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Mens Shoes buying guide

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Mens Shoes Guide - An Introduction

Most men are unaware of the potential their footwear has to send all kinds of messages and make bold fashion statements. Buying shoes for men is now an easy and even pleasurable business, since the internet offers them the chance to browse and buy from the comfort of their own homes.

The best value in Mens shoes is found online since it is a truly global market; the largest in the world .Our teams scour the internet for the best deals in all the popular styles so you don’t have to do the leg work.

Men’s shoes have such variety and good design these days, there is absolutely no excuse for wearing shoes that do not suit any occasion or fit badly. Even dress shoes offer more comfort than was possible in years past, since new ways to process leather have created shoes which fit like a glove and still look wonderful on all shapes and sizes of feet.

Buying a new pair of men’s shoes has never been an easier job. Our complete guide to all the correct kinds of footwear for every occasion will steer you through it all in a flash. See which pair of shoes to wear for every event, get our Buyer’s Tips to learn how to get a good fit and great value, and stop by the Jargon Buster to check out any unfamiliar terms

Types of Men’s Shoes

Footwear for men falls into 4 basic categories. For each season and event, there are appropriate shoes for men. To choose the correct style and colour, follow these basic guidelines.

  • Styles such as Chelsea ankle boots offer good protection on wet days, worn under suit or dress pants. For posh occasions, keep them shiny and pick a low heel style. Stylish types do well with squarer toes and lower and slimmer heels. Higher boots styles work best when paired with less formal wear, such as jeans.
  • Work boots such as Timberland Boots are very versatile with many pairs crossing over into casual wear styles, like Kickers Boots and off-road activities such as hiking. Ensure they are water proof if you plan to wear them in wet weather, and look carefully at the sole to see if the thickness will stand up to the amount of wear you expose your boots to. The more serious work boots like Dr Martens and Caterpillar Boots cost a little more but will repay you with years of comfort, dry feet and good ankle support.Safety boots are required for some activities, and have even been adopted by bikers who find them more durable than Mens Cowboy Biker Boots.
  • Cowboy boots and jeans are a classic combination that looks good on any man, and the heels give a little extra height, adding a few inches to your stature.
  •  Dress shoes come in a lot of varieties and colours. They come in wingtips, Brogue Shoes , Oxfords and many other styles. The rules for men’s dress shoes are easy to follow. The more dressed up you are, the darker and shinier your shoes should be with appropriately slimmer heels. Choose a pair of Men Formal Shoes darker in shade than your pants and pair them with socks that match your pants colour, or feature some of the same colours as your tie. The best first pair to buy is a simply styled, black or dark brown pair, depending on the rest of your wardrobe tones.
  • Casual shoes cover a lot of different styles, but a basic definition would be shoes less formal than dress styles and more formal than sneakers. Mens Loafers are a crossover style that goes as well with jeans as jackets and even a suit. Casual shoes include types with buckles, slip on styles and ones that look like sports shoes in disguise.
  •  Sports shoes come in a huge variety of designs and functions, from high tech Adidas Superstar and Airwalk Trainers to colourful canvas types like Vans Shoes casuals. Look for support and comfort while matching shoes to the appropriate sport. For more on sports shoes see our section on brands.

 Shoe Brands and Footwear Care Tips

Sports Shoes concentrate on brands more than any other kinds of men’s shoes. This is because the quality of a sports shoe is vital for proper foot support and the prevention of injuries while exercising or playing. Well known brands such as Puma Shoes and Adidas tend to collect customers who are familiar with their products and remain loyal for the consistency and value they represent.

Mens Black Shoes for formal events don’t need to be boring. Good quality leather dress shoes from Church and Fly London offer up to the minute styles as well as the more traditional found at Loake and classic Mens Patent Shoes and Mens Suede Shoes

To totally relax your feet at the end of a busy day, a well fitted pair of slippers such as Guinness Slippers offer warmth in the cold months and comfort all the year round. A pair of comfy Moccasin Slippers may do the job; since many have outdoor soles that permit a brief excursion to the garden, to pick up a newspaper or take out the rubbish, but the old fashioned fleecy lined styles offer a charm and comfort that’s hard to beat Slightly more elegant, but no less comfortable are styles like Mens Leather Slippers. suit those not yet ready for the Simpsons Slippers collection.

Proper care of Mens shoes will greatly extend the life of your investment. This applies particularly to leather boots and dress shoes that require time to dry slowly in the air after wearing in wet or hot weather. Dry weather means treating with an appropriate dressing to preserve the leather’s supple quality. The same shop which replaces your heels will also take care of such problems as squeaky shoes, scuff repairs and fit new eyelets for laces. When preparing to polish shoes, ensure a soft brush has removed all dust and dirt which can cause scratches during buffing. Once a month, polish shoes and buff with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Only apply polish to a dry pair of shoes, starting with the heel or toe area. Mens Suede Shoes should always be treated with a stain resistant spray before the wearing because even darker shades of Brown Suede Shoes and Black Suede Shoes will show stains. Cleaning involves using a suede block to remove stains and brushing with a special suede brush to preserve the finish. Shoes that are stored should be checked infrequently to ensure they are dry and packed with small silica packets if necessary.

