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Fisher Price toys buying guide

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 Fisher Price Toys Guide - An Introduction

A child’s job is to play, as that is how a child develops physical awareness and skills as well as how they learn about the world. Most parents prefer toys that will not only entertain their children but that are safe and support a child’s development. Different types of toys support a child’s attainment of different types of skills and conceptual understandings.

Children increase their self-esteem when they master skills and concepts through play. Play also provides plenty of opportunities to practise emotional intelligence skills such as patience and self-discipline.

Some examples of the types of learning that can be accomplished with the right toys include eye hand coordination, dexterity, reading and maths concepts, computer skills, telling time, following instructions, and more.

Fisher Price has long been a trusted name in children’s educational toys and activities. The company has been researching and building upon its ever-evolving knowledge of how children develop for more than three-quarters of a century. The company utilizes that knowledge to create safe toys and activities that will best support a child’s development in every area of life. In addition, the company has expanded to include an equally trusted baby gear line in recent years.

The fisher price baby gear line includes items such as the stroller, the swing, the high chair, the table, the bouncer, and the jumperoo.

Some recognisable examples of fisher price toys that have achieved exceptional, long-term acclaim for safety and success in promoting children’s development includes the little people toys and the blocks.

The Little People toys feature fisher price animals and people that are rounded for a child’s safety and easily fit in small hands but not into small mouths.

Little People toys, in settings like the fisher price farm, captivate preschoolers. Aided by these enchanting preschooler toys, parents can encourage a child to practice the sounds that different farm animals make, as well as learn the names of various farm animals.

Fisher Price likely produced not only the toys you grew up with but also the toys that your parents owned as children. Therefore, it will undoubtedly be a fisher price toy that you will most trust to engage your own child and boost his or her learning during their formative years. This guide will help you become acquainted with the newer fisher price toy lines and reacquainted with some of the old ones that you are sure to recognise.

Fisher Price Toys

Activity Toys

The fisher price activity types of toys include everything from engaging and development-enhancing toys like shape sorters to baby enveloping activity centres such as the go baby go kick bobbin gym.
This toy type includes the link a doos toy line, which not only introduces colours, textures, and sounds to an infant but also is suitable as a teething aid.

Other activity toys include the peek a blocks, the laugh and learn toys and even baby gyms such as the rainforest gym. In addition, included in activity toy type are the jumperoo line as well as bath toys. There are also activity cot toys like mobiles and the kick and play activity centre line.

Building Toys

Little ones love to stack and sort, pile up and topple down blocks and other building units. Fisher price produces a number of durable, safe builders for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers like the little people builders. There is also quite a variety of stack and surprise blocks that encourage the practise of various skills such as counting, singing along, and building.

Cars and Vehicles

Are you looking for a safe, non die-cast Disney Pixar car for a little one’s first toy car? Well, the fisher price shake n go Pixar cars are a perfect pick. The more your little one shakes the car before setting it down, the longer it goes. It can travel up to 6 m.

The Shake n Go line has more than just the Disney Pixar cars to select from; there are fighter planes and more from which to choose. The Shake n Go toys are ideal for ages 3 and up.
Fisher Price didn’t forget about the 1 and 2 year olds who love vehicles either.
They’ve produced enchanting, safe Little People cars and trucks for them. There is also the very popular Amazing Animals fisher price train for ages 6 months and up. It is whimsical and colourful with plenty of animals to load into the roll-along train.

Creativity Toys

Do you need a great travel toy that keeps kids occupied during a trip? Fisher Price has a selection of doodlers for ages 3 and up such as the Disney-Pixar® Toy Story Doodler.
Older children will spend hours creating on the Fisher Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio line of toys. This product is perfect for children age 6 to 9.


First dolls are a treasure to a little one, but they can be frustrating for a young child to undress and redress without assistance. Well, Fisher Price has taken care of that problem by creating a first doll with soft hair that is easy for little hands to brush and snap-on clothes and accessories that a 2 year old can manage. They’re called fisher price Snap n Style dolls. They also have a selection of Snap n Style pets.

