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My little Pony toys buying guide

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Introduction to My Little Pony

My Little pony dolls and accessories are magical rainbow coloured miniature ponies all girls love to play with. Their manes and tails can be brushed and braided into hundreds of different styles for hours of play.

Each of the ponies has its own story and character which the owners add to for playing alone or as part of a group of pony owners. The most popular ponies include  my little pony unicorn an interactive toy, which helps teach proper care of pets, my little pony sunny daze, a very upbeat and optimistic pony and my little pony cheerilee.

The small size of these toys and their very portable nature, since they slip easily into pockets and school bags, makes them the perfect travelling toys. Since prices for ponies and accessories are within the range of the average U.K. pocket money or allowance, a collection will begin to grow in no time at all.

Many girls who enjoyed their ponies grow up to be serious collectors. They comb toy stores and markets for that special item, be it a my little pony scootaloo or the my little pony toola roola which completes their set.

For a beginner, the number of different ponies and their friends can be confusing. This guide sets out to clarify the generations and explain all the terms used and suggests some of the best deals we have found.

The My Little Pony Community

Whole communities have sprung up around the brand. It beloved by so many its sales actually overtook those of Mattel’s Barbie dolls, at one point.

An annual convention, known as the SDCC is held in San Diego to celebrate all aspects of My Little Pony toys and is the ultimate goal of many enthusiasts, because limited edition ponies are produced for each one and available only for attendees.

Books that give detailed information about all aspects and generations of My Little Pony toys include the “My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory” and “My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory”, both by Summer Hayes. Another volume on the ponies up to the present day is being considered.

Older ponies may still have “Pony Points” coupons on their boxes, a scheme which offered special items and discounts for the points that ended in the early eighties. These coupons should not be discarded, as they, like every other aspect of the brand, have become a collector’s item.

A special undecorated white pony is available for customising, a very popular art amongst the communities. Photographs of special ponies and rare finds are proudly displayed along with the stories of their creation. Fans help ach other to find details of new ponies and exchange, sell and trade their ponies to complete collections, usually classed by generations.

Tips to consider before buying My lIttle Pony

  • The soft body ponies such as my little pony star song are more comforting and suitable for younger children to sleep with, if they insist on taking them to bed, as ours do
  • To make sure any my little pony toy is ready to play with right away, remember to buy any batteries required. A quick check with the model description will tell you which are needed.
  • Older My Little Pony dolls have become sought after collector items, so be sure to check online guides if you come across one you think may be a rarity.
  • For a special birthday party, try hosting a my little pony party complete with themed cards and party prizes for games, such as my little pony colouring books.
  • To choose a pony for a present, try a little research to see how their individual characters match up, or pick one to encourage certain qualities, such as a love of reading, gentleness and good grooming.
  • Care guides with instructions for repair and links to online sites which replace and restore favourite ponies can be found at online forums.
  • Genuine My Little Pony dolls all have the maker’s name, “"Hasbro" on the pony's hoof.
  • A very comprehensive and well maintained forum for all kinds of information an be found at
  • Some third generation ponies have magnets in their hooves, which are now discontinued, but should be checked for when children play near computers, because of possible damages.

Types of Ponies and Accessories

These toys have become collector’s items over the last few decades. Clubs and websites, including that of their manufacturer, Hasbro, have sprung up and they appear in movies, cartoons and are the most popular party theme with young girls, since their debut in 1983.

The My Little Pony dolls were issued in three generations, with each one reflecting the changing tastes of the children they delighted. The first ones were the Earth Ponies, but they did not resemble those sold today, until the Rainbow Ponies emerged, a short while later. These new dolls were a much more ethereal blend of a magical pony with stronger colouring and longer manes and tails.

Mermaid Ponies, winged Pegasus Ponies and smaller Flutter Ponies soon followed and My Little Pony even included a range of male ponies featuring feathered hooves like Clydesdale horses.

Other products with the famous My Little Pony brand include clothing, bedding, home décor items such as lamps and party supplies, games, fantasy locations such as the my little pony palace and the my little pony play-set and a play yard which could be bought with coupon points only. (See our Jargon Buster for details)

Best Buys

The My Little Pony So Soft Starsong plush doll is a wonderful and inexpensive companion for children aged 3 and over, who like the larger size and soft construction. Starsong has solved many bedtime problems with the soft night light which glows from her tummy. Unlike her owner, she tells you when she is tired and closes her eyes. Her soothing voice sings lullabies at night, powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Starsong comes with her own set of a pacifier; wipe box, bowl and spoon, and a sippy cup and stands 32 inches tall.

The my little pony dvd computer game has great graphics to entertain children who can spend a whole day playing it to get ready for the My Little Pony Best Friends Ball This is also a useful way to prepare for a my little pony game themed party. Players may choose from four ponies, Sparklew, Sky Wishes, Sunny Daze or Pinkie Pie. They can dress, make up and accessorize ponies while searching for special hidden items to add to the fun. Included with the game are recipes to bake, party invitations and colouring pages for printing.

Accessories which include the my little pony cake make party planning very easy and cheap, since most items are only a few pounds each. From the planning stages using references from a my little pony book to sending out the my little pony invitations and serving the cake on a my little pony rainbow dish the range of balloons, disposable cups and plates, serviettes and much more ties all the elements together in a very satisfying manner.

Jargon Explained

G1 Ponies The first generation of My Little Pony toys were made between 1981and 1992
G2 Ponies These are second generation ponies made from 1997 to 2003.
G3 Ponies: Date from 2003 to 2006, with new models still being made, today.
The Pony HouseThe official dwelling of the ponies when not at the castle, featured in the my little pony houseset.
MLPAn abbreviation of My Little Pony, used by fans and collectors.
Ponyville:The fictitious home town of the ponies, featured in the my little pony ponyville set.
Symbols: Identifying marks for each model that is placed on each one’s flank.
Cute marks:Current name for the “Symbols.”
G3 Magnet Ponies:These models possess a hoof with an embedded magnet which connects with play set items.
Celebration Castle:The pony’s castle and meeting place, featured in books, films and games and the my little pony castle set.
Earth PoniesAn early forerunner of the real ponies.
Pony Friends A complementary range of smaller animals
Pony Babies A collection of foals.
PegasiWinged ponies, from the first generation.
Unicorns:The most sought after early ponies.
Flutter Ponies Ponies with small animated wings.
Mermaid Ponies An early variety of ponies.
Rainbow Ponies: The first real ponies, featuring multi-coloured manes and tails.
So-Soft Ponies Flock covered ponies.
Twinkle-Eyed Ponies Ponies with jewels as eyes.
Twice As Fancy Ponies Ponies featuring Symbols or Cute Marks all over their bodies.
Brush n' Grow PoniesSpecial models whose tails grow when brushed and pulled gently.
Pony NamesThis is a vast subject, with many websites dedicated to the proper identification of older and rare ponies. 

Buying Guide to My little Pony toys
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