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Lego Duplo toys buying guide

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Introduction to Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo is part of the popular Lego line of toys. They are much larger than traditional Lego bricks. Lego Duplo blocks are twice the length, width, and height, making them easier for younger children to use. Even though they’re larger, however, they are compatible with regular Lego. Duplo makes sets that include cars, houses, and figures.

Duplo products have changed over the years, and even the Duplo name has been dropped twice. The most popular Lego Duplo sets are the zoo, farm, fire and police stations, aeroplane, and train sets.

Duplo bricks first appeared in 1969. They came in four colours: blue, red, yellow, and white. They were designed for younger children, as they are both easier to handle and do not present the same choking hazard as traditional Lego bricks. They are targeted for ages 1 to 5. You can buy a Lego Duplo bucket or barrel that just has the colourful blocks, or you can buy themed sets. There are both basic and deluxe sets, providing different numbers of blocks and accessories.

If you’re buying Duplo bricks, there are a few choices to make along the way. Price Inspector is here to help, answering all your questions before you start shopping. Once you know what you want, we bring you the cheapest prices from all the UK shops.

Buildings and Vehicles

  •  The Lego Duplo garage lets your child run a pretend garage. A car breaks down, and he can use the tow truck to haul it to the Lego Ville garage. There’s a child-safe screwdriver and wrench that the child can use to remove and fix the engine and wheels. The set includes a tow truck, car, screwdriver, wrench, and one figure. Build the garage with the included bricks.
  • The Lego Duplo castle lets your child explore those princess and knight themes they love. With the Knight’s Castle set, your child will build the castle and then play out their adventures. There are good knights that defend the castle against the dragon knights. The 167 piece set comes with two dragon knights, two good knights, a horse, and a catapult.
  • The Lego Duplo train comes in several different versions. There is a starter set, deluxe set, push train, and My First Train. The deluxe set features a motorized train with two cars. It comes with 30 tracks, a conveyor belt and crane to load the train, 3 figures, and 116 pieces. This toy is not for children under 3 because there is a marble that can present a choking hazard.
  • The Lego Duplo fire station also comes in a few different versions, such as the Legoville Fire Station, a regular fire station, and the Light and Sound fire station. With the Light and Sound version, you’ll get a fire truck that features lights and sounds. There are two garages, a helicopter, slide, fire flames, and fire extinguisher. It comes with 72 pieces, 3 firemen, and a dog.
  • The Lego Duplo airport lets your child create all kinds of airport adventures. The set comes with a large passenger plane, airport tower and terminal, and a luggage cart with wagon. It comes with 4 figures, including the pilot, worker, mother, and child. Open the plane doors or remove the top to play inside.
  • Let your child build a Lego Duplo house. There’s a playhouse, Explore House, and town set. The Explore House is for ages 3 and up, and it lets your child build the whole house, including bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. It comes with a car, family, and cat. With the town set, your child can build the whole town anyway he likes. It comes with building ideas, but your child can dream up an entirely new way to configure things.

The  Characters

Lego Duplo is avialable in a few character themes that are very popular with children this age. Two of the most popular are the Lego Duplo Thomas the Tank and Bob the Builder sets.

  •  Thomas and Friends sets combine several of your child’s favourite things: Thomas the Tank Engine, trains, and Duplo. There are many different sets available; including the Starter Set, Thomas at Morgan’s Mine, and James Celebrates Sodor Day.
  • With the Starter Set, you’ll get 82 pieces to build the whole town. Fully assembled, the track measures 72cm by 58cm. With his carts attached, Thomas is 28cm long. The set comes with Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, a water tower, tracks, and train station. Turn the windmill’s handle to make it spin. Change the signal from red to green; dump coal into the train’s carts.
  • Thomas at Morgan’s Mine is for children ages three and up. With this set, Thomas has discovered an abandoned mine, leading to new adventures. Its moulded tunnel is compatible with all the Duplo train sets, and it comes with Thomas.
  • James Celebrates Sodor Day brings a favourite episode to life. It is for ages 3 and up due to a choking hazard. The set comes with James the Red Engine, Sir Topham Hatt, 34 bricks to build Waterton, and a celebration platform.
  • The Lego Duplo Bob the Builder sets are also a popular choice, as Bob is a much-loved character. Let your child help Bob and Muck with all their construction adventures. Fun choices include Scoop at Bobland Bay, Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard, and Muck Can Do It. Let Bob’s helpful, positive attitude be an inspiration for your child.

Lego Destinations

  • Lego Duplo Legoville lets your child build the whole town. There are many different sets available to complete the town, such as the fire station, garbage truck, bus, and post man.
  • With the Lego Duplo Circus, your child brings the fun and imagination of the circus to their building play. This set is for children over 3 due to a choking hazard. It is considered a rare set that can be hard to find. It comes with 61 pieces, including 3 figures (ringmaster, clown and tightrope walker), and a horse, a monkey, a lion, and an elephant.
  • The Lego Duplo zoo lets your child build and run the zoo. There are several different versions, including a baby zoo, Feeding Zoo, Big City Zoo, and the Friendly Zoo. The Feeding Zoo is a 53 piece set that comes with a girl, boy, and zookeeper. The Lego Duplo animals include a giraffe, elephant, crocodile, and lion.
  • The Lego Duplo farm brings an imaginary farm to life. There are several sets and supporting items that you can buy to complete the farm. The Big Farm set features everything you need for farming fun, including a barn, farmer and farmer’s wife, and a child. Of course there are lots of barn animals and a tractor. You can also buy a Horse Stables set to add onto the farm. Build the stables with this 36 piece set. It includes two figures, horses, cat, cart, and carrot. Available supporting sets include a farm tractor and additional animals.

Things to consider before buying Lego Duplo

  • If you are buying Duplo sets, make sure you have some type of storage system. The buckets are a great place to store those, but you’ll need some way to store the pieces of the other theme sets.
  • Read the recommended ages carefully. While most Duplo is designed to be safe for the youngest children, a few such as the deluxe train set are for children over 3. Don’t just assume that all Duplo is made for toddlers.
  • Consider what theme your child will most enjoy. A Bob the Builder fan might love that set, while another child would prefer the zoo.
  • Don’t forget to buy building plates. These flat bases make it easier to build the creations, giving a solid foundation.
  • Consider buying a Lego Duplo table. This table moves the construction off the floor and up to a child’s seated height. The top features a Lego-compatible building surface, making it even easier to build those creations. Some models have a net in the middle or a drawer underneath for storing the bricks.
  • Make sure to buy enough bricks that your child’s imagination won’t be limited. The more bricks they have and the bigger the building plates, the larger creations she can make.
  • You can buy additional figures and vehicles to expand their play even more. The World People Set comes with 16 multicultural figures, which is a great way to explore differences and teach your child about different communities.
  • Take advantage of the educational nature of these toys. The colours can be used to teach your child colour identification, and building with these blocks will help develop their fine motor skills. 

Buying Guide to Lego Duplo toys
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