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Gormiti toys buying guide

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Gormiti Toys Guide - An Introduction

Gormiti, also known as the Invincible Lords of Nature is primarily a toy line with mini-figures and trading cards. The toy line was developed in Italy in 2005. The mini-figures are a series of PVC figures that are not pose-able, each with a corresponding trading card. There is also a TV show based on the line of toys.

The mini-figures each have a random number printed on its foot. Each card has a power number as well. To play the game, players just add the number from their figure to the number on their trading card. The player with the highest number is the winner. Figures are sold in different pack configurations: in single foil bags, multi-packs with two to four figures, or in gift sets.

There are many different characters to choose from, including heroes and villains. You can also choose from many different play sets and toys. Price Inspector’s buying guide will help answer your questions, sort through the various options, and buy the right Gormiti toy.

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Characters and Tribes

The Gormiti game and TV show are set on the beautiful Island of Gorm, which was inhabited by a peaceful people who loved nature. They live at the base of Fire Mountain, which is a dormant volcano that has never threatened their village. Then Magmium, Lord of Evil, started creating creatures from the lava, called the Lords of Magma. Together, they ruled the peaceful, defenceless Gormiti.

The Gormiti has four good tribes, each of which has a Lord and a Guardian, although the Guardians do not appear that frequently.

  • Earth Tribe: This tribe has stone motifs that resemble rocks, moles, and other ground creatures. They are represented on Earth by Nick, who becomes Lord of the Earth when he travels to Gorm. The Guardian is Roscalion.
  • Forest Tribe: This tribe consists of tree or plant based characters. They are led by Lucas, who is Lord of the Forest in Gorm. Troncalion is the Guardian.
  • Sea Tribe: Led by Toby, Lord of the Sea, the Sea Tribe is made up of different sea creatures, as well as amphibians and reptiles.
  • Air Tribe: This tribe features insects, birds, and flying creatures such as bats or reptiles. They are led by Jessica, Lord of the Air.
The Volcano Tribe, which is the evil tribe, started as two sub-tribes, both of which were red. The two tribes have now merged into a single tribe, which uses fire, inspects, and reptiles. They are led by Magmium and Lavion. Another main character in the Volcano Tribe is Drakkon.

Play Sets

There are several different series of Gormiti play sets and characters available. Just a few of the available items are:

  • Gormiti Final Evolution: In this series, the Gormiti characters have evolved, so they look very different from the original figures. The Air Gormiti are now People of the Fossils. The Earth Gormiti have become the People of Diamond. The Forest Tribe has become the Infuocata People of the Forest. The Sea Tribe is now the People of Ice, and the Volcano Tribe is now the People of Metal.
  • The Gormiti Fire Mountain Play set features the Volcano tribe. It includes a fast action figure and a trading card came. It also comes with a basic trading card and figure. The spring-loaded traps provide enhanced play. Build your army and battle your opponents to rule Gorm.
  • The Gormiti Magic Egg set features some exclusive characters, one for each tribe, which you can only find in this set. It consists of an egg that opens in water to reveal a rare figure. There is also a regular character included in the set.
  • The Murena Den play set comes with a large Murena figure that features Jaw Chomping action. It also has one figure from the Water Tribe and one trading card.
  • The Gormiti Earth Shrine Play set is a great interactive play set, representing the home of the Earth Tribe. You can open the play set the reveal secret hiding places, secret doors, and hidden traps. It also comes with an exclusive figure.
  • The Gormiti Flaming Volcano set includes a flaming volcano. Watch as Magmion slides down the lava. Capture your enemies in a secret prison and shoot lava balls. The set includes lights and sounds.
  • The Atomic Gormiti Island of Gorm play set includes the island, sky platform, and 15 collectible figures so you can create your own Gormiti adventures. It also comes with a DVD.
While the play sets, figures, and trading cards are the most popular and well-known of the Gormiti items, there are other toys as well.
  • Gormiti colouring books let your child colour their favourite pictures from the Gormiti adventures
  • The Gormiti Shaker Maker lets your child make and paint two Gormiti models. Just mix the shaker maker powder, fill the mould, and shake. Decorate your figures with the bright paints that are included.
  • Nintendo has announced that a Gormiti DS and Wii game will soon be released, so keep watch for these newest games.

Understanding the Different Series

There are several different series of Gormiti figures. Understanding the differences makes it easier to buy the right items. Each of the four series includes the Earth, Forest, Sea, Air, Magma, and Lava Tribes. However, there are different characters for each tribe within each series, both for the main lords and the secondary characters.

  • The lords for Series 1 include: Gheos, Lord of the Earth; Tasarau, Lord of the Forest; Polypus, Lord of the Sea; Noctis, Lord of the Air; Magmium, Lord of the Volcano; and Lavion, Lord of the Volcano.
  • The Lords for Series 2 are: Kolossus, Lord of the Earth; Barbataus, Lord of the Forest; Carrapax, Lord of the Sea; Helios, Lord of the Skies; and Deepdownfear, Lord of the Volcano.
  • For Series 3, the Lords are: Ancient Thorg, Lord of the Earth; Great Tree, Lord of the Forest; Nobilmantis, Lord of the water; Devilphoenix, Lord of the Air; Armageddon, Lord of the Volcano; Supreme Luminos, Lord of the Sun; and Obscurio, Lord of the Moon.
  • Series 4 is when the Earth children join the fight to save Gorm. Although they are ordinary mortal children on earth, when they travel to Gorm, they become the Lords of Nature. Back on earth, they have to hide their secret identities from friends and family. The Lords are: Nick, Lord of the Earth; Lucas, Lord of the Forest; Toby, Lord of the Sea; Jessica, Lord of the Air; Magmion, Lord of the Volcano; DeepdownFear Lord of the Volcano; and Lavion, Lord of the Volcano.

Tips to consider before buying Gormiti Toys

  • Know the characters and the series that your child wants. There are at least four different series of Gormiti sets, each with more than a dozen characters. The possibilities are pretty wide, but if you familiarize yourself with the sets, you can find the ones they want.
  • If your child is interested in building a complete collection, you may need to buy rare pieces from Italy. The figures and trading card game originated in Italy, and there are still more pieces available in Italy than other locations in the world.
  • Many of the figures are sold in opaque packages so you can’t see what you are buying. Some children find this frustrating, while others enjoy being able to trade duplicates with their friends to add to their collection. If your child does not like the risk of getting doubles, consider buying loose sets that have been opened by the retailer. These may be more expensive because you know what you are getting. You can also buy opened sets that are used.
  •  If you want to learn more about Gormiti and how to play with and collect these toys, consider a subscription to Gormiti Magazine. It gives you more information about the story line, and it includes such extras as a mug, watch, or DVD.
  • For a big Gormiti fan, you can also buy Gormiti clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more.
  •  If you are unable to find a Gormiti colouring book, there are online templates that you can print out for your child to colour. 

Buying Guide to Gormiti toys
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