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Mens Jeans buying guide

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Mens Jeans Guide - An Introduction

Jeans are the most popular of all-season, all-purpose style clothing for men. The endless possible variations Jeans For Men create looks that suit activities at home, on the street, on the beach, in the office or out on the town. They are the one common item of clothing owned by men from nations and cultures across the world. The choices of styles, fits and fabric treatments, not to mention current trends, are so wide; every man can find a pair of Jeans that fit well, feel comfortable and look good.

Mens Jeans have come a long way from their humble beginnings as work clothes made in the French region of Nimes; our favorite pants have an interesting and long history. The first known instance of bleaching occurred when sailors from the Genoese Navy dragged them behind the ship in a net to clean up their pairs, after work. Jeans became adopted by the U.S. navy, who took them as an official uniform until camouflage fabric took their place. Jeans also hit headlines, becoming famous when Hollywood greats such as Marlon Brando sported a pair while slouching across his Triumph motorcycle in films like,” The Wild One.” Levis Jeans specialize in offering vintage styles that match these,” Retro,’ styles worn in the 50s.

Recent trends for more relaxed male dress codes means jeans can be worn in situations were they were previously a no-go. They are no longer only worn to work at weekends, can enter restaurants where they were banned only a few years ago, and designer styles are hot news on cat walks, all over the world. Their versatility means they can be dressed up with a dark jacket and belt, and worn with either a plain dark T-shirt or regular shirt tie optional to look good enough to go anywhere.

Jeans for all Body Types

  • Trying a different style often solves the problem of men who think they can’t wear jeans. They can, but not the styles they are used to trying on.
  • Bootleg jeans are the most popular kind of jeans, cut slightly wider around the bottoms to permit the option of wearing a pair of boots. This slight flare balances the shoulders giving a pleasing outline to the body.
  •  Carpenter jeans are a loose and comfortable fit with tons of pockets for storing tools.
  • Flared jeans are cut leaner through the on the hips, tend to have lower waistbands and flatter all figure types. Good examples are found in the range of Jeans from Jeans John Lewis.
  • Hipster jeans look good on medium build, tall and slim men.
  • Relaxed fit jeans offer a comfortable, loose and more casual look for all body types.
  •  Jeans Loose Fit offer a looser fit than relaxed Jeans.
  • Skinny or slim fitting jeans are often made with a little stretch in the fabric to accentuate the length of the legs. Slim and tall men look the best in this style.
  • Straight leg jeans, such as Evisu Dark Straight Leg Jeans are the classic look that suits everybody.
  • Wide leg jeans fall straight from the hip to the feet, slimming down larger figures.

Tall types with long legs were born to wear jeans. Skinny jeans, such as those from Replay Jeans look great on tall, slim men but any style will suit you – remember to keep the length long enough. For hard to find lengths, try Diesel Viker jeans in extra long sizes.

Large men shouldn’t try to hide in jeans that are too big. Jeans that are too loose only exaggerate any issues. They will look best in boot cut, with medium height waistbands, wider legged jeans and medium flares. Go for dark blue or black denim to give a slimmer look. Consider stretch jeans with a small Lycra content for an extra flattering fit. Recommended jeans are Evisu Jeans in a flattering dark shade and Wrangler Rinse wash Texas Stretch Jeans .and Blue stitch denim jeans from Ted Baker Jeans.

The best choice for shorter men are tailored pairs of jeans that fir perfectly. To be avoided are cuffs, roll-ups or the ends tucked into boots, which will make the legs look shorter. Boot cut styles offer both the long legged look and the option of a little extra lift from boots such as those with a Cuban heel. Skinny jeans look good on you and give an illusion of long legs. Recommended are G Star Jeans in medium rise styles.

Jeans Brands, Fabrics and Treatments

Brands of jeans available have mushroomed since they became a hot item in the 50s. Levis, Wrangler and Ben Sherman Jeans, classic Jeans companies have accepted rivals coming from locations as diverse as Japan’s cult Evisu Jeans to the runway. Designer Jeans increased the percentage of the population who wore them, until present day consumers are estimated to own between 4 and 7 pairs at the same time. The baby boomer generation account for much of this rise in demand, by being reluctant to give up their favorite comfortable pants, and have achieved universal acceptability for the look.

Fabrics vary considerable between manufacturers and styles. The old classic style hard, heavyweight demin jeans are enjoying a resurgence of popularity with each new generation embracing their stiff newness and devising inventive ways to beak them in. Softer and more comfortable fits are offered by pre-washed jeans which may also be finished in a variety of methods. Companies like Acne jeans, use more extreme finishes, while Firetrap Jeans specialize in many different shades of blue. The most radical of these is the Bullet hole, shotgun and distressed finishes which tear small holes into the fabric for the toughest looking jeans around. A gentler version of processing gives jeans a vintage look, such as seen on Acne Jeans Mod Stencil Carrot Jean achieved by treatments involving washing with pumice from volcanoes, specially developed stones and enzyme washes, using similar technology to that used in biological detergents, which render the fabric as soft as silk to the touch.

Bleach in spots, slashes and dots over the whole of the jeans, have became a popular method of finishing, adding to the distressed look, turning the pants into works of art.

