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Today Price Inspector brings you all the most popular items beginning with the letter I. The items are very diverse, but you’ll find a lot of Integrated, Illuminated, and Indoor items. Don’t forget about Ipod, which leads the list of our most popular letter I brand searches. Along the way, Price Inspector will bring some fun items like ice cream, so be sure to find your favourite I items today!

  • Most people don’t especially like laundry, although you may change your mind when you get a new integrated washing machine and tumble dryer. An integrated washer dryer is a great solution if you are tight on space. For a large, modern washing machine, consider a high-capacity front-loader like the popular Moon model from Indesit.
  • While a new washing machine and dryer makes laundry easier, you may still need to iron at times. A new ironing board will make this chore a breeze as well! An indoor airer is great for items that need to lay flat to dry.
  • In the kitchen, modern appliances will also make life easier. An integrated frost free fridge keeps your food fresh and never needs defrosting. If you don’t have room for an integrated fridge freezer or simply want an extra fridge for beverages, an integrated larder fridge is the perfect solution.
  • Cooking also gets easier with the right equipment. An integrated microwave can be built-in or built-under, saving you valuable counter space. A new Indesit Ceramic Cooker provides more accurate meal preparation than your old cooker, with available features such as a double oven, grill, or fan assisted baking. An induction hob differs from other forms of cooking in that it actually generates heat in the pan instead of by the stovetop. This makes an induction cooker more energy efficient and safer, as the cooker itself doesn’t get hot.
  • Complete your new kitchen with an integrated slimline dishwasher. Integrated dishwashers use significantly less water than hand-washing, not to mention saving you work! An Indesit dishwasher gives you top ratings for energy and performance.
  • Want music while you work and play? Price Inspector has found the cheapest prices on all the most popular iPods and accessories. Your budget and your song library should determine the amount of memory you choose, and the different models also offer different features.
  • iPod Touch is available with different memory storage capacities, including 32Gb, 16Gb, and 8Gb. A nice feature of iPod Touch is that it adds video calls, gaming, and video recording.
  • If you want an iPod Classic 160Gb, it can hold up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video, or 25,000 images. The iPod Nano 16Gb, now in its 4th generation, has been completely redesigned to be smaller, lighter, and easier to use. The iPod Shuffle is designed to clip on your belt for easy-to-access music on the go.
  • iPods are not just used for mobile music anymore. To enjoy your favourite tunes at home with high quality sound, you just need a docking station. Simply dock your iPod, and your music is played through the docking stations external speakers. These dock speakers also make it possible for you to use your iPod in your bedroom for a clock radio or alarm clock.
  • One of the most popular characters from ‘In The Night Garden’ is Iggle Piggle. Your little one will love anything from the line of toys, including blankets, posters, stuffed figures, and play sets.
  • Make your grooming routines easier with an illuminated bathroom cabinet. The added lights will help with any of your needs, whether shaving or applying makeup. Women, you can complete your preparations with Insolence Perfume. This iconic fragrance epitomizes the carefree spirit, the fearless smile, the casual grace that you want to express.
  • For your entertainment pleasure, Price Inspector brings you the cheapest indoor TV aerial. Compatible with either analogue or digital TV signals, simply plug into a set-top box or a digital TV for better reception. On the go, an In Car DVD player makes holiday travels more enjoyable for everyone.
  • We know you love your pet, and giving Iams food to your dog or cat is a great way to show it. Both Iams Cat Food and Iams Dog Food come in different varieties to meet your individual pet’s needs, such as Weight Control or Senior formulas.
  • Keep cool this summer with an inflatable paddling pool. From a small pool designed for toddlers to a large pool the whole family can enjoy, Price Inspector has a large selection and always finds the cheapest prices.
  • Not quite warm enough to think about padding pools? We understand—we’re still bundled up ourselves. In the meantime, stay warm with an inset gas fireplace or an indirect hot water cylinder. An [Illy Coffee] machine and refills let you stay warm with authentic Italian coffee at home. You may enjoy the Italian coffee so much that you decide you need Italian furniture to complete the feel.
  • An Ion Scanner is perfect for scanning those old photos and slides, in either a handheld or freestanding model. An illuminated keyboard makes typing easy, even if you’re typing in the dark.
  • Your children will love an inline scooter. Choose from their favourite characters, like Hannah Montana, Spiderman, High School Musical, or Star Wars.
  • Remember we promised you ice cream? With an ice cream maker, you can make ice cream at home anytime you like. Customize the recipe to your tastes, such as creating new flavours or reducing the amount of sugar.
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