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Littlest Petshop buying guide

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Littlest Petshop Guide - An Introduction

What are Littlest Pet Shop Toys?

It was love at first sight for children and parents alike when Kenner introduced the first Littlest Pet Shop toy in 1992. That was just the beginning of a long and extraordinarily successful series, of Littlest Pet Shop toys that continue to enchant an ever-growing fan club.

There is something special about every Littlest Pet Shop pet. The original plastic pets were capable of performing magical tricks through a magnet contained in the action figure pet as well as its accessory. For example, the first Littlest Pet Shop dog, contained an attracting magnet in the dog bone accessory, which when held in the child’s hand would appear to draw the pet magically towards the child.

The Littlest Pet Shop pets, have multiplied in their number with each successive toy season. Currently there are well over 600 action figure pets that have been released by Hasbro since 1992. Likewise, the lovable bobble head pets have succeeded in expanding the Littlest Pet Shop fan club, also known as an LPS fan club.

Today, Littlest Pet Shop products have expanded to include videos, electronic games, board games, apparel, and kid’s décor, books and movies, collectibles, a popular television series, and more.

Moreover, not only have Littlest Pet Shop products remained an adored and eye-widening wonder toy for children, the pets themselves have become a favourite collectible for many adults around the world.

Types of Littlest Pet Shop Products

Littlest Pet Shop products come in a variety of types. Here is a handy breakdown of those types.

Action Figures & Collectibles

The action figures and collectibles category include a variety of sub-types. Each of the sub-types are packaged singly and some are additionally packaged as pairs or sets. The following is listing of action figure and collectible types and their various packaging options.

Littlest Pet Shop Get the Pets Singles

These singles are a great way to add to a child’s collection throughout the year. These pets are the most common, plastic, bobble-headed, small size LPS pet. They are typically around (H) 16.5, (W) 10.1, (D) 4.7cm but vary according to animal body type. Each of these toys comes with a special accessory for imaginative play.

For example, Littlest Pet Shop Get the Pets Hungriest Snail belongs to the Hungriest Collection while the Sassiest Persian Cat belongs to the Sassiest Collection. For a more complete listing of collection names and descriptions, see the Jargon Buster section of this guide.

Littlest Pet Shop Get the Pets Singles is a great way to add to a child’s collection throughout the year. Get the Pets Singles are typically inexpensive, costing between £1.99 and £2.50.

Littlest Pet Shop VIP

The Littlest Pet Shop VIP pets are packaged singly. They are a plush and cuddly pet version that is slightly larger than plastic pets. Their size is about 20.3 cm. They are perfect for children ages 6 years and up because each pet comes with its own special code, which allows the child to gain online access to online pets, games, and activities. However, even though younger children may not be able to enjoy the online activities that are available with the purchase of VIP pets, they absolutely adore cuddling with VIP pets.

The huggable VIP pets collection includes the Littlest Pet Shop bird, penguin, duck, mouse, hamster, boxer, dachshund, dog, cat, kitty, butterfly, ladybug, spider, horse, pig, panda, monkey, bunny, turtle, and iguana.


The smaller sized plastic action figures are packaged in pairs as well as singly. The pairs are typically packaged according to collection or series name just like the Littlest Pet Shop Get the Pet singles where the descriptive part of their name identifies their collection or series. For example, the pair called Littlest Pet Shop Hungriest Dogs with Pizza, #803 and #804 would be part of the Hungriest Collection or series. The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pairs - Messiest 815 Siamese & 816 Kitten would belong to the Messiest Collection, and the Littlest Pet Shop Spring Pets Rabbit and Dragonfly, #864 and #865 would belong to the Spring Pets Collection.

Special Edition Singles

There are also a number of special and/or limited edition singles available such as the Littlest Pet Shop Special Edition Camel with Accessories, #997 and the Littlest Pet Shop Special Edition Ballerina Hippo, #986. These typically cost a little more than the Get the Pet singles but each comes with extra accessories.

 Play sets

There are many styles of play sets as well as economical mega packages of action figures.

  • Teeniest Tiniest Pets are terrific travellers as they come with a tiny case that can be worn or clipped unto to backpack with a key ring and taken anywhere. Although they are sold singly as well, they are included in this play sets category because they are also packaged in a set such as Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest Monkey Playground.
  • Mega Play Sets are an economical way to start a child’s Littlest Pet Shop collection, as they are generally more economical than buying the pets singly. For example, Littlest Pet Shop Mega 20 Pets Pack retails for around £29.99 and comes with 20 different pets as well as accessories. If they were purchased individually, the pets would cost between £2.00 to £2.50 each, times 20 pets would cost between £40.00 and £50.00. The savings are apparent.
  • Play Sets based on a theme such as the Littlest Pet Shop Play Set Tail Waggin Fitness Centre comes with a playhouse designed as a fitness centre or gym and includes two floor levels for play. The Littlest Pet Shop fitness, also known as the Littlest Pet Shop clubhouse, includes accessories like a running wheel, hurdles, and other types of exercise equipment. Two pets are included.

Below are some of the most popular theme play sets.

