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"K" buying guide

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Price Inspector loves to find you the cheapest prices in the UK, and he’s tracked down the most popular suspects for the letter K. Appropriately enough, K brings you everything you could need for the kitchen, from Kenwood to Kitchenaid, kettles to kettle descalers. But there’s so much more to K than just the kitchen, and Price Inspector has gathered together your favourite searches.

  • Let’s start in the kitchen. A kitchen unit can give you much-needed work space, great for preparing meals. If you are concerned about floor space, a kitchen trolley can be rolled to the side when not in use.
  • Now that you’ve cleared up some counter space, you have room for new small appliances. A Kenwood food processor or Kitchenaid Artisan Food Processor will speed up your prep time. If you are limited on space, a Kenwood Compact Food Processor such as the Kenwood Prospero is a smaller version that still packs a punch. For the serious chef, the Kenwood Chef Titanium is a large capacity, heavy-duty food processor. With the Kenwood Chef, you can buy all any attachments you may need, such as a juicer.
  • Anyone who loves baking needs a mixer. For small jobs or small kitchens, a kitchen hand mixer will do the job, but for bigger jobs, a Kenwood food mixer like the Kenwood Chef Food Mixer or Kenwood KM010 will give better performance. With you’re a kitchen flip down TV, you can even watch your favourite cooking programmes while you cook. Kilner jars really come in handy when canning vegetables, jams, and marmalades.
  • We also have you covered when it comes to beverages. For the coffee lover, a Krups coffee maker gives you coffee shop quality for espresso, cappuccino, americano, and more. Kenco Coffee is a good blend for a traditional coffee maker, with varieties including smooth, rich, or decaffeinated. For the tea drinker, a new kettle and toaster brings you everything you need for a quick breakfast. Keep your kettle (or coffee maker or iron) working like new with kettle descaler.
  • Looking to redecorate the kitchen? New kitchen chairs will make your eat-in kitchen look and feel new. Replace your worn-out kitchen plinth for a fresh, new look.
  • From kitchen to garden, Keter has products to organize your entire home. Their products include shoe boxes, recycling bins, cabinets, and even a Keter shed for your garden tools. With the extra storage room, you can get more tools to make your chores easier, such as a Karcher patio cleaner or high pressure washer. With a pressure washer, such as the Karcher K2, washing your sidewalks, and garden furniture is fast work.
  • With all the talk about identity theft, everyone is more concerned than ever about hackers and keeping their personal information safe. Kaspersky Internet Security software can give you peace of mind. Kaspersky identifies and neutralizes even the newest forms of malware, letting you bank, shop, and play online without fear.
  • Karastase makes products to keep any type of hair looking great. If your hair is dry, coloured, thin, frizzy, or weak, Kerastase Hair Products will help solve your bad hair days. One of our most popular is Kerastase Ciment Thermique, which reconstructs damaged hair and protects against more damage.
  • Kickers Boots will keep your child’s feet comfortable and stylish. Kickers are available in a wide range of styles and colours, perfect for any age or style. They’ll really get moving if you complete the look with a kids tracksuit. And they can capture all those special memories with a kids digital camera, which is easy for little hands to use and stand up to a lot of abuse.
  • Get in shape at home with a set of kettlebells. These are great for developing core strength, agility, and stamina.
  • Ladies, if you’re looking for new outdoor clothes, Karrimor has enough selection to outfit you from head to toe, everything from shoes to jackets to backpacks. They are best known for their rucsacks and footwear. For a casual outing, a Kipling Bag is roomy, stylish, and fun.
  • While you’re shopping, why not update your scent for spring? Kenzo Flowers is a powdery, floral aroma made with winter flowers. Kenzo Jungle is a lush, oriental scent with notes of cardamom and mandarin, full of warmth. Katie Price Stunning perfume is a clean, fruity scent, mixing fruit, flowers, and musky aromas. Kate Moss perfumes are sure to fit any fragrance personality. Kate is high fashion, with orange blossoms and spicy pink pepper. Summer Time is an energetic scent, mixing bitter orange and blackberry. Velvet Hour is passionate and sensual, with patchouli, sandalwood amber, and nutmeg.
  • For the men, we have Kooga rugby shirts. These shirts let you support all your favourite teams, including Australia, Fiji, British Army, Ospreys, Wigan Warriors, and more.
  • A home karaoke machine will be a hit at any party, letting everyone sing along with their favourite tunes. Good features to look for include dual microphone inputs, built-in amplifiers and speakers, and echo control. Most can play CDs or CDGs, and you can also buy a children’s version with kid-friendly colours and songs.
  • Update your bedroom with a kingsize leather bed. The leather headboard brings a look of sophistication to any décor. They are also available in ottoman styles or with storage drawers underneath, and the most common colours are black, brown, and white.
  • Finally, if you want to keep your bike safe wherever you park it, get a Kryptonite lock. Available in both crossbar and cable lock styles, they are lightweight enough to stow in your bag while riding, then keep your bike secure when you’re ready to park.
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