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Nike Football Boots buying guide

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Nike Football Boots Guide - An Introduction

Although the Nike shoe company was originally formed as Blue Ribbon Sports, a running shoe company worn by such early running legends as Steve Prefontaine, their first shoe to carry the Nike name was actually the Nike football boot. Nike is the mythological Greek goddess of victory, and Blue Ribbon Sports used this name for their line of football shoes.

Football boots date back to at least the time of King Henry VIII, as there is a record of him ordering a pair in 1526 from his Great Wardrobe. However, it wasn’t until 1891 when projections from the soles were permitted in football boots. The revision allowed either studs or bars, as long as they were leather and no longer than a half inch.

Originally, football boots were heavy boots to provide ankle protection. This remained the style in northern Europe, as the boots were used frequently in muddy and winter conditions. Today, most of the world favours a lighter boot that more resembles a studded shoe than a boot. While performance is the primary focus, style is a close second, with football boots available in vibrant colours such as yellow and orange.

Whatever your style of play, whether you’re buying for an adult or child, indoor or outdoor play, Price Inspector will help you find the right Nike football boots. Our buying guide details some popular models, gives you tips on buying the best boots, and explains key terms. We also shop the UK stores to make sure you always get the cheapest prices.

Outdoor Boots

Outdoor games can be played on turf, natural grass, or even muddy or snowy conditions. Your typical playing conditions will help determine the right shoe for your needs. You'll need to consider both the type of cleat and the material of the upper, as leather won't stand up to frequent wet play. Some of the most popular models include:

  •  The Mercurial Vapor V model has the Nike Flywire system, which uses lightweight filaments to make the shoe both strong and light. The shoe weighs only 230g, featuring the super-light Teijin synthetic upper. The supper adjusts to your foot’s shape to provide complete comfort. The studs are direct injected for better acceleration. There is a stud located toward the toe which is meant to give you a good grip while turning at high speeds. The laces are covered to increase the available ball contact area. The sock liner has EVA inserts to reduce the pressure from the studs.
  • The Mercurial Veloci boot uses soft, synthetic leather to give you a great feel for the ball. The die-cut EVA sock liner gives you support and cushion. The traction pattern gives secure footing on most firm, natural surfaces. The thermal plastic outsole provides added protection and durability to the boot, helping it stand up to wet conditions.
  • The Nike Tiempo Ligera line was designed for Japanese bakatsu players, who play long days of football, from dawn to dusk. Their fields are usually hard packed, which is tough on football boots. The Tiempo Ligera is wider than a standard football boot. It also includes an additional layer of protection on the common high-wear areas. The gusseted tongue keeps grit from entering the boot. Reflective elements are included for evening games.
  • The Nike Ronaldinho signature line is built on the famous Nike Air Legend line of sports boots, which in other sports have featured such legends as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Nike gave a Tiempo shoe to football legend Ronaldinho, and then asked how it should be redesigned for his specific style of play. The result is a modern, yet traditional, shoe. The upper is made of soft kangaroo leather. The full-length sock liner has inserts to give you a low-to-the-ground feeling, great cushioning, and increased arch support. The upper is made of soft kangaroo leather, which is polished to give the boot a dressier look.

Indoor Boots

Indoor football is a faster version of the outdoor game. The fields are smaller, and the artificial surface can be difficult to control if you don’t have special indoor football trainers. Popular versions include:

  • Nike Astro Turf Trainers are available in eye-catching electric green, black, or red colours. It has a lightweight, synthetic leather upper. The side-lacing system has alternating eyelets to give you a clean kicking surface, and it also places less pressure on your instep. The boot’s front has an innovative silicon coating, which creates spin when you contact the ball, increasing your accuracy.
  • The Nike Tiempo Mystic III is an updated version of the popular Tiempo Mystic II indoor shoe. It features a full-grain leather upper, as well as a contoured midsole. It offers classic looks, natural comfort, and optimum performance for serious players. It is designed for use only on indoor surfaces. The gum rubber soles have traction pods to give you maximum traction.
  • The Nike Total 90 Laser II football boot has pro-level technology and is designed for players who want the best fit, traction, ball control, shooting accuracy, and stability. The synthetic leather upper is a premium grade, offering lightweight comfort. Its perforations are designed for extra breathability. The advanced ShotShield technology enhances your shooting accuracy. The moulded EVA sock liner has an insert to reduce the stud pressure, and it provides both arch and heel support. This boot can be used on indoor or outdoor turf surfaces.


Junior football boots range from scaled-down versions of adult football boots to ones that have been specifically designed for kids.

  • Nike Guri Youth football boots: Nike Tiempo Guri FG Football Boot. A core level boot used on most playing surfaces. A combination of full grain leather and synthetic make up this boot. It has a high density EVA sock liner and lightweight TPU outsole for optimal traction.
  • With the Nike Mercurial Talaria, young players can achieve their maximum speeds. The ground cleats are available in youth sizes. The boot features a lightweight upper made of synthetic leather, giving a supreme feel for the ball. The contoured last used to create the shoe mirrors the child’s foot shape to provide comfort and support. The sock liner has EVA inserts to help reduce pressure from the studs. The outsole is separated into front and back plates to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. The traction pattern is designed for use on firm, natural surfaces.
  • The Junior Nike T90 Laser football boots offer a durable, popular line of football shoes that are designed especially for young players. The boot has a soft, synthetic leather upper. The laces are covered to provide an increased contact area and great ball feel. The EVA sock liner is die-cut to cushion your child’s foot. The lightweight thermal plastic outsole has multi-directional traction, making them perfect for most natural surfaces. With this shoe, the pressure is released on contact with the ball.

Tips to consider before buying Nike Football Boots

  • Check the surface recommendations for the football boots. Some are designed for indoor use, while others are for outdoor play. There are also differences in shoes designed for hard, packed surfaces or soft, grassy fields. Often, you can find either the same or very similar shoe models, with just the cleats adjusted for the surface.
  • Try on the shoes before buying. You can buy the shoes online to get a cheaper price at, but it is essential to try the shoes on first to get a feel of the fit and comfort.
  • Leather uppers give the best feel and fit, but they are more expensive. Full-grain leather boots are durable. With softer leathers, you get a better feel of the ball, but they’re less durable. Leather boots are not meant for extended play in wet conditions.
  • Synthetic uppers are good for entry- or mid-level football players. These shoes are usually less expensive than leather, but they don’t last as long. They do, however, last longer in wet conditions, and they are easier to clean than leather shoes.
  • Football boots have to fit well to be comfortable and let you perform at your best. Football shoes are generally narrower than standard trainers, giving you increased ball control. Remember that leather shoes will stretch a little, so they should be snug when you first get them.
  • If buying football shoes for children, you already know that their feet may be a different size than last season. What you may not know is that the same holds true for adults. The size and shape of your feet can change over time. Sizes also vary across different brands and models.

Jargon Explained

Flywire Some of Nike’s football boots, such as the Mercurial Vapor V, use their Flywire technology. This consists of a strong, lightweight fibre, which was inspired by the cables that support suspension bridges. These fibres are used in the medial section of the shoe, which helps the boot’s upper conform to your foot’s shape, while at the same time offer added support.
Direct InjectedNike’s football cleats are directly moulded into the boot’s sole, rather than being attached later. This helps increase the durability, as the cleats are less likely to separate from the sole.
EVAThis vinyl blend, also known as foam rubber, provides excellent shock absorption for athletic shoes. It is commonly used for sock liners and insoles for football boots. 

Buying Guide to Nike Football Boots
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