  •  Littlest Pet Shop Playful Paw Day Care Play Set
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Theme Play Set Fashion Show
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Theme Play Set Salon
  • Littlest Pet Shop Theme Play Pack Snow Fun
  •  Other play set accessories such as the Littlest Pet Shop House or display case sold separately are also available in a large number of styles and settings.


What popular toy line would be complete without fun apparel for children to wear? Littlest Pet Shop apparel includes the usual such as t-shirts, pyjamas, and backpacks as well as some interesting wearable pets known as the Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest Pets that can be clipped on clothes or backpack. Teeniest Tiniest Pets are terrific travellers that come with a tiny case that can be worn or clipped unto to backpack with a key ring and taken anywhere the child goes. They typically cost between £9.99 and £19.99. Here are two popular Teeniest Tiniest Pets:

  • Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest Take Along Boat & Seashell includes a tiny pet crab, miniature accessories, and carrying case.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest On The Go Japanese Garden comes with three mini pets all contained in a pop open tiny play set.
    All the pets and accessories fit nicely into the Littlest Pet Shop garden key chain case for play anywhere, anytime.

Arts & Crafts

There are a few arts and crafts LPS products available such as the paintable Littlest Pet Shop Plaster Pets but by far the most popular Littlest Pet Shop craft is the customizable Littlest Pet Shop Deco Pets Collection. All the pets in this section come with plenty of stickers, glitter, pet colouring supplies and much more. This allows the child to create a one of a kind pet. Littlest Pet Shop Deco Pets come in a variety of ready to decorate pet shapes such as bear, rabbit, dog, monkey, cat, and penguin. They generally cost around £9.99.


There a number of Littlest Pet Shop books, those include storybooks, activity and puzzle books, as well as Littlest Pet Shop Colouring books. A particularly excellent buy is the . Littlest Pet Shop Little Library - Hardcover by Ladybird. It sells for £3.19 and includes a set of six books.

Digital Toys

Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pet is a virtual pet that appears on a tiny computer screen, comes in different colour schemes and with various pets. All the pets require regular care such as feeding, grooming, walking, and play and come with accessories for performing these functions. Children are rewarded with virtual stickers and stamps for taking proper care of their pet.

Children love these and can take them anywhere. They are especially good for occupying a child on a car ride. Littlest Pet Shop electronic digital games offer the following pet options, a doggie, monkey, iguana, panda, crab, ladybird, pet bird, kitty, or hamster. Digital pets cost around £4.99.


Littlest Pet Shop has a wonderful array of games and puzzles that include Littlest Pet Shop Top Trumps as well as other card and board games. The top favourite Littlest Pet Shop game is Hasbro’s edition of Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly.

Room Décor

Children love to have reminders of their favourite toys around them in a variety of ways from clothing to bedroom décor. Items such as Littlest Pet Shop sheets as well as a duvet cover and pillowcase are always a big hit.

Outdoor Play

Littlest Pet Shop products also include several outdoor play items such as a Littlest Pet Shop Flying Disc, ball, or scooter.

Video Games and Accessories

There are a number of Littlest Pet Shop DS Nintendo games, as well as DVD computer games and Wii games. Games typically run between £29.99 and £39.99.

Accessories are available for these games such as the Littlest Pet Shop Starter Kit with pet option of a polar bear, monkey, or bunny. Each starter kit comes with a stylus and generally cost between £13.99 and £19.99. Here are some of the most popular video games:

  •  Littlest Pet Shop Friends Country DS Bundle
  • Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Winter DS
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Jungle DS
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Garden Nintendo DS
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Spring Nintendo DS
  •  Littlest Pet Shop Friends City Nintendo DS


Popular  Brands

Hasbro is one of the largest toy companies in the world, second only to Mattel, largely because Mattel holds the Barbie doll license. Hasbro has been in existence since 1923 when two brothers named Henry and Helal Hassenfeld launched a textile company. Hasbro was named for the Hassenfeld brothers.

Over the years, Hasbro has acquired a number of subsidiaries including Kenner, who first launched the Littlest Pet Shop Pets in 1992. Currently headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States, some of Hasbro’s other well known subsidiaries include Milton Brothers, Parker Brothers, and Playskool.

Some of their most well known toys and games include Transformers, My Little Pony, Lite Brite, Mr. Potato Head, Yahtzee, and Monopoly, including the Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly version.

Hasbro is also the largest producer of board games worldwide. Some of their other well-recognized board games include Clue, Pictionary, Risk, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit.

Tips to consider before you buy Littlest Petshop Toys

Littlest Pet Shop products are so popular that it is unlikely you will go wrong buying a Littlest Pet Shop gift for a child. The first would be to select a LPS toy that is not age appropriate and the second is to select a product that is not gender appropriate. The bullet point list below is aimed at assisting you in avoiding both types of errors.

