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Hasbro games buying guide

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Hasbro Games Guide - An Introduction

Board games have been a pleasurable part of the human experience, a form of entertainment, and a way to spend quality time with family members since the beginning of civilization. Egyptians played a game called Senet more than 5,000 years ago. 2,200 years ago, the people of China began playing a game called Go, which is still played there today. Today, board games are as popular a treasured pastime for children and adults as they ever were.

Moreover, the 20th century saw the birth of a whole new realm of games for video and electronic formats. However, the traditional board games that earlier generations enjoyed while growing up, such as Monopoly Parker Brothers, and Operation game were not rendered obsolete, far from it. They were instead reformatted to match the new technology that includes platforms such as Play station, Nintendo, Wii, Pogo UK, and computer games.

Games of chance also have a long history spanning back thousands of years, especially popular were games of dice. England made its own contribution to game history with Hazard Hazard, which was a popular dice game from the 14th through the 18th Centuries. This is likely the reason all games of chance are referred to as hazard games today. Hasbro has produced a modern game of hazard called the Yahtzee game, which is very popular today.

Hasbro has been, and remains, the worldwide leader in games. Moreover, it has kept pace with the technological evolution by reformatting its most popular traditional board and cards games to each of the new high tech platforms. For example, the Hasbro Family Night 2 is a package of video games available in Wii, Playstation, and Xbox platforms. It includes long time family favourites like Connect 4, Jenga, and the Operation game.

For example, you can still play Monopoly the same way your older family members did in 1935, or you can play the super-fast and exciting Hasbro Monopoly for Wii™. The Wii version has incredible imaging and graphics as well as the most extensive array of Monopoly boards ever, all in one package. There are actually never before seen boards included that you can access by progressing through games. Best of all, you can still enjoy it as a family as it allows up to four players at a time.

It is no wonder that Hasbro games are still the first choice of families worldwide for leisure-time fun.



Hasbro produces board games, card games, DVD games, electronic games puzzles, video games, and accessories and even travel games. It also adds numerous new games each year.

Board Games

Hasbro has board games for all ages and styles of play. It added a number of board games to its already extensive line in the 1980s through adding a number of games producing companies to its list of subsidiaries. Those companies included Avalon Hill, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Waddingtons, and Wizards of the Coast. Some of the most lucrative games brought on board through those acquisitions were from Parker Brothers. Those games included Monopoly Parker Brothers, as well as Parker Cluedo, Pictureka, and Upwords.

Since that time, an extensive a number of Monopoly versions have been added. Today, one does not just say, “let’s play Monopoly”, as there are so many versions. There’s Monopoly Onyx, City, Boutique, World, Disney, Star Wars, Simpsons, and Spongebob among others. Hasbro has also added additional versions to other games that were originally from Parker Brothers such as Cluedo Harry Potter.

The only challenge regarding the purchase of a Hasbro game will be deciding which one to choose. Overall, there are more than 150 different board games to collect, and that’s not counting the multiple versions there are for many of the games.

Card Games

There is no lack of choices in the card game area either. Hasbro produces a wide selection of card games from those for young children such as Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish to dozens of versions of Dungeons and Dragons. Hasbro even produces a Monopoly card game version called Monopoly Deal and an additional version of Pictureka called Pictureka Flipper that is quite popular with kids.

DVD Games

Star Wars is as popular as ever, and so it’s not surprising the Star Wars Hasbro DVD game that includes a lightsaber that glows and produces a humming sound would be one of the most popular picks by boys.

Electronic Games

Electronic games are a popular type of game today and Hasbro produces some very popular ones that include games you can play alone or with a large group of family or friends in teams. Catch Phrase is such a game. It’s a fast-paced, exciting and often funny game, where the goal is to do anything or say anything to get your team-mates to say a particular phrase such as “backseat driver”.

Travel Games

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train, or car, travel games can mean the difference between a fun and pleasant journey or an extremely long and boring one. Travel games are not just for occupying the kids either, Hasbro has a number of games that help quash the tediousness of travelling for adults too. A favourite for all ages is the Electronic, handheld, Yahtzee game. The Electronic, handheld Connect 4 game is another popular choice.

Video Games

Hasbro produces some of its most popular games in video game versions. These games are available in a variety of video game platforms such as computer, mobile, Nintendo DS, Wii, Playstation, and Xbox. The Hasbro Family Night Game is a terrific way for your family to spend quality time together. It is available in Playstation, Wii, or Xbox platforms. It includes the following familiar favourites: Boggle, Yahtzee, MB Battleship, Sorry, and Connect 4, as well as the new Sorry Sliders.

Tips to consider before buying Hasbro Games

Hasbro isn’t only fun and games. The right Hasbro game choice can support you in helping your child to develop physically and mentally as well as enhance his or her knowledge.

Here are some tips that will support you in determining which game will be most useful to your children’s development and education while you play with them. The games listed below work regardless of which game format you select, be it the traditional board or card games or any of the video versions.

Jargon Explained

Artificial IntelligenceThis term refers to the aspect of a video game that mimics human intelligence as it is expressed through behaviour. This term is often seen in its abbreviated form (AI).
Backward compatibleThis term means that a video game is compatible with earlier versions of the system or that a new system is compatible with earlier video game versions. This term is interchangeable with the term “Downward compatible”.

This term is seen on some video games. It means that the package is sold with a piece of hardware as well as the video game itself. For example, a new gaming system often comes with one or more games that are included in the purchase price.


Cheat codeSome video games come with a code that the player or gamer can enter to influence the game in some way, such as providing the player unlimited ammunition.
Educational gameThis term is given to any game that also teaches or enables a child to practise certain aspects of education that are typically learned in childhood. Some examples are games that support the practise of spelling, reading, economics, or physical coordination.
First-personThis means that the player will view the game as if he or she is experiencing or viewing it from the point of view of the main character in the game.
Motion SensorThis term refers to the electronic elements inside the Wiimote that allow movement of the controller in the air to cause or produce an action in the game.
NanchuckA nanchuck is an element is connected to the Wiimote. It usually has a thumbstick and buttons that influence game play.
Role-Playing GameThis refers to a game in which the gamer or player is allowed to take on the part of the main character in the game.
WiimoteThis is the nickname that was given to the Wii game controller because it resembles a television remote control. 

Buying Guide to Hasbro games
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