Rivets were first added for extra strength in pocket areas by a Nevada tailor who served a population of gold miners. This was his solution to the holes worn by nuggets of gold rubbing against the fabric. He contacted Levi Strauss & Co. to help finance a patent application for his idea in 1873

Best Buys for Mens Jeans

Levis Vintage 1955 501 Jeans look just like the jeans that tamed the Wild West and starred in numerous Hollywood films. The shape of the Levis 501 jeans are pure 50s style, with a slightly fuller shape to the legs, more anti-fit in the seat and an overall boxier look. They differ from those produced in '47 and the Levi S 501 style by being a slightly looser fit, but are still well within the slim fitting style. At under £50 these are a classic pair of Levi jeans at a great price.

Wrangler Rinse wash Texas Stretch Jeans are slim fitting with some stretch to suit all figure types. Already pre-washed for a comfortable fit, the 100% cotton fabrics in Wrangler Texas Jeans are darker than most in their class. Wrangler products have offered the best value in jeans for over 50 years, and these jeans are some of the lowest priced quality ones we have seen. These jeans feature the traditional zip fly, straight leg shape and famous Wrangler embroidered details on pockets.

Take Two Jeans are the perfect pair of jeans for relaxing on the weekends, with lots of details and stitching. Up to the minute pocket embroidery combined with soft, comfortable, pre- washed demin. The medium blue shade looks like worn in pair of Jeans to replace those already worn out. The leg fitting is slim, but generously cut to suit all sizes. Lower priced than comparable jeans in their class, these Take Two Jeans offer style and value for money.

Levis Vintage 1967 505 Rigid Jeans were the first pre-shrunk jeans made by Levis in 1967. Their iconic 60s look launched a trend that is still in fashion, today. For best results, we recommend hand washing after a couple of weeks of wear to retain the snuggest fit and produce the best colour. The slim fit offered by these Levis jeans suits all men, especially when paired with a white T-shirt for that Retro look.

Vintage Bleach Rip Jeans from Stone Island are a fashion statement and a steal at under £100. The vintage look and low rise waistband in a classic 5 pocket design combines well with distressed and ripped finishing for an ultra-tough style

Tips to consider before buying Mens Jeans

  • If the thought of breaking in a stiff pair of dark blue jeans sounds like too much trouble, consider a pre-washed pair, for greater comfort.
  • Avoid too many features such as coloured stitching and pocket decorations if these jeans are to be worn at work, instead, choose simple straight cut jeans in a darker hue.
  • Read the labels inside your jeans carefully, since some of the decorations used may require dry-cleaning.
  • Straight cut jeans suit more shoe styles than any other kinds. Boots, dress shoes and training shoes all look good with them.
  • When buying distressed jeans, pay attention to the areas those marks emphasize, and go for a pair which highlight your best features such as a trim rear end, or slim waist.
  • Slim Fit Jeans are often described as,” French Cut,” they hug a body closely to give a very flattering silhouette.
  • Use our handy pictorial guide to identify your favorite style for easy shopping. Concentrate on the silhouette, if you can’t remember which number or name they are and washing has removed all traces of identification tags.
  • Stretch jeans, such as Wrangler Texas Jeans are those with an elastic element included in the fabric are more flattering to plumper body types and should be purchased on the small side, since they loose their shape more quickly than 100% cotton jeans.
  •  Cuffed jeans, rolled-up pant legs and boot cut styles make the legs appear shorter.
  • To de-emphasize a larger tummy, avoid high and low waist jeans, instead, opt for boot cut jeans with a medium height waistband.
  • Once you find that perfect fit, consider buying a couple of pairs, just in case that design becomes unavailable later on.
  • Look carefully at the location of any rivets. They look cool but may destroy a favorite piece of furniture, or your office chair.

Jargon Explained

BootlegAlso known as boot cut jeans, these are slightly wider at the foot to permit boots to be worn underneath.
Classic JeansClassic jeans Refers to the 5 pocket, boot cut jeans style.
Carpenter Loose on the leg, these jeans have lots of pockets and loop detailing.
FlaredA universally flattering style which balances out the form with a small flare at the ankle.
HipsterThese  Hipster Jeans ride lower on the hips.
Low RiseRefers to the lower waistband .height.
Skinny or slim Jeans are made with a small amount of Lycra for an easy, comfortable fit.
Straight legJeans are a less extreme style than slim, or skinny and suit all occasions from leisure to office wear.
Wide leg Legs are cut wider to flatter fuller figures.
Snow wash Denim Fabric finished with acid to add white highlights to bleaching.
Stone Washed DenimGives a soft and lighter shade to jeans.
Sun washingCreates the lightest shades of denim by a combination of stonewashing and bleaching.
TagThe leather patch carrying a brand name sewn into the outside of the waistband at the back of jeans.
InseamA measurement of length from crotch to hem. It varies from 20ins to 38ins.
Pocket StitchingIs used to identify the brand foe example, Wrangler jeans use a large letter W across the pockets.
Pre-ShrunkJeans are an alternative to shrink-to-fit jeans like many Levis styles which guarantee to shrink less than 2% when washed.
Denim A strong cotton twill fabric used to make jeans.
Destroyed A finishing process that shreds jeans in an artistic fashion
Dirty Blue Denim over-dyed with a green or dark cream tint.
Enzyme WashA process more ecologically friendly than stonewashing that produces soft and lighter fabric.
Heavyweight denimfabric classed as over 14oz.
SelvageThe edges of denim fabric, stitched with colour coded threads. Red signifies Levis, Lee jeans use green and Wrangler jeans use yellow.
Saddle StitchA finishing technique that gives a vintage look to jeans.
Safety StitchExtra rows of sewing used to reinforce certain areas.

Buying Guide to Mens Jeans
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