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Harry Potter merchandise buying guide

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The Harry Potter phenomenon

What began as a series of seven fantasy books by J.K. Rowling captured the hearts and minds of children, of all ages, around the world. The characters that they can identify with, the wisdom and principles inherent in the story continue to inspire and hold them willing captives today. This is evident, not only in the continued book and DVD sales, but also in the success of every Harry Potter film, as well as the amount of merchandise sales, which include toys, clothes, and Harry Potter collectibles.

Hundreds of millions of people have read and loved the story. They are determined to keep the joy, discovery, magic, and moral lessons that they embraced alive in their hearts and minds. This is the reason for the staggering success of the vast range of Harry Potter memorabilia. Moreover, fans are committed to collecting Harry Potter books and merchandise to pass on to future generations, their children, and grandchildren.

How this buyer’s guide can assist you
Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or you are looking for the perfect gift for your favourite Harry Potter fan, the aim of this guide is to aid you in that endeavour.

The section named Types of this buyer’s guide will give a brief overview of the vast product range, while the section called Buyer’s Tips will assist you if you are looking for a gift for a child or for an adult. This section will also provide a helpful tip for buying by a fan’s favourite house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this section, you will also find a full list by title of all seven books and each movie. A Harry Potter box set of books, a Harry Potter audio CD, or a Harry Potter DVD would make an excellent way to introduce a child to the exciting world of Harry Potter.

Finally, the Jargon Buster section will provide you with the names of all the most popular characters as well as some other helpful terminology. For example, if the child or adult that you are buying for has mentioned a favourite character’s name, but you cannot recall the name, check out the bottom of the Jargon Buster section. It may be helpful in jogging your memory.

Types of Harry Potter merchandise

Take a look at the different types of Harry Potter products and how we have split them into different types - this way you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Types of Merchandise

Overview of the Harry Potter merchandise

The range of Harry Potter merchandise that is available includes practically everything you can imagine. There is Harry Potter apparel, food items such as sweets, Harry Potter collectibles, and a myriad of Harry Potter toys and jewellery. There are even books about the Harry Potter books. Harry Potter computer games abound and a good selection of Harry Potter board games is available as well.

You may be surprised to discover that there are Harry Potter home furnishings as well as a variety of posters and even lithographs. There are even a variety of Harry Potter towels, Harry Potter bedding, or Harry Potter curtains! The Harry Potter products have touched every aspect of the human living experience. There is a variety of Harry Potter Xbox and Playstation games as well as Harry Potter wii games. The Harry Potter line of merchandise even extends to Harry Potter jewellery. It is an enjoyable way to make sure that the story lives on for Harry Potter fans of today and tomorrow.

Merchandise Brands

Here are some of the most popular brand names associated with Harry Potter merchandise. These may help you in your search for the Harry Potter product you are seeking.

• Bepuzzled
• Candy Warehouse – Bertie Bott’s Beans
• Cap Candy – Chocolate Frogs ( dispatched and sold by Galactic Toys)
• Cards Inc.
• Carta Mundi
• Corgi
• Galactic Toys
• Hasbro
• Hornby
• Lego
• Lego UK Limited
• Mattel
• Noble Collection
• PopCo
• Rubies
• Screenlife
• Warner Brothers - exclusives
• Winning Moves

Best buy / advice

Prices for Harry Potter toy or play items begin at £2.72 for the Harry Potter Half-blood sticker book to £7.00 for PopCo, Harry Potter action figures. Toys range as high as £249.99 for the Harry Potter Express Set Train to £289.95 for the Lego, Harry Potter Castle.

Adult gift prices begin between £14.00 to £25.00 for nice items such as a necklace, scarf set, tie, or a Gryffindor letter opener and go up from there.

Consider giving a whole years worth of quality and pleasurable reading to a child. The Harry Potter set, all seven books, is only £67.80. That is a real saving in comparison to the cost of buying each book separately.

