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Dora the Explorer toys buying guide

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Introduction to Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a popular cartoon television character. The series features Dora, a little Latina girl and her sidekick Boots, a red boot wearing little monkey. Together they go on adventures, such as searching for the ingredients to make a birthday cake. Along the way, they must avoid Swiper, a masked fox who tries to steal their goodies, and they often have to help various other characters.

The show has been praised for being a good female role model, and it’s also very interactive. Dora uses basic Spanish words, teaching counting, and teaches sequence. Her friend Map shows the three stops they have to make, and they repeat the order they must travel. When Dora has a question, she stops and gives the audience time to answer. They also use a magical Backpack that always happens to have whatever supplies they need for their travels, even seemingly impossible items like a canoe.

A spin-off of the show features Diego, Dora’s cousin, who is an animal rescue hero, saving lost or trapped animals from danger. The two characters occasionally cross over and visit each other’s shows. There is also an older version of Dora, showing the girl as a pre-teen.

There are many popular Dora the Explorer toys, and Price Inspector can help you buy the best one. Use our buying guide to answer any questions you may have about the toys and the characters, and then shop with confidence, knowing we’ve brought you the best prices from the UK shops.

Imaginative Toys and Dolls

One of the great things about Dora the Explorer Toys is they encourage imaginative play. Your child will love to pretend she’s going on Dora’s adventures along with Boots. A Dora the Explorer backpack is an essential element to this play. There are many different versions, either the type for your child to take to school that has pictures of Dora on it, or you can find a replica of her friend Backpack. This type will let your child pretend it’s a magical Backpack that can hold whatever her imagination can dream up.

A Dora the Explorer doll also comes in a variety of styles. There is the Dora Links doll that is 13” tall and features the pre-teen version of Dora. This toy lets your child connect to the Internet and solve online mysterious with Dora and friends. Online, she can disguise Dora by changing her hair, eye colour, clothes, and more. For younger children, there are many different dolls that feature the traditional younger version of Dora. You can buy a talking doll that says several different phrases or a plush doll for cuddling.

Dora also has several popular bath toys, anything from small squirters to the Floating Island Bath Time Adventure. This play set lets your child go on an island adventure with Dora, either in or out of the tub. It includes two islands connected by a bridge, a boat, and a slide. It also comes with three characters—Dora, Boots, and Diego. If you child pours water on the tree, Swiper will magically appear.

Dora the Explorer art is another popular way your child can use her imagination. You can buy an art studio for the Dora Links character, colouring books, or a Digital Arts and Crafts Studio.

Finally, there is the talking van, Vamanos, and the Dora Talking House. These play sets each play songs and music and are the perfect complement to each other. While you’re building the Dora world, consider the Dora the Explorer Stable where Dora can care for horses.

Electronics and Other Toys

The Dora character is featured on many different electronics toys, which usually have an educational component. A Dora the Explorer laptop is one popular example. Made by Vtech, this colourful laptop features 30 interactive activities. A detachable mouse and mouse pad let you customise the toy for both left and right handed children. Its LCD screen provides fun animations.

Leap Frog also makes several different Dora games for their Leapster and L-Max educational gaming systems. In the Dora the Explorer game, children help Dora and Boots rescue animals. It features five different learning games with three interactive stories. Overall, it teaches your child 45 key pre-K and Kindergarten skills. In Dora’s Camping Adventure, your child will go on a bilingual camping trip with Dora and Boots. They’ll use binoculars to search for animals, hike with Dora to collect food, and rescue their camping supplies before they get carried down the river. The game teaches common phrase, colours, animals, numbers, clothing, and food in Spanish.

You can also find a Dora the Explorer bike that is perfect for beginning cyclists. The 12-inch bright red bike has a step-through design to make it easy to get on and off the bike. It comes with removable training wheels and a lavender Backpack attached to the handlebar. For younger children, a Dora trike is also available.

There are also Dora themed versions of classic games, such as Old Maid, Go Fish, Candyland, Memory, Scrabble Jr., and Chute and Ladders.

 Home Décor and Decorations

If you have a little Dora fan, she might enjoy a Dora the Explorer party. This is easy to accomplish, as you can easily find Dora the Explorer plates, napkins, and a matching table cover. You can even get a Dora the Explored hinged banner that spells out “Happy Birthday!” for your celebration. Treat bags and small activity kits will help complete the party feel. Of course no birthday party would be complete without a cake, and Dora comes to the rescue again. There are several different cake toppers available, including edible frosting decorations, plastic rings that can then be used for party favours, and plastic figures that your child can keep for future play.

Keep the party going year-round with Dora room decorations. A Dora the Explorer bed is a great place to start. A toddler bed is perfect for Dora, as they’ll be outgrowing the bed around the same time as they’d outgrow Dora. Another fun choice is the bed canopy. Instantly transform her bed into a canopy bed with this colourful purple netting. The top features a picture of Dora and boots, while the light purple polyester net drapes gracefully down to the bed. Complete the look with Dora themed bedding. You can easily find sheet sets, duvets, and blankets featuring the characters.

Another popular item is a Dora the Explorer Desk. A colourful plastic art desk is available that displays Dora and Boots on the desk’s top and seat. The attached design is ideal for toddlers, and it comes with art supplies and storage space. Another all-in-one version is made of wood and has a lift-up seat for storage. Either one is great for giving your child a place to draw, colour, or practice her ABCs.

Things to consider before buying Dora the Explorer

  • Check for any product recalls before buying. As with many other toy companies, Mattel was impacted by the use of lead paint by their toy manufacturer, recalling more than a million toys. Nickelodeon, the American cable network that airs the show, vows to enforce third-party monitors for all their products. Future toys should be safe, so this is mainly an issue if you buy used toys.
  • Consider the age level of the toys. Dora appeals to an audience primarily in the 2 to 7 range, which is a wide range for toys. Of course you will want to avoid toys that present a choking hazard for younger children, but also make sure that the toy is not too young for a Dora fan at the upper end of the spectrum.
  • Boys tend to outgrow Dora a little earlier than girls; presumably because they start to think it’s a “girl” show because it features a female lead character. If your boy is starting to stray away from Dora, consider introducing him to Diego. In addition to being a boy character, Diego’s show is aimed at a slightly older audience. It’s still educational and teaches good values.
  • Use your child’s love for Dora in a positive way. If she resists wearing a bicycle helmet, for example, she might be more willing if Dora’s featured on the helmet. If he doesn’t enjoy reading, maybe a Dora book will change his mind.
  • Check to see whether batteries are required, and if so, are they included? If not, you’ll want to stock up before you give the present.

Buying Guide to Dora the Explorer toys
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