  • Age Appropriateness - Every original Littlest Pet Shop product package contains the suggested age guideline for the item it contains. It is there for both the safety of the child as well as the ability of the child to enjoy the toy.
  •  Children will sometimes request a product that is intended for children above their current age and skill mastery level.
  • Children will sometimes request a product that is intended for children above their current age and skill mastery level.
  • It is risky to purchase any product that contains tiny parts for children less than 3 years of age and in many cases 4 years of age. Many of the Littlest Pet Shop toys contain tiny parts that can cause choking but there some that do contain tiny parts and are appropriate for 3 year olds. There are also movies, Nintendo games, and Wii games that are appropriate for younger and older children as well as larger plush, Littlest Pet Shop pets.
  • It is also important to purchase an age appropriate gift for an older child. A LPS toy geared for 3 to 5 year olds will not likely be one that will interest an 11 year old.
  • When unsure ask the parent of the child for guidance or trust the age appropriate label on the package as the final word.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Gift Guide for Boys
    In the main, Littlest Pet Shop, toys were designed and packaged to appeal to girls. However, many young boys have taken to Littlest Pet Shop toys over the years. Boys tend to dislike the flowery or pink coloured LPS toys. The following list of Littlest Pet Shop products includes some of the favourites for boys:

    • Littlest Pet Shop My Collector Journal #2 with Penguin Pet
    •  Littlest Pet Shop 6-Pet Value Pack
    • Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly-Special Edition by Hasbro
    •  Littlest Pet Shop Blendy Pens Poster Book – a favourite Littlest Pet Shop colouring book.
    • Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop Monkey Playground
    •  Littlest Pet Shop 100 Piece Puzzle with Abby Cat Figure
    • Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish Card Game
    •  Littlest Pet Shop Friends Game for Wii
    • Littlest Pet Shop Winter For Nintendo DS
    • Littlest Pet Shop Spring For Nintendo DS
    • Littlest Pet Shop Garden For Nintendo DS
    • Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop Desert Terrarium
    • Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pets Sugar Glider And Spider
    • Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pets Turtle
    • Littlest Pet Shop Get The Pets Sportiest Collie Dog
    • Littlest Pet Shop Get The Pets Funniest Turtle
    • Littlest Pet Shop Teeniest Tiniest On The Go Lizard Fish & Panda
    • Littlest Pet Shop Deco Pets Monkey
    • Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pet Monkey
    •  Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pet Iguana
    • Littlest Pet Shop Hungriest Dogs with Pizza #803 and #804
    • Littlest Pet Shop Flying Disc
    •  Littlest Pet Shop LPSO Pets Plush Brown Dog


  • NOTE: Whether purchasing a toy for a girl or boy, remember to check the age level that
    is printed on every package.

Jargon Explained

Most people find that the most difficult element of collecting Littlest Pet Shop Pets is figuring out which pet belongs to which collection or series. Most of these collections or series are still being added to with each successive toy season. Another element that can make adding to a specific collection challenging is that many different collections will have the same pet such as a white cow, butterfly, or white horse. However, each collection’s white horse is different from those in other collections.

Most packages are labelled using the descriptive word in the name to identify its collection membership such as messiest, chilliest etc. However, some pet packaging does not address their associated collection. For this reason, this section will list all the collections in alphabetical order and will list the pet name for the most popular collections.

Collection Names and Identifying Characteristics

Aquarium FriendsThis is a collection of sea loving creatures. It includes a hermit crab, turtles, a seahorse, frog, and two iguanas.
ChilliestThis is a collection of pets with flowers painted on the bodies and flower shaped eye pupils. They include a butterfly, polar bear, yellow pig, white cow, and gray lamb.
CuddliestThe Cuddliest Collection includes both a boy and girl sheepdog, a gray cat with fuzzy patches, a Dalmatian, a white Great Dane, a white cow with a cow bell, a white horse, a grey and a brown hamster, and a gray and white lamb to name a few.
Dog Days PetsThis collection features a variety of different dog breeds including, a German Sheppard, a Beagle, a Dalmatian, and a Poodle among others.
FanciestThese animals have a more primped appearance with diamond shaped eye pupils and luxurious eyelashes. This collection includes a pink cat, pink dragonfly, and others.
GrooviestThis group of pets pays tribute to the 60s era with their hippie style. Members of this collection include a Sheepdog, an owl, and a Billy goat.
LittlestThese pets all bear an identification mark, which are three tiny circles in the eye pupil that are in the shape of a triangle. Members of this collection include a frog, purple butterfly, pink bunny, monkey, and others.
Playground PalsPlayground Pals include a squirrel, bird, kitten, beagle, and a yellow chick as well as a police dog.
Punkiest Just as the Grooviest collection pays tribute to the 60s, the Punkiest Collection pays tribute to the 80s with their punk rock style. Pets include a bat, iguana, and a caterpillar.
Vintage Littlest Pet Shop Vintage in this case refers to any collection that was introduced between 1992 and 1996.
Some of the collections included in vintage are the Zoo Pets, Sparkling Ponies, and Splashtime Pets.
VIP Littlest Pet ShopEach VIP pet is plush and cuddly and comes with an access code that gains the pet owner online access to a special website with virtual Littlest Pet Shop pets, interactive games and other activities. Pets included in this collection are bird, penguin, duck, mouse, hamster, boxer, dachshund, dog, cat, kitty, butterfly, ladybug, spider, horse, pig, panda, monkey, bunny, turtle, and iguana.

Buying Guide to Littlest Petshop
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