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"H" buying guide

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Price Inspector loves to find track down the top bargains for you. Now he’s even organized all the suspects beginning with the letter H to make your shopping easier. Whether you need Halloween, Hello Kitty, Hunter Wellies, or practically anything else that begins with H, you’ll find it here. You’ll be happy Price Inspector went to this much work when you see the great suspects he’s been following.

  • Whether your old Hunter Wellington boots are lost or damaged, or if you just want a fresh new colour, spring is a great time for a new pair of Hunter Wellies.
  • We always like a fresh start in spring. For some, that means spring cleaning with a new Henry Vacuum Cleaner. These cute canister vacs, also available in desk-top cleaning size, feature the adorable faces of Henry Hoover or Hetty Hoover. They’re so lovable you may even want a keychain or mug with their pictures.
  • For you, spring cleaning might mean a new washing machine. We have great deals on all the most popular brands, including a Hotpoint 7kg washing wachine such as the Aqualtis. The Aqualtis is a high-capacity front-loading washing machine, which makes laundry day a breeze!
  • For others, spring means remodeling, and the kitchen is a great place to start. Price Inspector bring you the cheapest prices on major appliances such as a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer such as the FF4DK or the Quadrio, a Hotpoint Dishwasher, or a Hotpoint chimney hood. Even a small item like a new hand blender can make cooking easier.
  • Take advantage of the warmer weather by working on those outdoor projects. Hammerite paint helps you protect metal items such as railings or garden furniture with a cordless paint gun. A Honda lawn mower makes mowing the lawn fast and easy.
  • Maybe you prefer fixing up your bedroom. A high sleeper bed provides maximum convenience. With the bed raised high, there is room for a desk, storage, sleeper sofa, or play area underneath. New wardrobe doors can also freshen up the room, and you can take better care of your clothes with Huggable Hangers. These hangers keep clothes from slipping onto the floor, and they maximum your wardrobe space.
  • Regardless of which room you want to update, you’re sure to find Hygena furniture to fit your needs. From tables to beds, storage cubes to kitchen work counters, Hygena makes it.
  • Hennessy Cognac is a VSOP blended cognac that works well either as a digestif or in a cocktail. It is available in several different gift packages, or you can simply put it in your hip flask for a quick tipple on the go.
  • It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween, especially if you want to create a big impression. If you think of a great Halloween costume early, such as a pumpkin costume, you’ll have more time to consider details such as accessories. While you’re at it, start planning those Halloween treats, if you can resist temptation to eat them early!
  • At our house, there’s always seems to be that one room that’s chilly year-round. Whether you’re working in an unheated garage or basement, or if you just need to warm up a draughty room, a halogen heater is the way to go. Choose different sizes or features, such as oscillating design or remote control, depending on your needs.
  • What little girl doesn’t like Hello Kitty? Check out the new Hello Kitty bike or Hello Kitty bag, sure to delight your little girl.
  • Of course, most little boys would prefer a Hornby train set instead. From inexpensive beginner sets to high-end collectible trains, Hornby train sets are available for children of all ages.
  • Maybe your son and daughter could agree on a fuzzy new pet. If so, check out our collection of hamster cages to make a great home for your curious new friend.
  • It’s time to get out and explore. Whether you take a short hike or a weekend trip to the countryside, a Haglofs backpack will make it easy to carry everything you need. A Haglofs tight backpack is even more convenient for activities such as skiing because it is more closely molded to your body. In fact, Haglofs makes all the outdoor gear you need, like jackets, hats, vests, and trousers. Helly Hansen can also help outfit you for spring, with base layers and jackets.
  • Update your home office with a new Hp Pavilion Desktop computer. The Slimline model gives you good performance in a small package.
  • Catch all your favourite programmes with a Humas Freesat Recorder. A Humas Freesat Box will greatly increase the number of available shows, including high definition channels. The Humax PVR9300T gives you a 320Gb recorder for up to 200 hours of recording.
  • If it’s shoes you want, Hush Puppies brings you stylish, affordable shoes for men and women, ranging from sandals to boots. Hudson Shoes makes classic men’s shoes for business or play. For women, Hotter Shoes brings you comfortable, stylish shoes in all styles and looks.
  • Women will look and feel more attractive with in a high waist bikini. Whether you’re looking for swimwear or lingerie, a high waist bikini gives you the confidence and comfort of full coverage.
  • Looking for a fresh new fragrance? Hugo Boss Deep Red is a fruity, floral, woody perfume for women. It comes in all the varities, such as perfume, cologne, and shower gel.
  • The Hauck Travel System is a great travel system for both you and your baby. It comes with everything you need: a reclining pushchair, car seat, boot cover, carrycot, changing bag, and rain cover.
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