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High School Musical toys buying guide

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High School Musical Toys - An Introduction

Each generation seems to acquire their personal version of a Romeo and Juliet type story. The current generation of children, who have claimed Disney’s High School Musical as their version, are no exception.

The High School Musical movies are also responsible for bringing to a new generation of kids, the type of musical theatre, and films that earlier generations enjoyed.

The High School Musical craze, popular with kids from ages 4 to 15, started with the 2006 release of the first High School Musical, American Disney Channel movie. Due to its phenomenal success, High School Musical 2 was released in 2007, and High School Musical 3 in 2008.

The soundtrack from the original movie was the 2006 best-selling album. Soundtracks from all of the High School Musical movies and cable television show remain hot MP3 and ringtone downloads as well as a favourite CD selection among preteens.

High School Musical revolves around the lives of characters Troy Bolton who is the star of the basketball team, and Gabriella Montez who is the extremely intelligent, if somewhat shy character. This couple is the current generation’s Romeo and Juliet archetype.

Some of the most popular supporting character toys include the Troy and Gabriella doll action figures as well asSharpay, Chad, Taylor, and Ryan.

The movies and cable television show deal with issues kids face every day such as cliques, rivalry and peer pressure. This is most assuredly a supporting factor for High School Musical’s consistent popularity among preteens and early teenagers. The movie and television show deal with concerns and situations that children can identify with, while also identifying constructive solutions for those dilemmas.

Types of High School Musical Toys and Games

Action Figures Dolls

Several reputable companies such as Corinthian and Mattel produce High School Musical doll action figures. High School Musical dolls made by Mattel are appropriate for ages 4 and up, and Corinthian dolls are recommended for ages 6 and up. Doll choices include all the popular characters from the High School Musical movie and its sequels as well as the television series.

 Dolls are also sold individually. The High School Musical Chad, Graduation Day Ryan, Gabriella, and Taylor Dolls are some of the most popular characters from the High School Musical movies.

Play sets by Mattel, which include the doll and accessories are also available in a variety of themes.

Arts & Crafts

Kids loves being creative, and they love creative projects that involve their favourite subjects or characters. There is a wide assortment of High School Musical arts and crafts projects available. For example, High School Musical Cool Cardz by Flair are products that let kids design and laminate cards, nametags, and backstage passes to their heart’s content. It’s a favourite with parents too as the design of the product eliminates mess.

For preteens, Character World makes a fun art product called The High School Musical Scribbles Canvas Art. High School Musical Pocket Etch a Sketch by Flair is a prefect travel toy for little ones who are 4 years and up.
The High School Musical 3 Senior Year Colouring Carry Case by Copywrite Designs is a great choice for ages 3 and older. The case contains 32 felt tip markers and a scribbles pad.

Other arts and crafts products include High School Musical scrapbooks, albums, and stickers by Robert Fredericks, as well as the High School Musical Teeny Meez Mini Fashion Designer by Flair for ages 6 and up.

Dressing-up and Pretend

Encouraging your child’s imagination couldn’t be easier thanks to both Disney and Rubies who produce a variety of High School Musical costumes including cheerleader outfits, some that come with multiple accessories including pom poms. There are also Sharpay Deluxe Fancy Dresses as well as costumes for each of your child’s favourite High School Musical characters such as Gabriella, and Troy.

Dress-up accessories can provide just the incentive a child requires to get into character. The High School Musical Sharpay Dress-up & Accessory Set by XS-Party includes jewellery, shorts and tops. Other fun accessories are microphones, and sunglasses.

Little girls love to experiment with make-up and nail products when they play dress-up, especially High School Musical dress-up. Corsair makes a great product in the make-up category that is appropriate for 3 year olds as well as older children. It is called the High School Musical Cosmetic Filled Locker Tin. The case is shaped like a locker just like those seen in the movie and television show. The case contains items like eye crème, lip-gloss, and of course, nail polish.

Electronic Toys

High School Musical electronic toys are also plentiful and include
Bontempi’s High School Musical DJ Mixer, and Sing Along Microphone by Vivid Imaginations, both recommended for ages 6 and older.

A great choice for ages 3 and up is the High School Musical 3 Got the Moves Dance Mat by Vivid Imaginations, which has three levels of difficulty and helps get those little feet moving.
There are also a number of High School Musical interactive games available in all the popular formats. These include Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and Wii.

Games & Puzzles

Ravensburger has created a number of High School Musical puzzles including puzzle balls, which are quite popular. There are puzzles appropriate for age groups ranging from six and up.

You will find a wide selection of traditional board games that have a High School Musical edition. These include High School Musical Mystery Date, and Twister Moves by Milton Bradley/Hasbro. Mattel makes a High School Musical edition of their very popular Uno card game.

Finally, there is a huge selection of High School Musical CD, and DVD games on the market. Many of them can accommodate multiple players. One of the most popular games of this type is the High School Musical DVD Board Game, which includes the six most popular characters from the movie and cable television series.

