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Double Beds buying guide

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A double bed is a standard size in English-speaking countries, measuring 137.16cm by 190.5cm (4ft 6 X 6ft 3). They usually consist of a box spring base topped by a mattress. The box spring provides both support and suspension for your mattress.

There are other styles of double beds that do not use the traditional box spring style. These include a folding double bed, inflatable double bed, and double sofa bed. Styles such as these are perfect for a guest double bed, conserving space when they are not needed.

Double beds are available in many colours and materials to perfectly complement the rest of your bedroom. Popular choices include a red double bed, silver double bed, black metal double bed, cream double bed, and brown double bed. For children you can find a Hello Kitty double bed and a Superman double bed. Choose a high double bed or a low double bed depending on your personal preferences.

With all the choices available, you might have trouble figuring out where to start. Price Inspector has researched the UK shops so you can easily buy a quality double bed at a cheap price. What’s more, our buying guide gives you all the information to make an informed choice.

Things to consider before buying

Even if you plan to buy your bed online, visit a shop and try it out in person if at all possible. Take your time. There’s no rush, and you want to make the right decision. It’s a big investment that will be with you for years, take your time. Some items to keep in mind while you’re testing the bed include:

  • Lie down on the double bed mattress, preferably in your normal sleeping position or close to it. Roll around to check different positions. This will give you a better idea of the bed’s true comfort than merely pressing your hand on it for springiness.
  • While you’re lying on the bed, place your hand under the small of your back. If it moves very easily, the bed might be too firm. It you are unable to move your hand without a struggle, it might be too soft. You should be able to move your hand with only a small resistance.
  •  You should expect a good double bed and mattress to last about 10 years. When you consider that every £100 spent is 2.7p a night when factored over 10 years, and that you will spend about a third of every day in bed, it’s worth spending a little extra to get a high quality mattress that will be comfortable for you. However, the most expensive mattress is not necessarily the best one for you.
  • When choosing the double bed frame, consider the rest of your décor. A traditional look will call for a wood double bed, such as a pine double bed or a hardwood bed. A more modern look might be a metal double bed, such as an iron double bed. A suede double bed can provide a classic look, fitting in with either traditional or contemporary looks.

Types of beds and mattresses

When you are choosing your bed, there are several basic bed types.

  • Bedsteads: These are decorative and can give either a contemporary or classic look to the room. If you choose a bedstead with a bowed slat, it will provide a more cushioned support than with a solid slat.
  • A double Z bed, or chair bed, is similar to a futon or sofa bed in that it folds to a chair when not in use, but with this style of bed, there is no frame, just the cushions.
  • Divan beds: The divan provides a base for the mattress. It may have either springs for more comfortable support or a solid top for firmer support. These are great if you are limited on storage space because they usually have drawers for more storage.
  • Futon beds and sofa beds fold into a chair during the daytime, then can unfold to a bed when you have guests. You can also use them for everyday use in a small flat.
  • Guest beds are a good alternative for overnight guests. You can fold the bed away when not in use, making them a great space-saver. These might be foldable, a sofa bed, or even the newly popular inflatable beds.
  • Ottoman beds: These are similar to a divan bed in that you have storage underneath, but with an ottoman bed, the entire bed lifts so you can access the entire storage area. With a divan bed, there is unused storage space. The bed lifts through either a gas lift or a spring-loaded system, making it easy to open and close.
  • Platform beds can most easily be described as a bed with a built-in support, either a slatted support or solid support.
  • Once you have selected the style of bed frame, it’s time to determine what type of mattress you want. Here the choices will usually be centred on the type of spring system and edging.
  • Open spring systems are the most common. The mattress will include an interlocking network of springs. The sides are usually machine stitched, and a border wire will help the mattress maintain a firm edge.
  • Pocket spring systems are more expensive but offer a more luxurious sleep. The individual springs are each separated into their own fabric pockets. This allows the springs to work independently in response to shifting weight. The edges are usually hand stitched, which gives a strong, stable edge.
  • Memory foam mattresses utilize your body heat to soften the foam. The mattress can them mould itself to your individual contours. This type of mattress gives outstanding support, helping maintain correct alignment and posture.

Popular Brands

Once you have determined whether you want contemporary or traditional, wood or metal, and what type of mattress, you’re ready to start thinking about brands and particular models of double bed frames. Some of the more popular brands on Price Inspector include:

  • A double Aerobed gives your guests a comfortable night’s sleep without the expense and space-commitment of a permanent mattress. Aerobeds are also good alternatives for camping, university, or during a home renovation. The bed inflates fully in less than 60 seconds with its built-in pump, and it deflates in 15 seconds. The mattress provides adjustable firmness, and they are very durable.
  • With an Atlas double bed, the frame is sold by itself, letting you customize your mattress and frame options. The Atlas model offers a modern look of metal and chrome, with sleek lines.
  • The Canterbury double bed frame is a metal bed with metal slats, available in either black or ivory. It also features antique bronze finials. It is sold without a mattress.
  • The Henley double bed comes with a deluxe mattress. Its beech wood frame has hidden legs that make the bed look like it’s floating. The headboard has built-in tables and lights on each side of the bed.
  • The Hoxton double bed features a sprung slatted base, which gives you improved support and comfort. The bolted construction of the frame provides added strength. Its graceful ivory metal head and foot will bring elegance to your room.
  • The Inca double bed features a silver coloured frame with beech finished legs, bringing a contemporary design.
  • A Kensington double bed has a wood frame covered with chocolate coloured leather, chrome plated feet, and includes a pillow-top mattress.
  • The Lusaka Mocha double bed features a suede bedstead with sprung wood slats.
  • A Muji double bed is available in a variety of styles, from a felt or linen sofa bed to a birch storage bed.
  • The Nordic double bed includes a contemporary headboard and foot board with metal support slats. It is available with matching dresser, nightstands, chests, and mirror.
  • The Osaka double bed frame is made of dark-stained pine, and it has metal-looking inserts in the headboard. The support system includes pine slats.
  • The Portobello double bed includes dark brown leather, four under bed storage drawers, and a wood and metal bedstead.
  • The Vienna double bed is a brown leather upholstered wooden framed bed. 

Jargon Explained


FinialsA detail ornament like a decorative knob. They are often found on a staircase newel post, top of a lamp, or on bed posts. If your double bed has finials, make sure they are of a design that will complement your décor. A heavily carved wood finial would fit in a more traditional room, while a more open, metal finial would work in a contemporary setting.
SlatsWood or metal strips that support the mattress of your bed. A solid platform provides firmer support, while slats provide more ventilation

Buying Guide to Double Beds
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