 Best Buys for Mens Shoes

The ultimate work boots from the famous Caterpillar brand are the original Caterpillar Colorado Boots. these extremely tough and well made boots are fully padded for comfort and warmth in cold weather. The soles give excellent traction on slippery surfaces, and feature a Genuine Goodyear welt finish. Features include a water resistant coating, a padded collar supports ankles to resist fatigue and a special lining wicks away any dampness from the foot. Cat Sell 6 million pairs annually in over 140 countries all over the world. After trying a pair of these boots you will understand their popularity as one of the best loved work boots. We especially like the way you can unhinge the laces for quick and easy removal, after work, and the strong support they give feet and ankles to protect them in rugged work conditions. Caterpillar Boots Colorado Guys Black have recently been adopted by the fashion industry, who love the design and styling. These boots get our vote as top pick at well under £100, a good investment, since you will enjoy wearing them for many years.

The Rockport Mens Chartley XCS Shoe Dark Brown is a smart casual shoe that feels like a sneaker and looks like something you could wear to the office. Rockport Xcs are a perfect blend of good looks and great traction from the sturdy non slip soles to keep feet comfortable when there is no time to take a rest. The patented air circulator insole cools feet in hot weather and keeps them fresh all day long. The same quality leather and stitching found on their Mens Rockport Boots  means these shoes will last and look good longer than any other casual shoes. We think the price at under £35 represents the best value on Rockport Shoes that can be found anywhere.

For a different style of Mens Slipper, we chose the Homer Simpson Slippers for a cozy comfort that you can slip straight into the moment your work shoes are off. These Novelty Slippers For Men feature our favorite father in,’Hard to Do,’ mode. Great value at under a tenner, these are not the slippers your father wore, and even men who have never put a on a pair of slippers in their lives just might be persuaded to try them.

Tips to consider when buying Mens Shoes

  • Invest in a quality pair of classic Mens Black Shoes in leather; they will look good at all formal occasions.
  • Measure feet wearing thick socks for boots and dress socks for formal shoes.
  • When measuring your feet, do it later in the day, since they will be significantly larger.
  • Good quality Mens Shoes will last a long time so choose carefully and see them as an investment.
  •  For warm weather and workplaces, consider leather shoes, which allow feet to breath.
  • Square Toes are a fashion; choose rounded toe classic shoes for a longer lasting style.
  • Your feet are two different sizes so always choose shoes which match the larger foot.
  • Dress shoes should be bought a shade darker than the pants you will wear them with.
  •  Sports shoes should match the sport you intend to use them for. A good quality pair will outlast cheaper makes and prevent injury.
  • Shoes with a high shine and lower heels suit formal wear best. Keep Suede shoes for casual wear.
  • Well cared for dress shoes improve in softness and patina, over time, so buy a good shoe care kit for new dress shoes.
  • To get the best results from online shoe shopping, try a pair at your local store, making note of the size and width fitting, then find your brand in our wide selection.
  • When trying on a shoe, your toes should have half an inch of space, or more, to fit comfortably.
  • Shoes do not have to match a belt, but complement it, for a great look.
  •  Look for deals on winter boots in the summer, since you will need them in the colder months.
  • Shoes should be in proportion to the body. Longer toe shoes suit taller men and larger men need a thicker sole.
  • Buy the best quality shoes you can afford, particularly for formal and work wear, since first impressions often include a quick glance at shoes.
  • Plain boots will look good under dress pants, or even suit pants, as long as they are darker than the pants.
  • Men may not pay much attention to them, but women always the Shoes Men wear. Pick a pair that reflect your style and use our guide to find the right pair for each occasion.

Jargon Explained

OxfordsOpen laced dress shoes.
Cap ToesShoes with a decorative extra layer across the toe.
BroguesAlso known as wing-tips, a style with a decorated pattern of holes at the front.
ClogWooden soled shoes with leather uppers made in a traditional Dutch style.
Platform shoeDescribe a style with exaggeratedly high soles and heels.
MoccasinSoft slipper-like shoes made of leather, often with fleecy linings.
SandalOpen shoes that are worn without socks.
Slip on shoe A shoe without laces.
Deck ShoesSoft-soled casual shoes often made of canvas, to avoid scratching a boat deck.
BootsLong or ankle length footwear usually made of leather.
Snow BootsInsulated boots with strong sole grips for walking on snow.
Work Boots A variety of strong leather boots with cleated soles for rough work.
Hiking Boots Specially designed strong laced boots for walking on rough terrain.
SlippersSoft house shoes, often warmly lined.
Running ShoesShoes built to cushion the impact of running at speed.
Dress ShoesNarrow shiny shoes with low heels, made of leather.
SoleThe base of the shoe.
InsoleThe lining of the shoe, Insoles can be added for extra comfort or to improve a loose fit
OvershoesRubber slip-over covers to protect shoes for brief walks in bad weather.
Shoe BagSpecial storage bags that keep shoes dry.
Shoe StretcherAn appliance which stretches shoes that are too small.
Shoelaces Ties to close shoes.
Upper The top part of a shoe made of one or several parts.
ShoehornA device for easing feet into close fitting shoes.
Shoe tree A form which is often made of Cedar wood which preserves the shape of shoes in a wardrobe or cupboard. 

Buying Guide to Mens Shoes
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