Musical Instruments

High School Musical certainly inspires children to test their musical abilities, and a number of musical instruments are available to help them do so.

Bontempi makes student musical instruments based on those seen in the movies and television series and many are appropriate for ages 6 and older. These include a high school musical drum set, an electric keyboard, a wooden guitar, a recorder, and an electric guitar with a microphone and stand.

Outdoor Toys

Here are a few High School Musical outdoor toys that can help you encourage your child to get active and stay fit. Argosy Toys makes a High School Musical 23 cm ball. Disney makes one size fits all High School Musical Street Gliders with flashing LED wheels that will have your kids, skating, gliding, and dancing.

Character Options produces a High School Musical Rainbow Skipper, Hula Hoop, and Hop it, which are all recommended for ages 5 and up.

Other Merchandise

The High School Musical theme is available on a variety of merchandise other than toys and games. These include clocks, and watches like the High School Musical Watch and Charm Bracelet Set by High School Musical franchise as well as the Microphone Alarm Clock by Worlds Apart.

Kids love to go to bed dressed as their favourite movie idol too and there is a selection of pyjamas from which to choose. There is also quite a selection of bags and even backpacks decorated in a variety of High School Musical themes.

Helping a child create a room that reflects all the things that are important to him or her, is one of the ways parents have of helping a child recognise him or herself as an individual.

If the child is a fan of the High School Musical television series or movies, parents will be happy to learn that the availability of High School Musical wallpaper, bedding, and a duvet are just the beginning of the décor items available. In addition, a teen or preteen room would not look like a teen room without at least one High School Musical poster and happily there is quite a selection.

Worlds Apart did not forget how important the right furniture is to a preteen. Why not surprise them with a High School Musical bed, or keep a bean bag bed on hand for when your child spends the night at a friend’s house. Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest by sending them with a High School Musical Tween Ready Bed by World’s Apart.

Tips to consider before buying High School Musical Toys

This section will provide a list of the High School Musical toys kids most often request. Selecting any of these as a gift for a High School Musical fan will stand the greatest chance of being a huge success.

  • Mattel’s Twin Pack Dolls

    Kids love them because they’re based on their favourite scenes from the High School Musical movies and even come wearing the exact outfits worn in the particular scene they commemorate. They also sing the song from the particular movie scene they are replicating.

    Twin pack favourites include the Gabriella,and Troy doll from the “Tree House Moment”, and Sharpay, and Zeke.from the High School Musical Prom Date scene.

  • The High School Musical Country Club Sharpay Spa Play Set

    Kids love play sets, because they include so many options for imaginative play, and the Country Club Sharpay Spa Play set is at the top of the list. It includes the Sharpay doll as well as plenty of fun accessories.

  • Sharpay’s Pink Mustang Convertible by Disney

    This stand alone accessory is on every kid’s wish list.

  • High School Musical Pix Click Camera by Recreation

    Kids love to capture special moments on film just as much as adults do.

  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year made by Disney Interactive
    These include various format versions such as Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. A High School Musical game in any of these interactive game formats would be sure to please.
  • Sing Along Microphone by Vivid Imaginations

    This item is sizzling hot with kids 3 years of age and older. Everyone loves to sing along to their favourite tunes and kids are no exception. This special microphone helps them to imagine themselves as the star of the show, and enjoy hours of imaginative fun.

Brands of High School Musical Toys


Harold Matson, Elliot Handler, and Ruth Handler founded Mattel in 1945. However, Ruth Handler was responsible for launching Mattel sales into the stratosphere with the introduction of her creation, the Barbie doll, in 1959. To this day, the Barbie doll line, accounts for 80% of Mattel’s sales. This strong income base is augmented by other popular Mattel toy lines such as HotWheels, and Matchbox cars.

Mattel produces a variety of other popular toys and games including many with a High School Musical version such as High School Musical Uno.

Rubie’s Costumes

Rubie’s Costumes began as a candy store. Rubin and Tillie Beige in Woodhaven, Queens, New York, USA, established Rubies Candy Store in 1950. It later became known as Rubie’s Fun House. However, it wasn’t until 1967 that Rubies Fun House introduced a line of 200 costumes. That seemed to be the ticket to ride the wave of success for Rubies, who has thrived ever since. Since 2000, Rubies has been a name recognised around the world, largely due to its evolving relationship with Hollywood.


Zizzle exploded into the popular toy scene with its very first toy, which was called iZ, and made Toy Wishes Magazine’s Hot Dozen for 2005. The company produces traditional toys as well as electronic games and toys. Zizzle also makes music-driven electronic toys, which is one of the reasons why this company was the perfect product creation partner for a line of High School Musical toys.

Zizzle’s most popular High School Musical toys include its dance mat, and microphone.

Additional, well-known brands include Disney, and Hasbro. 

Buying Guide to High School Musical toys
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