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Go Go Hamster toys buying guide

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Go Go Hamster Toy guide - An Introduction

Go Go Hamster is the hot new toy craze around the world, and some retailers had trouble keeping them in stock. This robotic hamster toy was developed by Russ Hornsby, who also developed the Powerpuff Girls characters. They are known in the United States as Zhu Zhu pets, which is Chinese for “little pig.”

There are nine different Go Go Hamster characters: PipSqueak, Chunk, Num Nums, Mr. Squiggles, Patches, Jilly, Scoodles, Winkie, and Nugget. There are also many different accessories you can buy to create a custom hamster home.

When your child is playing with the Go Go Hamsters, they can be in one of two different modes. Nurturing Mode makes the hamster toy purr and coo, while Adventure Mode makes the toy explore and respond to stimuli. There is also a Sleep Mode, which is just what it sounds like. The robotic hamsters use artificial intelligence as they “talk” and move around their homes.

If you’re looking to buy Go Go Hamsters or accessories, Price Inspector is the right place to shop. We compare prices at all the UK stores to make sure you get the cheapest prices possible. Our buying guide will also answer any questions you might have.


Go Go Hamsters Characters

There are nine different characters in the Go Go Hamster line of toys, and it’s easier to buy the right one if you know what you’re looking for.

  • Mr. Squiggles is a fussy, finicky hamster. His attitude is one of been there, done that, lived to tell the story. Stay out of his way—he’s always on a mission, loving to explore. This is the most popular character in the set. Mr. Squiggles is golden brown with a while circular squiggle on his back.
  • PipSqueak is smart and extremely sweet, the brains of the gang. This little hamster is a real daredevil who’s not afraid of anything. Full of curiosity, she loves to explore, play, run and slide. PipSqueak is yellow with a few white spots.
  • Chunk is a laid-back little surfer dude. He loves to chill out, hang back, and lie low. When he senses some great surf, however, he’s off. Chunk loves to be loved, so give him lots of hugs. Chunk is a solid white hamster.
  • Num Nums is super fuzzy, always good for laughs and loves. Her highly trained nose can sniff food from far away, and if there’s something to eat in the area, you know she’ll find it. Stand back to watch her scoot around to locate food. Num Nums is grey with a few white spots and a white heart on her back.
  •  Patches is only available as part of a bundled package, such as the Funhouse or Starter Set. He’s dark yellow with a large white spot on his back. He loves flowers, and when he’s in Adventure Mode, he goes hunting flowers.
    The newest hamsters are Jilly, Scoodles, Winkie, and Nugget. They are usually sold in a bundled four-pack.
  •  Jilly. When you first meet Jilly, you might think she’s shy, but when she warms up, she is the pep squad captain. Hamster morale goes up when Jilly comes to your house. Jilly is pink and white.
  • Scoodles is a go-get-‘em hamster. He loves to explore and dreams of travelling to far-off lands. He doesn’t sit still much, as there’s so much he wants to see and do. Scoodles is chocolate brown with white spots.
  • Winkie loves to hang out with family and friends. He’s happy to take life easy and doesn’t understand why some other hamsters are always on the go. Winkie is black and white.
  • Nugget is a day dreamer. She may have her head in the clouds, but her paws are firmly on the ground. She loves to look for shapes in the clouds and chase butterflies. Nugget is golden brown with white spots.


When you give a Go Go Hamster accessory to your toy hamster, it instinctively knows which one it’s on, whether it’s a hamster ball, skateboard, or surfboard. Increase your child’s fun with the robotic hamster by adding some favourite accessories. Unless otherwise indicated, Go Go Hamster accessories are sold separately from the pets.

  • The Go Go Hamster House is available in a few different options. The Adventure Set comes with a wheel, tunnel, slide, ramp, house, and carrier. It also comes with Patches. You can also buy add-ons, such as wheels and tunnels.
  • Chunk will love the Surfboard and Sleep Dome set. This add-on to the deluxe house set lets your Go Go Hamster enjoy some serious surfboarding action.
  • The Go Go Hamster Skateboard and U Turn Tube adds on to the deluxe house. Let your hamster ride the half-pipe before turning in for the night.
  • The Go Go Hamster Play Ball is just like the exercise balls for a real hamster, letting your toy hamster explore the house. It can be combined with any house or play set.
  • The Go Go Hamster Play Car lets your hamster drive around and explore, then park the car in the included garage. It’s a great add-on to any play set.
  • The Go Go Hamster Wheel and Tunnel is a good add-on to your pet’s habitat, letting your pet get exercise like on a traditional exercise wheel. Hamsters love their wheels, and the Go Go Hamster is no exception.
  • The Go Go Hamster Bed and Blanket set is available in several different colours, including pink, green, purple, blue, and orange. This cosy bed and blanket are the perfect place for your hamster to sleep.
  • The Go Go Hamster Slide includes a ramp to the top, then a long, spiral slide back down.
  • There’s even a speed boat and dock set that can add on to the funhouse.

Related Items

There are also many other items with the Go Go Hamster theme, including a printed mug that features four of your favourite hamsters: Chunk, Mr. Squiggles, PipSqueak, and Num Num. The ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. This 80mm mug holds 11 ounces of your favourite beverage.

Every pet deserves to look its best. You can now buy or make clothes for your little Go Go Hamster. A sailor suit would be perfect for the hamster to wear while driving the speed boat, for example. Clothing is still fairly limited for the Go Go Hamsters, but it is available. The primary manufacturer is not connected to the company that makes Go Go Hamsters, and the clothing is not being widely advertised yet. Popular choices include a ballerina or a cow girl costume. Jilly loves pink and the ballerina costume would be perfect for her. Other choices include the luau party clothes, scuba suit with goggles, and a sporty football uniform and ball.

Although there is not yet a Go Go Hamster party pack, you can still throw a Go Go Hamster themed birthday party. Print your own invitations and decorations, or choose a generic hamster theme. Hamster decorated stationary or rubber stamps are a great way to make your own invitations.

Keep your eyes open, because there will soon be a Go Go Hamster game from Activision. Although this is the same company that makes the violent Call of Duty games, the Go Go Hamsters games will be age-appropriate for the young children who love Go Go Hamsters.

Tips to consider before buying Go Go Hamster

  • Make sure you know which character or accessories your child is looking for. Some children may not care which character they get, as long as they get a Go Go Hamster. Other children might have their heart set on a particular character or accessory.
  • If your child doesn’t have a preference, read the character descriptions to see which personality would best fit your child. Choose one that either mirrors your child’s personality or a complete opposite.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warning to be careful with the toys. Remind your children about playing safely, especially keeping the wheels away from their hair. The Go Go Hamsters and accessories are not designed for children under 3 years old, due to choking hazards and the hair tangling potential.
  • You may have heard safety warnings about the antimony metal used in Go Go Hamsters. This has proved to be untrue, and Go Go Hamsters meet or exceed stringent international toy safety standards.
  • While some of the accessories, such as the wheel and ball, resemble items made for real hamsters, they are toys and are not intended for use with a live animal.
  • Although many people had trouble finding the Go Go Hamsters before Christmas 2009, they should not be as difficult to find now. If your child wants a particular character, however, you might still run into a little difficulty. The rule is generally that if you find it, buy it before someone else does. 

Buying Guide to Go Go Hamster toys
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