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Lego City toys buying guide

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Introduction to Lego City

Lego City is part of the Lego line of toys. Lego City toys were redesigned in 2009, and now focus on emergency services such as police, fire, Coast Guard, and medical. It’s always busy in Lego City, with the fire department on the move, the ambulance making a rescue, and the police looking for thieves.

Lego is a popular set of construction toys made by the Lego Group, based in Denmark. It features colourful interlocking blocks, accompanied by a variety of gears, miniature figures, and other related parts. These bricks can be connected and assembled in many different ways, making buildings, vehicles, and even a working robot. All construction projects can be disassembled and the pieces reused to make another project. Lego was developed in the 1940s, and they have international appeal. Lego fans create movies and hold competitions, and there are even four Lego amusement parks.

There’s no shortage of Lego City sets to choose from. Your child can build an entire city with everything needed to run the town. Lego City isn’t just for kids—even adults enjoy building with Lego. It’s a toy the whole family can enjoy together. There’s even a Lego City Advent calendar to help you count down the days of Advent.

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Emergency Themed Sets

No town would be complete without its emergency workers, and Lego City has this covered.

  • Lego City fire department sets include the fire station, fire trucks, and fire fighters. Different vehicles to choose from include an off-road fire truck, fire captain’s car, fire boat, hovercraft, and helicopter. You can have the best-equipped fire department in the world with the help of Lego City. The 500-piece fire station includes a fire truck with an arm that extends, and the fire station door can open and close. 
  •  Lego City hospital sets offer a variety of choices, such as doctor and patient, paramedic and stretcher, ambulance, a full hospital, and a doctor’s car. Hospital sets are a great way for children to learn about caring for others. If you buy a full hospital set, your child can build the doctor’s office and furnished hospital rooms. It comes with health workers, ambulances, and medical equipment. Because the walls are movable, children can rebuild the hospital however they like.
  • The Lego City Coast Guard will help keep the shores safe. There’s a patrol boat and tower, helicopter, life raft, off road vehicle, and jet scooter. A crane will lower the boat into the water and lower the anchor. The tower has equipment storage, a control station, and first aid. The patrol boat can really float. Rescue a swimmer from the shark that comes with the set.
  • Back on land, the Lego City police station sets will keep the town safe. There’s a Lego City prisoner transport, police command centre, headquarters, helicopter, police car, radar gun, motorcycle, pontoon plane, undercover van, boat, and police officers.

Construction and Transport

To keep your city working, you need transportation, and there are always construction projects needed in a real town.

  • With the 700 piece Lego City airport, build the control tower, baggage claim, security check, viewing platform, luggage transport truck, and aeroplane. There’s a revolving door, and the baggage claim carousel really spins. The set comes with five airport personnel figures.
  • For those road construction projects, consider a Lego City digger. There’s a full-size digger or a mini digger, depending on your construction needs. The set includes a driver, jackhammer, and other accessories to clear those blocks for your next construction.
  • In the Lego City corner set, you’ll find a bus stop, skater shop, and pizzeria. It also includes the bus to get your townspeople around town. It comes with five Lego figures, making it a great addition to the Lego City collection.
  • The Lego City lorry has more than 300 pieces. The completed truck includes a dump truck bed, cab, and a second container to haul large loads. Both of the truck beds can lift and stay in position. There is a side compartment to store the tire stops. The truck measures 50cm long when the extra container is attached, and it comes with a driver figure.
  • Send your Lego figures on holiday with the Lego City camper. This set comes with a bike, grill, and surfboard for that perfect holiday adventure.
  • Keep all those vehicles working right with the Lego City service station and garage. It includes a filling station, car wash, snack shop, three figures, a motorcycle, and a car.
  • Your construction site also needs a dump truck. Fill it up with bricks and haul them away. This set features large tyres, a cabin, and tip back box.
  • Keep Lego City clean with the garbage truck. The set comes with a worker, recycle can, cart, and other accessories.
  • Every city needs roads, and with Lego City, you can buy several different configurations of intersections, straights, and curves. This helps you build your town’s roads any way you like!

Farms and Buildings

With a Lego City farm, your child can imagine he is growing the food to keep the town running. There are several different components to choose from. The deluxe set includes a 4WD Lego City horse trailer, combine harvester, tractor, and the farm. Each of these items is also sold separately, if you don’t want the entire set.

  • The combine harvester includes a rotating threshing drum, a cabin for the farm worker, and yellow bricks to represent hay bails.
  • The horse trailer set includes a 4WD vehicle, 2 figures, a horse, and a fence. Load the horse in the trailer, hitch it to the vehicle, and drive out for a countryside horseback ride. With the trailer attached the set measures 7cm high and 24cm long.
  • The tractor sets lets you build a tractor to prepare the fields for planting. It has large wheels, a clear window in the cabin, and one figure.
  • Of course you need a farm if you’re going to grow crops. The farm set includes a tractor and trailer, cows, silo, and hay bales. It also comes with 3 figures, a dog, cat, cows, and farming tools.
  • You also need a Lego City house, and there are several to choose from.
  • The family home set is a Mediterranean-style villa. It has fantastic details like shutters, an awning, bird bath, terrace, and picnic bench. You can also rebuild the house to create a charming little bungalow.
  • The Lego Creator house comes with instructions to build 3 different house styles, and it has everything you need to create your own designs. You can add a driveway, garage, and fence.
  • The Beach House set offers sunlit windows, a barbecue, and beach umbrella. There are also instructions to rebuild the house into a cosy cottage.


Things to consider before buying Lego City

  • Consider your child’s age and building abilities. While all Lego is rated for children over 3 due to choking hazards, many of the building sets are 5+ due to the building complexity. Younger children might be frustrated by the complex instructions.
  • Try to develop a storage system right away. Those small parts get lost easily, which can certainly ruin the project if you don’t have the necessary pieces.
  • Make sure you keep the building instructions. Some of the sets are very difficult to assemble if you don’t have instructions. Of course, your child can always make their own design.
  • Some of the Lego sets have pieces that just won’t stay attached when your child plays with it. If this becomes a frustration, you can always glue together two or three crucial elements. This will help the set stay together better, while still letting your child assemble the rest of the pieces
  • Consider adding trees, flowers, bushes, or benches to create a more realistic feel to the town. A few sets include these accessories, but they are also sold separately.
  • If you’re buying a used Lego City set, ask if all the parts are included or if any have been lost. Also make sure the instructions are included. If you are a non-smoker, ask if they smoke. Smoke clings to the plastic bricks.
  • If you have a lost or broken piece, contact Lego Service in Europe, and they will usually be able to replace the part, sometimes at no charge. You will need to have the instructions available to identify the part

Buying Guide to Lego City toys
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