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Fur Real toys buying guide

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Fur Real Toys Guide - An Introduction

Fur Real toys, also known as Fur Real Friends, are a popular line of robotic pets made by the Hasbro toy company. The first Fur Real toy was a cat, which became the big hit of the 2002 Christmas shopping season. The Butterscotch Pony, which was introduced in 2006, became the hit of that year’s holiday season.

Fur Real now makes a wide variety of animals, each featuring realistic movements and sounds. The toys are interactive, responding to voice, sound, and touch. Hasbro has recently introduced a special edition Elephant; 50 per cent of the profits from this animal will go to help children in Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS.

While some of these toys can be expensive, especially the larger ones like the horses, they are well-designed toys that will provide hours of interactive fun for your child. Also, they’re still cheaper than a real pet, as you won’t be buying food or making trips to the veterinarian.

If you’re in the market to buy Fur Real pets, Price Inspector will make sure you get the cheapest prices possible. We compare prices at all the UK stores to bring you the best prices. Our buying guide will help you figure out what Fur Real toys you want to buy, helping you get the best toy for your child and for your money.

House Pets

If you’re not ready to buy a live pet for your child, Fur Real makes realistic robotic pets as alternatives. You also won’t have to worry about biting, scratching, or destroying furniture.

  • The Fur Real Biscuit dog is a very large puppy that responds to your child’s voice and touch. He has realistic movements and playful barks. His soft coat and pleading eyes are just like those of a real puppy. He comes with a real collar, a brush, and a bone-shaped treat, as well as a special adoption certificate. Put your hand on his back, and he’ll either lie down or sit up, depending on which he’s already doing. He sniffs if you pet his nose, and he’ll shake hands if you touch his paw. He even flinches, blinks, or sneezes if you wave something in front of his face.
  • The Fur Real Labrador is a newborn puppy available as a yellow lab or chocolate lab. These are not as large as Biscuit, and they come with a bottle for feeding.
  • There are several different Fur Real kitty toys, including a newborn Calico or black kitten, Lulu the Cuddlin Kitty Cat, or the kitten Marmalade. Lulu moves and purrs in response to your child’s touch. Pet her and she purrs and rolls back. Scratch her whiskers, and she moves her head. She comes with a comb and adoption certificate. The newborn kittens make kitten sounds and come with a bottle for feeding.
  • The Fur Real guinea pig is a newborn baby who needs lots of love and attention. Pet his soft fur and he’ll respond with baby sounds and by lifting his head. Keep petting him, and he’ll become more playful. When you stop petting him, he’ll lie back down and go to sleep.

Farm Animals

Let your child experience the fun of a Fur Real farm pet, even if you live in the city.

  • Butterscotch Pony will fulfil your child’s dream of owning a pony. It has realistic responses, including moving her head, swishing her tail, and responding to your child’s voice and touch. This large pony is about a metre tall and can support a child weighing up to 36kg. She loves to be groomed and fed, and she comes with her own brush and carrot. Another Fur Real horse is Smores, which is similar to Butterscotch except in colour.
  • A Fur Real piglet is a newborn baby that comes with a bottle for feeding. It loves to be petted and will wiggle its tail and snout.
  • The Fur Real duck is a collectible animal that comes in white or yellow. This baby duckling comes with a bottle and adoption certificate. It flaps its wings, opens its beak, and raises its head.
  • The newest addition to the Fur Real family is the newborn lamb. It wiggles its tail, says baa, and comes with its own food bowl.
  • A special edition animal is the newborn bunny rabbit. Available in white or grey, this bunny needs love and attention. Pet her soft fur and she’ll respond with baby bunny sounds. If you stop petting her, she’ll go back to sleep. The more you pet her, the more playful she gets. The bunny comes with an adoption certificate.

Wild Animals

Thanks to Fur Real toys, your child can have a wild animal for a pet, even ones that normally wouldn’t be safe or practical.

  • The special edition Fur Real Elephant, named Zambi, was created to raise money for orphans in Africa. Zambi responds with ear wiggles, trunk curls, and lifelike baby elephant chewing and trumpeting sounds. The baby even blows kisses and giggles. Zambi comes with a bracelet for your child to wear, which was based on artwork by the African orphans. It also comes with information about Project Zambi, the charity supported by sales from the elephant.
  • The Fur Real cub is a black and white cub. Wake her up gently with love and affection, and she’ll sit up and open her eyes. She’ll make baby cub sounds or a baby cub roar. When you stop petting her, she goes back to sleep.
  • The Fur Real chimp is available as either a newborn baby or older baby chimp. The older baby, called Cuddle Chimp, stretches out his arms for a hug when you stroke his back or feed him with a banana bottle. He snuggles into your arms and makes realistic chimp sounds. He loves to be tickled, responding by clapping his hands or crying out in excitement.
  • A Fur Real bear can be a polar bear, panda bear, honey bear, or brown bear. These baby bear cubs come with a bottle for feeding. Luv Cub Panda loves to be held, and he’ll hug you back. He plays peek-a-boo, and he gets the hiccups if you feed him too much. The polar bear yawns, sniffs, snores, sighs, and coos.
  • The Fur Real Parrot is available in several different colours, and there’s also a newborn parrot baby. One of the first, and most popular, birds in the collection is Squawkers McCaw. He’s a smart, funny, unpredictable parrot that’s full of energy. He interacts with your child in realistic ways; he can repeat words, joke and sing, and respond to your touch. With his velvety coat of feathers and brilliant colours, he resembles a real macaw. He loves being fed, and he comes with a toy biscuit and perch.

Tips to consider before buying Fur Real Toys

  • Review the number and type of batteries that will be required, as well as whether they are included with the toy. For example, Biscuit takes four D batteries and the horses take six D batteries that are not included. Smaller toys like the guinea pig take three AA batteries which are included. Some of the mid-sized toys take C batteries.
  • Consider the size of the pet. Some are small enough to be portable for trips, while others such as Biscuit and the horses are too large for travel. If your child will want to bring the animal everywhere, this might be an important consideration.
  • If you buy one of the horses, you can also buy a real saddle, made by a real tack company, designed to fit these toy horses. They are fairly inexpensive, and come with reins, stirrups, and saddle.
  • Review the manufacturer’s recommendation for ages. None of the Fur Real toys are designed for children under 3. Most are for children 4 and older, but some are recommended for children over the age of 5.
  • Be aware that some of the toys, especially the long haired cats, may shed their fur.
  • Even though you can actually ride on the horses, they are designed for indoor use only. As with any ride-on toy, children should be supervised during play.
  • The horses require some assembly, as the head and body are separate pieces. Follow the assembly instructions carefully, as the head turning mechanism must be assembled correctly in order to work. 

Buying Guide to Fur Real toys
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