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Hanna Montana toys buying guide

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Hannah Montana Toys Guide - An Introduction

The phenomenal popularity of Hannah Montana merchandise was a natural consequence of the current hit American television show of the same name. The show first debuted on the Disney Channel in 2006.

The Hannah Montana Disney television show is now in its fourth year and its popularity has not waned in the slightest. In fact, the show, its subsequent movies, and merchandise have achieved unprecedented global popularity, primarily among preteen age girls between 9 and 13 years old, and secondarily for girls as young as 6 and as old as 14.

Real life, singing star, Miley Cyrus, plays Hannah Montana in the television show and movies. Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus portrays her father in the television series as well.

The television series is about a 14-year-old girl Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana who leads a double life. During the day, she is a typical young teenager named Miley Stewart, who hides her rock star identity as Hannah Montana because she wants to be valued for who she is and not for the fact that at night, she is a super rock star.

Hannah Montana Best of Both World is not only the shows opening song but also a concert documentary produced by Walt Disney and released in 2008 that currently holds the record for resulting in the highest revenues of any 3D weekend movie. This documentary’s record-breaking success provided further evidence of the immense and sustained popularity of the show and worked as an incentive for the creation of even more Hannah Montana products and merchandise.

Preteen and young teenage girls love Hannah Montana merchandise as much as they love the popular television show. Hannah Montana’s wide range of products extends from clothes and accessories to music, DVDs, dolls, an MP3 player and even a camera. Back packs, school supplies, books and items such as a journal, diary, or sticker album is also available.

The trendy clothing is fashioned after outfits worn by Miley in the television show. The extremely popular singing doll made in Miley Cyrus’s image has even outsold Mattel’s Barbie dolls, which dominated the doll market for decades.

If you are searching for the ideal gift for a preteen or early teenage girl, you cannot go wrong by selecting from any of the multitudes of Hannah Montana merchandise items available.


Types of Hannah Montana Merchandise

The Hannah Montana product lines are far more varied and extensive than simply Hannah Montana CDs, DVDs, and computer games. The wide-range of type and number of products available to choose from will actually make it easier to find a unique gift that the young girl in your life is sure to love and doesn’t already have. Below is a breakdown of the Hannah Montana merchandise types. This helpful list is bound to trigger some additional great gift ideas.

Bedroom Decor

Help a preteen girl create the bedroom of her dreams beginning with Hannah Montana sheet sets, a duvet cover available in a variety of styles as well as a fleece blanket to keep her warm and cosy while she dreams for her future. However, don’t stop there, select from a wide choice of posters, rug, cushions and curtains. Don’t forget the Decofun Hannah Montana Paper Lantern, in purple of course, or the Tween Go Glow Light.

Clothing and Accessories

Hannah Montana clothes and accessories is one of the most popular wish list items for preteen girls. According to young girls, Hannah wears cool clothes. While there is a colour choice regarding clothing, don’t be surprised to find a good deal of the clothing in purple, as that is Hannah’s favourite colour.

Hannah Montana pyjamas are available from size 5 on up. There is a good tshirt selection as well as dresses, socks, underwear, and shoes. Hannah Montana clothing includes skinny jeans and leggings as well as jacket.

You’ll also find quite an array of accessories to choose from such as a Hannah Montana watch, handbag, and even a Hannah Montana wig or trilby style hat.

Also available, are a variety of Hannah Montana beauty products and perfume as well as jewellery. Quintessentially, everything that the young girl in your life could possibly desire in order to play Hannah Montana dress up is obtainable.

Crafts and School Supplies

Do you want to get the tween girl in your life more excited about going to school and studying? There is quite an array of school supplies on offer including notebooks, backpacks, as well as a Hannah Montana journal and pen. Another great idea is to encourage reading by selecting a Hannah Montana book. If it is about a something their interested in, they will read it. Two popular novels in the Hannah Montana book series are Face-off and Keeping Secrets.

There are a number of Arts and Crafts sets available for girls who enjoy creative projects. These include the Mini Meez Fashion Design Set by Flair, which includes everything a young girl needs to begin fashion designing and the 3D puzzle, which starts out 2 D and when painted becomes 3D.
Here’s a great choice for younger Hannah Montana fans ages 3 and up. The Hannah Montana Tin Art Case includes plenty of colouring projects, colours, and a handy case for keeping everything organised.

Party Supplies

There is probably nothing higher on a preteen girl’s wish list than a Hannah Montana theme birthday or slumber party where she and all of her friends can enjoy their teen idol together.

