throwing food and tormenting his babysitter Kari, but he is also an adorable toddler who is capable of morphing into a metal, a monster, or flames.
Lucius Best aka FrozoneLucius is Mr. Incredible’s best friend and Honey’s significant other. He has a special talent for freezing moisture in the air, creating snow, and riding ice slabs with special boots.
MirageMirage is Syndrome’s assistant and girlfriend. She is the adversary of all the superheroes with a special talent for espionage.
Violet Parr aka ViVi is the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. She is a shy girl who goes invisible when she feels self-conscious. Besides her talent to become invisible, she can also create force fields. Vi is in junior high school and has a major crush on Tony Rydinger.
Boo aka Mary and ItBoo is the lovable little tot with huge eyes and pigtails. She changes Sulley and Mikes world. She calls Sulley, Kitty and loves Mike’s teddy bear.
Celia Mae aka Schmoopsie-PooCelia is a one-eyed purple, snake haired monster who wears a scaly green mini-dress. She is the receptionist at Monsters Inc. Mike has a big crush on her.
She calls Mike by his full given name, which is Michael, and he calls her Schmoopsie-Poo.
Henry J. WaternooseHe is the CEO of Monsters Inc. Henry has multiple eyes and a frog-like face. He wears a red vest whose sidekick is Randall, who does all his dirty work for him.
Mike aka Mike WazowskiMike is Sulley’s buddy and roommate. He is also a thin, green, one-eyed nervous monster who fears human children just like his buddy Sulley. It is his job to scare up screams along with Sulley. Mike finds he has professional challenges too when he discovers he can make children laugh. He has a crush on Celia, who he affectionately refers to as Schmoopsie-Poo.
Sulley aka James P. SullivanSulley is a huge, furry blue monster with purple patches and two tiny horns. He is a star employee of the Monstropolis Scare Factory. His best monster buddy is Mike Wazowski. Sulley’s job is to scare up screams, but he has a few challenges such as a fear of human children and an easygoing gentle nature.
Randall BoggsRandall always comes in second place as a scarer because Sulley is always first, which makes Sulley Randall’s number one arch-rival. Randall is a scaly looking monster with a combination of eight arms and legs. He can blend in with his surroundings like a chameleon, and he has a sidekick named Fungus
RozRoz is the fearless, slow-talking, slow moving, Dispatch Manager of Monsters Inc. She has super red lips and wears cats-eye framed glasses. She adores paperwork.
Anton Ego aka The Grim Eater Anton is the most dreaded food critic among restaurants in France. He loves writing bad reviews and downgrading a restaurant’s stars. He is unpleasant and puffed-up.
ColetteShe is the female chef at Gusteau’s and has a mutual crush on Linguini. She prefers to “follow the recipe”.
DiangoThis character is Remy and Emile’s streetwise and protective father. While he understands his son, Remy is quite talented, Django views food as a means of fuel and not art as his son does.
EmileEmile is Remy’s brother and Diango’s son. Emile strives to please his father and at the same time support his brother. It’s a challenging task as he likes food but in truth is happy to eat anything.
GusteauHe is a culinary genius and the owner of Gusteau’s Restaurant. He is also Linguini’s father. Gusteau’s enemy is Anton Ego also known as The Grim Eater.
LinguiniThis character is the garbage boy at Gusteau’s and Remy’s pal. They like to cook together. Linguini’s family members are Auguste and Renata Gusteau. Linguini has a crush on Colette.
RemyRemy is a rat that elects to walk upright to keep his paws clean, especially for cooking and eating. Unlike most rats, Remy will not eat garbage as he has a very sophisticated palate and sense of smell. He has big dreams for a rat. He dreams of becoming a World Class Chef. His family members are Diango, Emile, and Git and his best friend is Linguini.
Skinner aka Monsieur NastySkinner is nicknamed Monsieur Nasty and is the Chef de Cuisine at Gusteau’s. His cohorts are Horst, the evil Sous Chef, and Advertising Expert, Francis Dupuis. Skinner is more interested in Gusteau’s making money than the art of cooking.
AliensIn the Toy Story movie, there are three aliens. Each is an adorable, green three-eyed extraterrestrial. The Aliens are loyal to the Potato Heads, who adopt them.
