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Fifi and the flowertots toys buying guide

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Fifi and the Flowertots guide - Introduction

Fifi and the Flowertots is a popular British animated TV series filmed in stop motion. The show features flower characters and their adventures in the garden. It is produced by the same company that created the Bob the Builder TV series.

There are many fun characters, with Fifi Forget-Me-Not being the title character. She sometimes forgets words, and then she asks the viewing audience what the correct word is. Her cousins are Buttercup and Daisy. Buttercup wants to be the centre of attention, while Daisy is shyer. Fifi’s best friend is Bumble, a bee who is allergic to pollen. There are many other flower and insect friends in the garden. Mo is a lawnmower who operates on organic compost, and only Fifi can understand him.

Fifi and the Flowertots have a wide variety of toys, clothing, and decorations available. If your child is a fan of the show, you can buy practically anything you can imagine with these popular characters. Most items just have Fifi, but you can buy figures and play sets that feature additional characters.

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Find your child the latest Fifi and the Flowertots toys. Popular choices include:
  • Fifi and the Flowertots Ring O Roses is an interactive stuffed Fifi doll. Join hands with Fifi to hear the doll sing Ring O’ Roses. Form a circle with your friends to play and sing.
  • A Fifi and the Flowertots magical play kitchen will give your child role playing fun. The oven has a real working time. Listen as the pan sizzles and the pot boils. Cakes magically rise in the oven. The set has more than 30 accessories.
  • A similar item is the Cook N Clean play set. This set lets your child play in the kitchen with Fifi figures. Two chunky figures are included.
  • The Fifi and the Flowertots garden is a beautiful play set that features eight characters from the show. The carrots magically grow, and Mo the lawnmower moves around the garden by twisting a dandelion.
  • The Fifi Tickle and Giggle is a fun toy that giggles and wiggles. Make Fifi laugh by tickling her foot or tummy or by telling her a joke.
  • Get your child out in the fresh air with a Fifi and the Flowertots bike or scooter. The three-wheeled scooter has easy grip handles and features Fifi on the scooter’s front plaque. For safety, be sure to get a Fifi helmet and pads for protection.
  • The Fifi and the Flowertots cottage is a 15 piece play set. It comes with dancing flowers and a magical cake tray. It features the scented Flowertot figures of Fifi and her friend Bumble. It even has a Fifi hair clip and ring that your child can wear.

Music, DVDs, Games, and Miscellaneous

Fifi and the Flowertots have many different games, songs, and other items. For your little Fifi fan, consider some of these items
  • If you want a Fifi and the Flowertots DVD, there are dozens to choose from. You can either buy new episodes exclusive to the DVD market, or you can buy collections of your child’s favourite episodes from TV.
  • Sing along with the song collection. You can buy a CD, a CD and DVD combo pack, or an MP3 download.
  • The Fifi Sing and Splash doll loves to sing and dance in the rain. Dress Fifi in her pink rain coat and wellies, give her an umbrella, and then watch her dance and sing in the puddle. Complete the fun by giving your child her own Fifi umbrella.
  • A Fifi Musical TV is a version of the classic TV toy for toddlers. With the push of a button, your little one can watch Fifi and Friends and listen to the show’s theme song.
  • A lunch kit is fun for school, travel, or picnics. The lunch bag is fully insulated and features Fifi on the front. It has a name and class card in case it gets misplaced. The Space Canteen, sold separately, holds 300ml of your child’s favourite drink. The lid flips up to reveal the straw, and the canteen coordinates with the lunch bag. Complete the set with a three-piece cutlery set. These metal utensils have ABS handles, and the set includes the fork, spoon, and knife.
  • A Fifi and the Flowertots Bag lets your child carry her toys or other important items. Choose from a backpack or a swim bag, depending on your needs.
  • A Fifi Colouring book lets your little artist colour her favourite Fifi and Friends pictures.
  • Your child will love a Fifi and the Flowertots game. You can buy a puzzle pack, activity pad, or even a Fifi and the Flowertots game for Nintendo DS. This game features 15 games and activities, ranging from easy to difficult, to appeal to a wide range of ages. The flower medal rewards will keep children motivated. The game teaches logic, memory, creative skills, and problem solving.

Fifi Parties and Decorations

If your child loves Fifi and the Flowertots, consider having a Fifi-themed party. Having a theme makes it easy to host the party and fun for the kids.
  • Start with the invites. If you can’t find Fifi invitations, you can substitute invitations that have flowers on them to fit your theme.
  • Next get your decorations. You can find Fifi and the Flowertots napkins, plates, cups, and table cover. Don’t forget the balloons and party bags for even more fun. You can also buy Fifi gift wrap for her presents. Consider buying Fifi tiaras for all the party guests.
  • Of course you need a cake for your party. If you can’t find one with Fifi decorations, consider decorating a regular cake with Fifi decorations or figures. You can also bake cookies using a flower-shaped cookie cutter. Consider using the cookie cutter on sandwiches as well.
  • Your child will also love having Fifi decorations in her bedroom or playroom. Popular items include bedding, such as a duvet. You can also find matching curtains to bring pretty colours to the room. A matching waste bin, lamp, and uplighter are also available.
  • Consider adding a bed canopy to bring a touch of elegance to your little girl’s room. This floral canopy has curtains to drape around the bed head. Fifi and the Flowertots Stikarounds are self-adhesive, removable stickers that you can use to decorate your walls and furniture. She’ll also love Fifi and the Flowertots pyjamas for sweet flower dreams in her newly decorated bedroom.

Useful Fifi buying tips

  • Consider the age range of the show. Children will eventually outgrow any character. You won’t want to invest in a full collection of Fifi toys if she’s close to outgrowing the theme. On the other hand, if she’s just discovering Fifi and friends, you should get several years of use.
  • Always make sure to review the recommended ages for the products, both for safety and for fun. Buying a toy too old or too young for the child will reduce the amount of play time for the item. Some Fifi and the Flowertots are for ages three and up, while others are designed for children 12 months or older.
  • You can use her love of Fifi and the Flowertots to promote certain goals, such as wearing her bicycle helmet. You can buy items to encourage certain types of play, such as developing her creativity with a colouring book.
  • For electronic toys, make sure you know whether the batteries are included. If they aren’t, be sure to stock up so she can play with the new toy right away.
  • If you buy any used toys, check first to see if there have been any product recalls.
  • Try to find toys that are both fun and educational. Fifi and the Flowertots toys can encourage creativity, role playing, colours, or other key preschool concepts.
  • If you buy Fifi and the Flowertots figures, buy enough different characters to provide wider options for play.
Buying Guide to Fifi and the flowertots toys
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