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Fast Lane toys buying guide

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Fast Lane Toys Guide - Introduction

Fast Lane toys are primarily a Toys R Us exclusive, although some items are also sold by other retailers. This line of racing cars and trucks includes race tracks, all terrain vehicles, garages, and more. Your race car enthusiast will enjoy hours of fun, whether it's racing the cars or engaging in role playing games.

The popular line of Fast Lane toys provides something for everyone, whether your child wants a remote control car, a rescue vehicle set, or even a boat that really drives on the water. While some buyers have experienced problems with the tracks not fitting together well, the cars are well built toys.

There are many Fast Lane toys to choose from, making it easy to find a great toy at a great price. Build an entire collection of car toys for your child, sure to bring hours of entertainment and developmental play. Toy cars encourage pretend play, and they can also help develop fine motor skills.

If you’re shopping for Fast Lane toys, we make it easy and convenient at Price Inspector. Use our buying guide to find out what’s available and choose the perfect toy, and then we help you find the best prices. Our Inspectors work hard to make sure you get the cheapest prices.

Vehicles and tracks

Fast Lane, of course, makes a wide array of different cars, trucks, and race tracks. Some of the popular race tracks include:

  • The Fast Lane Gravity Double Loop is a two-car race track. The cars go through two vertical loops and then race to cross the finish line, which resembles a ring of fire the cars must jump through. The set comes with two cars and is designed for children 3 years and older.
  •  The Fast Lane Monster Loops track is a complex double loop set. Cars must make the jump and avoid crashing. The set comes with two car launchers and two cars, and it’s meant for children 5 years or older.
  • The Fast Lane Loop Challenge set has a vertical loop and twisty turns. Cars are powered by remote control, and it even comes with a lap counter. The track measures 8.2m, and is meant for children 5 years and up.
  • The Fast Lane Bike Race is a terrific motorcycle racing set. Simply crank the handle and watch the tracks light up as the motor builds momentum. Once the bikes are revved up, release them and let them race.
  • The Fast Lane Emergency Set has everything your little hero needs to create a realistic play set. It comes with a police car, fire engine, police helicopter, ambulance, and emergency workers.
  • The Fast Lane Express Bus has a friction motor and has doors that really open. This replica model bus features fantastic details. It’s suitable for children three and up.
  • A Fast Lane Dump Truck has big wheels to carry and then dump those heavy loads. It provides great pretend play, and it even has a toy hard hat for your little construction worker.

 Remote Control Cars

If you’re looking for a remote control car, consider these options:

  • The Fast Lane Remote Control Hummer is a green 1:10 scale model car. It comes with rechargeable batteries and charger. It has a three channel transmitter, and the headlights work.
  • The Fast Lane Mini Cooper car is a 1:9 scale model remote control car. It comes in a variety of colours and styles. It comes with a rechargeable 9V battery, and it requires eight AA batteries which are sold separately.
  • There are several different Fast Lane truck toys, including the Silverado. The Chevy Silverado and Ford F150 are 1:10 scale remote control trucks designed for children 6 years and older and are perfect for off-road driving.
  • The Fast Lane All Terrain Racer is made for children 8 years or older. This ultimate remote control stunt car jumps, spins, bounces, and flips. Operate it on land or water. It easily goes off-road on a variety of terrain, including snow. It even performs tricks in mid-air. With its two high-performance motors, this vehicle can reach extreme speeds, as high as 22.5 MPH. With a ramp—not included—it can jump up to six feet in the air.
  • The Fast Lane Dodge Viper is a stylish remote control car. The newly designed controller doesn’t have buttons or levers—just scroll around the dial however you want the car to move.
  • Even younger children can enjoy a remote control vehicle. The Fast Lane boat is made for children ages three and up. This full function speed boat has radio controlled steering. Children will have fun speeding the boat across the water.

Garages and Buildings

Fast Lane makes several different play sets to complete your child’s pretend car play.

  • The Fast Lane garage set is a parking garage with five decks, a gas station, and lots of parking spaces. Ramps give cars several routes to the top level. A helicopter pad and walkie-talkie provide realistic play. The walkie-talkie also has brilliant lights and sounds. The play set comes with three die cast cars and a helicopter. Your child can assemble the garage in different ways for even more fun.
  • The Fast Lane Speed Shop is a car repair shop that offers several interactive tools for tuning your car. Once your car is tuned, speed your car through the loop with the high speed launcher. The set includes one die cast race car.
  • The Fast Lane Rescue Centre lets kids be the hero. It comes with all the emergency vehicles you need for any disaster. Monitor the area from the tower, and when a disaster strikes, send the necessary vehicles from the garage. The set comes with a police car, ambulance, fire trick, and rescue helicopter. The working elevator moves the vehicles up and down, and the garage includes a car launcher. There are even realistic lights and sounds.
  • The Fast Lane Car Showroom features three rotating turntables, a sale banner, and an elevator. It comes with one die cast car.
  • The Fast Lane Car Wash keeps your cars clean with real rinsing action, soap suds, water pump, and a spin dry chamber. The play set comes with two cars and includes a working elevator, moving car carrier, and realistic car wash sounds.
  • The Fast Lane Construction set comes with the vehicles and accessories necessary for a realistic play scene. The set includes an auto-crane, dump truck, digger, construction worker figures, and accessories.
  • The Fast Lane station is a fun garage play set with three emergency vehicles. It has a microphone that lets your child command the trucks, and it has lights and sounds.
  • The Fast Lane Farm set has 51 pieces to provide great pretend play for your little farmer. It has tractors and trailers, and the farm yard animals include cows, horses, sheep, geese, and chickens. It also has two farmer figures.

Tips to consider before buying Fast Lane Toys

  • Take advantage of special offers. Especially right before and after holidays, Toys R Us offers special discounts, such as half-price offers, buy one get one free specials, or free shipping.
  • Review the recommended age for the toy. Fast Lane toys are primarily designed for children at least 3 years of age. Some of the toys, however, are designed for older children, such as more complex operating systems.
  • Read the battery descriptions carefully. Some of the Fast Lane vehicles come with batteries, but others are sold separately. If you don’t have the batteries, it’s very disappointing not to be able to play with the new toy right away.
  • Make sure you are buying the right type of car for both your child’s age and where it will be raced. Some vehicles are best for indoor use, while others are suitable for outdoor terrain.
  • Consider having backup batteries on hand, whether the vehicle comes with a rechargeable battery pack or uses regular batteries. Remote control vehicles use a lot of power, and the batteries can drain in as little as 10 minutes. Having spares gives your child more play time.
  • Determine how your child wants to play with the cars. Does he want to engage in pretend play? If so, toys like the construction set, emergency vehicles, or farm set would be ideal. Or does he want speed, crashes, or tricks? Remote control cars would be perfect for this child. Finally, some remote control cars are better suited for racing, while others are better for crashes. A racing car won’t stand up to crashes.

Jargon Explained

1:10 and 1:9 scaleThis refers to how large the car is compared to the real vehicle it represents. A 1:10 scale car is about 45cms and is 1/10 the size of a real car. A 1:9 scale car would be larger because it is 1/9 the measurements of a car, or about 50cms. 

Buying Guide to Fast Lane toys
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