AndyAndy is the owner of the toys. He has a kind nature and a great imagination. Andy grows from a boy to a young man in Disney Pixar Toy Story sequels two and three.
Bo PeepYes, this Disney Pixar character is the same one from the nursery rhyme who is always losing her sheep. Despite her tendency to misplace her charges, she is smart, calm and always takes the side of Woody, the cowboy sheriff.
Buzz LightyearSpace ranger, Buzz Lightyear loves to play the action figure hero, whether he is attempting to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg or help his toy friends. He has fun capabilities like pop-out wings and laser beams that make him one of Andy’s favourite toys.
HammHamm is the quintessential pink piggy bank that all children had in their toy box. He likes to consider himself knowledgeable on every subject.
Mr. Potato HeadMr. Potato Head brings to mind the saying; “hot potato” because he tends to be quite hot tempered. He is a witty pessimist by nature whose softer side is only revealed in his interactions with his wife, Mrs. Potato Head.
Mrs. Potato HeadMrs. Potato Head is the wife of Mr. Potato Head. Although she is a sweet character, she does have a lighting quick temper. Mr. Potato Head’s pet name for her is “Sweet Potato”.
RexThis character is a friendly Tyrannosaurus, who worries endlessly but despite his worries, he is always there for his friends. He has a fearsome appearance but tends to feel embarrassed because of his small roar.
SargeSarge is the leader of the Army men who are tough and determined whenever and wherever they are needed in the Toy Story adventures.
SidThis character is the Andy’s next-door neighbour. Sid’s favourite pastime is torturing and destroying toys, especially Andy’s toys.
Slinky DogThis character is a toy dog with a slinky type of toy as its middle section, thus the name. The slinky toy middle gives this character amazing flexibility, which the character Woody draws upon when needed. Slinky dog has a very practical nature and is extremely loyal to Woody.
WoodyThis character is proud of his position as Andy’s favourite toy. He is a famous toy from a 1950s television show called “Woody’s Roundup”. Woody, a cowboy sheriff, is the leader of the toys in Andy’s toy chest. Woody is the type of toy that has a pull-string on his back enabling him to recite his most famous sayings.
Al McWhigginThis new character is the owner of Al’s Toy Barn. Despite his position, he is secretly a toy-napper and toy naps Woody, who is a famous collectible toy.
Bullseye the HorseBullseye is Woody’s horse and a member of Woody’s Roundup gang. Bullseye can perform amazing feats, such as running as fast as the wind or flying over huge canyons, especially when Woody is riding him.
Emperor ZurgThis character represents the force of evil in the galaxy. He and Buzz Lightyear, the force for good are committed to defeating each other.
Jessie the CowgirlJessie is a high-spirited, tough cowgirl with a taste for adventure and a heart for critters who need her help.
Stinky Pete the ProspectorThe Prospector is also a new toy character in Toy Story 2 who has never been taken out of his box. He is comical and considered wise by the other Woody Roundup toys.
WheezyA new addition to the Toy Story 2 character list is Wheezy, an adorable penguin squeaky toy who has been shelved for losing his squeaker. He gets a second chance to sing his songs when he gets a new squeaker.
Carl FredericksonCarl is a 78 year old, cranky, T.V. watching, retired balloon salesperson and widower. He dreams of adventure.
DugDug is a talking dog, due to a scientific advancement. He is a loyal to his new master, Carl and a good friend to Russell. He also likes to hunt giant birds and go on special missions.
KevinThis character is a very large and extremely rare type of bird that cannot fly. Kevin befriends Carl and Russell. Kevin is very curious and loves to eat chocolate.
RussellRussell is an enthusiastic, badge collecting, Wilderness Explorer, who wants to earn his final Wilderness Explorer’s badge, which requires assisting an elderly person.
Auto, the autopilotAuto is Wall E’s adversary.
Hal, the cockroachHal is Wall E’s best friend.
EveEve is the search robot that Wall E falls in love with and pursues. She is programmed to collect plants and is dedicated to her work.
Wall EWall E is a charming robot who has been stranded on Earth for 700 years. He continues to do what he was programmed to do, which is cleaning up Earth.
He likes to collect treasures while performing his task and watch Hello Dolly.
When he falls in love with a search robot named Eve, who arrives on Earth, Wall E’s world changes. 

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