Educational Toys

While every Fisher Price toy has some educational element built into it, many Fisher Price toys are designed to teach specific skills. For example, the fun 2 learn toy line offers the Chime Time Learning Clock that is a great aid for teaching kids 3 and up how to tell time. Children aged 3 to 7 love the Fun 2 Learn CalcuBot.

The fisher price baby smartonics story books help toddler age 1 to 3 learn how to read while the Laugh and Learn Song and Story Learning Chair will have a little one singing along in no time.

Electronic Toys

When it comes to electronic toys for babies and preschoolers, fisher price definitely is in the lead with quality, durable DVD players, laughtops and more. They’ve created the CD player under the laugh and learn label for ages 6 to 36 months. Finally, because kids love to play grown up, Fisher Price has designed a kid-tough digital camera that is waterproof and perfect for two-eye viewing. It’s intended for preschoolers ages 3 and up.

Outdoor Toys

Kids love to play outdoors best of all, so it is only natural that Fisher Price would create safe and stimulating toys for kids to play with outside. The Fisher Price outdoor toy line includes bubble mowers, swimming pools and sprinklers as well as sports toys and rideable toys.

The selection of ride on toys includes kid-powered trikes and vehicles as well as battery-operated vehicles.

Push, Pull, and Roll Toys

Push and pull toys are perfect for little ones who have just mastered walking. Toddlers love the sounds and the walk-a-long companionship of this line of toys as well as the bright colours and fun sounds.

Roll toys are a favourite of crawlers as well as older toddlers. It allows a little one to practise such skills as eye hand coordination, physical movement, body awareness, and dexterity to name just a few. One of the most popular roll toys is the amazing animal press and go farm truck.

Role Play Toys

The fisher price imaginext toy line offers kids ages 3 to 8 the opportunity to role-play and imagine different life roles with built in activation points that let loose a continual adventure. Kids are fascinated with the imaginext fire station, ambulance, helicopter, and 6-wheeler rescue vehicle, to name a few.

Other Products by Fisher Price

Fisher Price has spent as much time researching their baby gear line as they have their toys and as a result produce some of the most secure, resilient, and easy to clean gear for babies available today. Baby’s gear includes items like the stroller, boosters and car seats, monitors and the jumperoo, which helps little ones strengthen those leg muscles for walking.

Tips to consider before buying Fisher Price Toys

Every parent aims to ensure their children’s safety in every circumstance including while their children are at play. Here are some toy safety tips to support that aim. Many of these tips are best kept in mind before the purchase of a toy.

  • Age recommendations on a toy package are a guideline for skill level and safety. Paying careful attention to age recommendations will help you avoid your child becoming bored or frustrated with a toy. It will also help ensure learning, fun, and above all, safety for your child. Also, consider any dangers that might be involved to younger siblings when you are purchasing a toy for an older child.
  • Check a toy for safety features. Look at all safety labels. Are the materials used in or on the toy flame retardant or resistant? Are the materials or paints used non-toxic? Are there small parts that are potential choking hazards? Does the toy contain any sharp edges, wires, or cords?
  • Look for toys that are easy to clean for the sake of your child’s health and clean and maintain toys regularly.
  • Consider what a particular toy will teach your child or encourage your child to do. Anticipate any inappropriate ways that a child might try to use a toy other than its intended purpose and so that you can properly guide him or her, before and during play.
  • Consider the play area where the child will be playing with the toy. Is the area appropriate for that type of toy? Are there any hazards to using such a toy in a particular area? If so, remove those hazards from the area before hand or consider a different type of toy.
  • Regularly do safety checks on toys as dangers can develop as the toy is used.
  • While one aspect of play is for a child to learn to be able to entertain and engage him or herself, children should always be supervised at play, whether indoors or out. 

Buying Guide to Fisher Price toys
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