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In the Night Garden toys buying guide

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In The Night Garden Toys Guide - An Introduction

In the Night Garden is a popular BBC children’s TV show aimed primarily at babies and toddlers. It is a live action show featuring actors wearing costumes, puppetry, and some computer animation. The series is designed to both relax and entertain children ages 2 to 4.

The programme is set in “the garden,” which is a wooded grassy area covered with large, brightly coloured flowers. The show’s characters speak in repetitive, short phrases in their invented language. These repetitions build familiarity in the viewers. The garden is always sunny and colourful.

Each show begins with a different child in bed when the narrator begins the episode. It then moves to Igglepiggle travelling in his boat to the Night Garden. The shows always end with a character getting a bedtime story, which summarizes the episode’s plot. The bedtime story is created by the Magic Roundabout gazebo, and sometimes the characters dance and sing.

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In the Night Garden features a lovable cast of characters. Your child might have a favourite, or they might enjoy an In the Night Garden figure pack that includes several different characters.

If you’re not familiar with the characters, it makes it more difficult to find your child’s favourite. Igglepiggle is blue and resembles a teddy bear. He carries a red blanket and often falls flat onto his back whenever he’s surprised. He comes to the Night Garden at the beginning and leaves at the end of each episode in his boat, using his blanket as a sail. He doesn’t talk, but he has a bell on his foot, a squeak in his tummy, and a rattle in his hand. He’s the only one who doesn’t sleep in the Night Garden.

Upsy Daisy resembles a rag doll. She has a special bed that moves around the Night Garden, and she sometimes has to catch it when it runs away. Her favourite phrases are “Upsy Daisy” and “Daisy Doo!” When she’s excited or surprised, her hair stands on end. She sings through an orange megaphone, which annoys the other residents.

Makka Pakka is smaller than the other costumed characters. He has three round protuberances on his head. He lives in a cave and likes to clean things, including his collection of stones and even the other characters. He has a stone bed and cuddles a smooth stone. He uses his Og-Pog trolley to push his soap, sponge, and trumpet around the Night Garden.

There are three Tombliboos: Unn, Ooo, and Eee. These are tubby dolls dressed in spots and stripes. Their names reflect how a young child might speak One, Two, and Three. The Tombliboos always appear in this order by their names. They live in a large bush that includes chutes and stairs. They play drums and keyboards, although they’re not very good. They like to kiss and cuddle.

The Wottingers and Pontipines are two different families each with a mother, father, four boys, and four girls. They live in houses at the bottom of a tree. The Pontpines are in most of the episodes, but the Wottingers make rare appearances. They resemble peg dolls and don’t have feet. These are animated characters, while the others above are costumed actors.

Ninky Nonk is the Night Garden train with five carriages of different sizes and shapes. When the train starts and stops, the passengers jerk sharply against their seat belts. It can drive up or down trees and even upside down across branches. Pinky Ponk is the Night Garden airship, covered with slowly waving fin, and it has a large propeller at the back. The characters use it to travel through the forest. While travelling, they sip Pinky Ponk juice in their sippy cups.


If you’re looking for an In the Night Garden toy, you have plenty to choose from. A popular choice is the In the Night Garden train. Made by Playskool, this roll-along train set looks just like the one from the show. It comes with four connecting carriages in different sizes and shapes, plus the train’s engine.

You can also buy an In the Night Garden figure featuring any of the main characters. These plush toys are perfect for your child to cuddle while you’re reading a bedtime story, just like in the show. Some even talk for added enjoyment.

Other popular choices include an In the Night Garden game. Playskool makes the Musical Popping Pontpines game, where kids try to put the Pontpines to bed. Every time one is pushed down, another pops back up! There are also fun puzzles and books that are designed for the target audience’s age. An In the Night Garden mat makes a fun place for your child to play on the floor, and a light can be the perfect companion to a bedtime story.

As with any popular TV show, there are numerous other choices, including bubble bath, skates, and balls. An In the Night Garden Feltastic set lets children create their own scenes with all the characters from the hit show. This toy encourages creativity and role playing.

The In the Night Garden doodle, either in mega or mini, lets your child use stamps or drawing tools to doodle all over the board. When they want to start a new picture, they just wipe the screen with the included character eraser. The magnetic board features In the Night Garden characters.

CDs and DVDs

Help encourage your child’s love of music with an In the Night Garden CD. “In the Night Garden … A Musical Journey” features 25 songs from the TV show. The gentle, beautiful melodies that accompany the TV programme are included, which can provide an excellent lullaby. The CD can make it easy for you and your child to talk about the show’s characters and remember your favourite moments. Each character has its own theme tune. The CD would be great for background music while you read a story or for relaxing them on a long car journey.

There are also many popular DVDs, if your child just can’t get enough of the TV show. One popular choice is “Hello Everybody,” which is a 4 disc box set with several different stories. In one, Igglepiggle has lost his favourite blanket, and Upsy Daisy is helping him look for it. In the distance, they hear Makka Pakka’s trumpet. When they visit him, they find that Igglepiggle’s blanket is blocking Makka Pakka’s way to the garden. Special features of the DVD set include Goodnight Everyone, where you select the character’s icons to hear them say goodnight. There’s also a nap mode for each DVD. This feature lets you watch the selected episode, and when it finishes, instead of returning to the main menu, it shows Igglepiggle sleeping in his boat, accompanied by gentle music. This lets parents and caregivers gently lull the child into a nap, sharing a calm, peaceful episode.

Tips to Consider before buying - In The Night Garden Toys

  • Because the show is aimed at very young children, make sure the toy is age appropriate. Many of the toys are rated for ages 3 and up due to choking hazards, so don’t assume that all In the Night Garden toys are safe if your child is under 3.
  • Get familiar with the characters and find out if your child has a favourite. This will make the gift more enjoyable if you find their favourite instead of grabbing just any character.
  • If you’re buying dolls or figures, consider buying several different characters. This will help your child create story lines and encourages role playing.
  • Especially if your child is at the upper end of the target audience, consider how long they’ll actually enjoy these characters. You don’t want to overload a child with toys that they’ll outgrow in a few months. However, if you have a younger child just discovering In the Night Garden, you might have years of playing enjoyment.
  • If you buy used toys, check first whether there have been any product recalls.
  • Consider toys that will encourage a different aspect of your child. If you want to get your child outdoors, for example, you might buy a scooter. If you want to encourage creativity, consider a drawing set. Of course you can also encourage their favourite ways to play.
  • The board books have been very highly rated. These are a great way to introduce your child to a lifelong love of reading.

Jargon Explained


FeltasticA felt covered story board with felt characters. The board provides a background for the characters that your child can move around to tell a story. 

Buying Guide to In the Night Garden toys
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