Everything from party invitations in the shape and colour of Hannah’s pink Cadillac to party favours, paper plates, cups, and napkins, inflatable balloons, guitars, and microphones are available throughout the UK. Creating a Hannah Montana theme party your preteen will always remember couldn’t be easier.

Toys, Games and Puzzles

The two most loved toys among tween age girls is the Hannah Montana doll, which sings a choice of one of the several popular songs from the television show including, Best of Both Worlds. The second is the Design ‘n’ Create Rockin’ Guitar by Mega.

For endless outdoor fun what could be better than the Hannah Montana scooter in purple with rear brakes and lights.

Game products include the Top Trumps Hannah Montana game of cards, Cool cardz, a Ravenburger junior puzzleball, Fact or Fancy game, and the extremely popular Hannah Montana DVD game by Mattel. The later is a performance-based game that allows a young girl to sing and dance with Hannah as well as put together outfits and more.

Two great choices for preteen parties are Hannah Montana Twister Moves and Girl Talk, both by Hasbro.

Videos, Music and Electronic Games

Finally, there is naturally an abundance of DVDs available including all episodes from the Disney Channel Hannah Montana show, seasons 1, 2, and 3 as well as Hannah Montana the movie and the 3D Concert Documentary.

Don’t forget there is a wide selection of CDs, including soundtracks from the movies, as well as computer, Wii, Xbox, PS2, and PS3 games from which to choose.


Tips for Buying Hannah Montana merchandise

  • Consider the age of the girl. Some Hannah Montana merchandise is geared for 3 year olds and others for 14 year olds while the majority is intended for girls who are 8 to 13 years of age. Pay attention to age recommendation on the package.
  • If you are considering clothing, knowledge of the child’s size of measurements will be necessary. Purchasing an incorrect size may wind up in disappointment for the child, especially should she love the outfit that isn’t quite the right size.
  • While many of Hannah Montana merchandise is lavender, pink, or blue, there are other colours available for such items as clothing, accessories, and room décor. What is the child’s favourite colour? What colour does she wear most often?
  • Consider the preteen’s personality. Below are some questions to consider before selecting the ideal Hannah Montana gift for the young girl in your life.

    •  Does she enjoy singing or dancing along or does she enjoy watching more?
    • Does she like to play dress up including dabbling with makeup? 
    •  Does she often wear jewellery? 
    •  Does she wear her hair quite short or does she wear it long?
    •  Certain accessories such as ponytail bands or other hair accessories may not be appropriate for the child who wears her hair short. 
    •  Is she the more creative type who enjoys arts or crafts? 
    •  Does she like to play or spend plenty of time in her room? 
    •  Does she have friends over to her home regularly?
    •  Is she a big fan of Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, PS2, PS3, or other computer games?

    Great gift suggestions based on various personality types

  • If she has lots of energy and is the active type, she will probably enjoy CDs or DVDs she can sing and dance along with or games such as Twister Moves, which invite physical activity. She may also enjoy the Hannah Montana scooter if she likes playing outdoors. She would probably find Hannah Montana Karaoke as well as a hand held microphone or Hanna Montana guitar challenging and exciting.
  •  If she enjoys quieter play, she will probably love the Hannah Montana singing dolls, Nintendo or Xbox games, Hanna Montana novels, movies, clothing and accessories, stationary, or even a personal journal. She may also enjoy some arts and crafts products. If she enjoys spending time in her room, she may relish any of the Hannah Montana bedroom décor items, including duvet covers, posters, and lights.
  • If she loves role-playing and dress up activities, the Hannah Montana wig, makeup, and jewellery will be a big hit with her as will the clothing, accessories, and even a complete Hannah Montana costume. Depending upon the length of her hair, she may also enjoy hair care accessories. Finally, she too will enjoy the microphone, which she can use to sing along with Hannah CDs while practicing dance moves in the mirror and dressed up in full Hannah Montana costume.
  •  If she is the creative type, she will likely enjoy the Mini Meez Fashion Design Set, the 3D puzzle, Crayola Hannah Montana cut n create, and the Activity Guitar. The later allows the child to switch between various creative activities such as making friendship bracelets, designing glitter tattoos or body art, and making jewellery.
  • If she is a social butterfly, who enjoys spending as much time with her friends as possible then she will enjoy Hanna Montana games including traditional and electronic types that allow multiple players to play at the same time. She will also enjoy watching DVDs of television episodes, movies, and listening to Hannah Montana CDs with her friends.
  •  If you want a gift that will truly knock her socks off, take her and her best friend to watch Hannah Montana perform live in concert. 

Buying Guide to Hanna Montana toys
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