Jargon Explained

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour BeansThese sweets are a jellybean type of candy that was a favourite of Harry Potter and his friends. Bertie Bott’s Beans include desirable flavours such as coconut, strawberry and toast, to name a few, but it also included unpleasant taste sensations like earwax, grass, and liver.
BoggartA Boggart is a shape-shifter that takes the form of whatever you were thinking.
BurrowThe Burrow was the home of the Weasley family. It had many rooms and was located in a village called Ottery St. Catchpole.
Character ListHarry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Lord Voldemort
Albus Dumbledore
Severus Snape
Rubeus Hagrid
Draco Malfoy
Argus Filch
Filius Flitwick
Gilderoy Lockhart
Minerva McGonagall
Poppy Pomfrey
Quirinus Quirrell
Horace Slughorn
Pomona Sprout
Sybill Trelawney
Sirius Black
Magical Beasts and Pets• Aragog
• Buckbeak
• Crookshanks
• Fang
• Fawkes
• Fluffy
• Firenze
• Hedwig
• Norbert/Norberta
• Pigwidgeon
• Scabbers
Chamber of SecretsThe Chamber of Secrets was a sealed room of Salazar Slytherin, which could only be opened by his true heir.
Common RoomEach of the four houses of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had its own Common Room, which was a circular room where students of that house could get together and study.
HedwigThis was the name of Harry’s pet owl, which was given to him as a gift by Hagrid.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryThis was the name of the school that Harry and his friends attended. It was for students age 11 to 17. The school building was a huge castle with battlements and towers.
Daily ProphetThis was one of the wizard world’s newspapers.
Diagon AlleyDiagon Alley was a cobbled stone street that one entered through a pub called the Leaky Cauldron and which was located in the muggle world city of London. Diagon Alley was filled with places such as Gringott’s Bank and shops where witches and wizards could buy supplies of all kinds.
The Hogwarts ExpressThe Hogwarts Express is the magical, scarlet red steam engine, which travelled between King’s Crossing Station, London, and Hogsmeade rail station. One had to get to platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Crossing Station in order to catch the Hogwarts Express.
HorcruxThis was the name of the receptacle used by a witch or wizard to hide part of his or her soul.
DobbyHe was a house-elf that originally belonged to the Malfoy family. Moreover, he was the self-assigned protector of Harry Potter, who often caused mishaps in his attempts to help.
FireboltThis was Harry Potter’s second broomstick, which he used for playing the game of Quidditch.
Hufflepuff HouseHufflepuff is one of the four houses at Hogwarts School. Its flag is yellow with a black badger. Members of this house are loyal, patient, and hard working.
Knight BusEmergency transportation for witches and wizards and students of witchcraft and wizardry.
Floo PowderThis was the dark, spooky forest, which surrounded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The forest was forbidden to students as it contained dangerous beasts.
GalleonA Galleon was a gold coin of wizard money, which was equal to 17 silver sickles.
Great HallThe huge gathering place at Hogwarts, where students had meals and enjoyed festivities. The ceiling was bewitched to appear as sky.
GringottsThis was the goblin run, wizard bank in Diagon Alley.
GryffindorThis was one of the four houses of Hogwarts School, and it was the house of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger, Minerva McGonagall, and Albus Dumbledore.

The Gryffindor flag is red with a gold lion symbolising bravery.
KnutA knut, which is pronounced “nut”, is a denomination of wizard money. A bronze coin is worth 29 silver sickles.
Leaky CauldronThe Leaky Cauldron is the boarding house and pub in London that is also the secret entrance to Diagon Alley.
Monster Book of MonstersThis was a huge, seemingly alive, book of monsters. It would bite at and then attempt to scurry away when someone tried to open it. You could tame the book by petting its spine.
MuggleA Muggle is someone who has no magical ability.
Nimbus 2000The Nimbus 2000 was the best broomstick a witch or wizard could own. It was Harry Potter’s first broomstick sent to him secretly by Minerva McGonagall for his first game of Quidditch.
OllivandersOllivander’s was the wand shop in Diagon Alley where all witches and wizard’s went to be matched to their ideal, one of a kind, magic wand.
OmniocularsOmnioculars are wizard world binoculars capable of slow motion and instant replay.
QuidditchA type of soccer game that is played on broomsticks by witches and wizards.
It required use of four balls, one Quaffle, two Bludgers and a Golden Snitch with silver wings. Ravenclaw members are known for being clever as well as being eager to learn. Their flag is blue with a bronze eagle.
Shrieking ShackThis was the name of the haunted house in Hogsmeade.
Sorting HatA time worn, patched, and grubby old hat that announced which house a student is a match to when the hat is placed on the student’s head.
TimeturnerThis necklace allowed time travel to the past. It was introduced to readers of the (Harry Potter books) series when (Harry Potter character), Hermione Granger wore it. It allowed her to attend three classes that all took place at the same time.
Wizard MoneyWizard money in the following denominations: bronze knuts, silver sickles, and gold galleons.

Buying Guide to Harry Potter merchandise
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