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Disney Princess toys buying guide

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Introduction to the Disney Princess

The Disney Princesses franchise from the Walt Disney Company features the beloved fictional characters from several different movies. The line-up includes Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty also known as Aurora, Belle, Ariel also known as The Little Mermaid, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, and their newest princess, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog movie. Rapunzel is set to join when her movie is released in 2010. The collection has spawned an assortment of merchandise, including dolls, bikes, clothes, toys, and adhesive bandages.

The phenomenon was created in 2000, when new Disney executive Andy Mooney was brought on board to boost slowing sales. When he attended a Disney On Ice show, he found himself surrounded by hundreds of little girls dressed in generic princess costumes. He immediately saw the gap in their marketing strategy: filling girls’ princess dreams. The strategy quickly worked, boosting merchandise sales tenfold in just a few short years.

Disney selected the princesses from their classic films. The characters were not chosen only by their royal titles, but on how well they fit the Princess mythology sought by the Disney executive. An example of this is Mulan, who isn’t royalty. She was included because she fit the dream they were selling. Tinker Bell was originally included for the same reason, although it was later decided she did not fit the mythology. Tinker Bell now has her own franchise known as the Disney Fairies.

Today, there are endless products to choose from for your Disney Princess fan. Whether you’re looking for toys, games, or clothes, Price Inspector can help you find the perfect gift. Start with our buying guide to find out what’s available and learn some buying tips, then shop with confidence. Our Inspectors shop the UK stores to bring you cheap prices for whatever Disney Princess item you need.

Clothes and Costumes

Part of the appeal of the Disney Princess franchise is letting little girls pretend they’re princesses themselves. This is made possible by the numerous Disney Princess costume choices that are available. Each of the princesses has a costume available that lets your daughter dress like her favourite princess from the collection. These Disney Princess outfit choices may include a Disney Princess necklace.

If you like to sew, there are different patterns available that will let you make the perfect costume yourself. This is helpful if your child has trouble fitting into standard costume sizes, such as being smaller or larger than average.

It's certainly easy enough to buy the costume, however, because they’re seemingly everywhere, in a variety of price ranges. Many shops carry the costumes not only at Halloween, but also in their toy departments year-round. Costumes are available that are licensed by Disney, and there are also many generic costumes that look very similar.

For everyday wear, your girls can still express their love for the Disney Princesses, as there are many regular clothing items that feature the princesses, either alone or together. Popular choices include a hat, watch, necklace, nightgowns, and shirts. There are also coats, boots, and gloves for winter wear. Whatever clothing items she needs, there’s sure to be several different choices that feature the Disney Princesses.

After the hours of play are done for the day, a Disney Princess trunk is the perfect place to store those beautiful dresses.

Disney Princess Toys

Disney has always been good at cross-merchandising. Their characters have been licensed on nearly any product you can imagine, and this variety applies to Disney Princess toys as well. A very popular new item is the Disney Princess bicycle by Huffy. The pink steel frames is decorated with princess decals; the padded handlebars feature pink streamers and a handlebar bag. The sparkly pink seat is padded for comfort, and training wheels are included. A Disney Princess walkie-talkie is a perfect accessory that will easily fit in the handlebar bag.

Other popular choices include a Disney Princess doll. Each of the famous princesses has her own doll. Of course you can also buy a castle or princess play set, because no princess would be complete without her castle. There is also a diary, perfect for holding your little girl’s hopes, dreams, and secrets.

Popular Disney Princess games include the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella game, where players try to assemble their collection of jewellery before midnight; Spinning Wishes, where players spin the wheel to seek their wishes; and The Little Mermaid Game, where you try to help Ariel realise her dream of being human. There are also princess versions of classic games such as Memory, Monopoly, and Yahtzee. Popular learning games include Leapster games and V-tech.

For the child who loves music, there’s a Disney Princess keyboard or karaoke machine. This is not a real karaoke machine and does not play standard CDs, but it is pre-recorded with five classic Disney songs and features a working radio and microphone. It’s pink with purple trim and features the likenesses of the different princesses.

Another popular choice is a Disney Princess phone. There are several different versions available, including heart-shaped phones, mobile phones, and V-tech educational phones.

Decor and Decorations

If your child loves the princesses, create a Disney Princess bedroom where she can imagine she’s a real princess. Your options are nearly unlimited. Start with a Disney Princess bed, add bedding and curtains, and you’re still just getting started. Complete the look with a Disney Princess light, vanity, and mirror. On the floor, add a play rug for both looks and comfort.

For the walls, you can paint the walls an appropriate colour, such as pink or lavender, and then add a Disney Princess poster. An even nicer option is to create a mural with strippable wallpaper. Even if you don’t have the artistic talent to paint it yourself, these pre-printed designs are applied just like wallpaper. When she outgrows the princess look, simply strip off the murals. These are available in either small designs or ones that will cover an entire wall of the bedroom. You can also buy stencils and stampers that will let you paint patterns that fit the theme, such as Cinderella’s carriage. Another alternative is self-stick designs that your child can move around on different walls without harming the paint or wallpaper.

Don’t forget bath time. Pick up a Disney Princess towel, as well as several different bath toys. Water globes, Christmas ornaments, book ends, and clocks are just a few of your other choices for a complete princess theme.

Even if you don’t create a princess room, you can still throw a princess party. Disney Princesses decorations are available for the perfect party, complete with balloons, plates, cups, and gift bags. If you like cake decorating, complete the theme with a Disney Princess Castle Signature Cake Kit. The 3-dimensional castle cake will serve 28 people and comes with six plastic princess dolls. The kit provides complete instructions for baking, assembling, and decorating the stunning cake.

Things to consider before buying the Disney Princess

  • Find out whether she has a favourite princess. You can buy items that have pictures of all the princesses, but there are also many that feature just one princess. Each princess has a different personality that your child may identify with, so find out which she likes best.
  •  If you’re buying a costume, consider how long you think she’ll like it. If she’s just entering the princess craze, you might consider buying one a little larger so she’ll get more years of play.
  • If you’re buying a game, look at the minimum and maximum number of players. Make sure the recommended age and number of players fits her play dates or her siblings’ needs. Otherwise, consider whether you are willing to play the princess games with her. Some parents love the princesses, while some get overwhelmed by all the pink and sparkles.
  • Don’t forget to balance the princess dreams with some education. Take advantage of her love for the princesses by getting some books or educational games in this theme. After all, you want her to be a smart princess, not just waiting for some handsome prince to rescue her.
  • Finally, while it’s tempting to go overboard, try to avoid it. While you could easily make nearly every one of her items have a Disney Princess theme, remember that passions change, and next year, she may have a new obsession. If that happens, you don’t want to be stuck with an entire wardrobe, game collection, and bedroom decorated in princess theme. 

Buying Guide to Disney Princess toys
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