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Peppa Pig toys buying guide

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Peppa Pig Toys Guide - An Introduction

Peppa Pig is a popular animated children’s television show consisting of several different five-minute episodes. The shows revolve around Peppa, a young female pig, and her family and friends. Each friend is a different animal; each animal’s name starts with the same letter as their animal type. Episodes feature everyday activities like going swimming, visiting grandparents, and riding bikes.

All of the characters wear clothes and live in houses, but they still have some of the animal characteristics. For example, Peppa snorts like a pig at times and likes to jump in mud puddles. The Rabbit family is the exception when it comes to human houses, as they live in a burrow, although it is still furnished like the other houses.

One reason children and their parents love Peppa Pig is because the characters are so funny. Daddy Pig often makes a fool of himself, while Grandpa Pig interacts with the pig parents in a comical, believable way. George is a favourite because he is cute and funny. However, Peppa Pig is the most popular character, even though she can sometimes be bossy and overbearing.

Peppa Pig toys have become very popular, with products including stuffed toys, play sets, video games, and more. Licensed household items are also available, such as Peppa Pig clothing, bedding, and jewellery. You can also buy DVDs with all the Peppa Pig episodes.

You may think it’s difficult to sort through all the available merchandise to find the best Peppa Pig items. Price Inspector will help you every step of the way. First, use our buying guide to decide what you want to buy. When you’re ready to buy, we bring you the best prices from all the UK stores, making it easy to get the best Peppa Pig toys at cheap prices.

Figures, Play Sets and Accessories

Peppa Pig figures and dolls are available for most of the main characters of the show. There are different variations, including:

  • The Peppa Pig Royal Family Figure Set features Princess Peppa, Sir George the Knight, King Daddy Pig, Queen Mummy Pig, Grandma Pig as Cook, and Grandpa Pig as Magician.
  • Different lines of plush toys lets you purchase your child’s favourite characters individually. Popular items include the Beanie Baby and Beanie Buddy plush toys by Ty. Peppa and her brother George can be purchased in several different costumes depicting favourite episodes.
A Peppa Pig house or car play set helps expand your child’s role play abilities.
  • One of the most popular Peppa Pig playhouse sets this year is the Princess Peppa Pig Palace, which was named one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2009.
  •  This large castle set folds into a beautiful palace for easy storage, and then unfolds to reveal seven different rooms for play. It comes with an exclusive guardsman figure.
  • The Peppa Pig classroom has an exclusive Madame Gazelle figure and includes a chalkboard and three desks. It comes with six classmates, including Peppa.
  • The Peppa Pig home is available in different sizes and prices. The Peppa Pig Deluxe Playhouse unfolds to reveal a fun play set, furniture for the rooms, and a garden playmate. When folded, it has a handle for easy carrying.
  • The Peppa Pig Camper Van features lots of fun camping accessories. The awning retracts, and it comes with an outdoor shower and BBQ grill. The play set comes with Peppa Pig, George, Mummy, and Daddy.
  • The Peppa Pig spaceship lets Peppa blast off into space. It comes with lights and sound and handles to make it easy for the child to ‘fly’ it through space.
  • Other play sets that help complete the scene include the pond and veg patch.

Books and Games

A Peppa Pig game can both entertain and educate your child. Popular choices include:

  • Peppa Pig: The Game is available for both Wii and DS gaming platforms. It features 11 different games that develop your child’s concentration, creative skills, and counting and number skills.
  • With Peppa Pig Hide and Seek, you hide the plush Peppa doll, and then use her teddy bear remote to locate her. The teddy bear remote gives you clues until Peppa is found.
  • A Peppa Pig computer toy laptop teaches numbers, colours, quantities, alphabet, instruments, and instructions. It has four game modes for hours of play.

Help expand your child’s love of books with the Peppa Pig library. Popular book choices include:

  • Peppa Goes to the Library is the newest addition to the Peppa Pig book collection. This 16-page board book features Peppa on a fun-filled trip to the library.
  • Peppa Pig library collections are available in either hardback or board books. These sets come with six different books, perfect for your little Peppa Pig fan.

Other popular toys and games include:

    Home Décor and Decorations

    Like all popular children’s shows, Peppa Pig is available to decorate a child’s entire room and wardrobe.

    • Give your child’s birthday party a Peppa theme with matching balloons, cake, plates, and cups. Invitations and thank you notes, loot bags, table covers, and banners help complete the theme.
    • For the bedroom, you can buy as much or as little as you like. Popular choices include bedding items like a duvet, and you can add accessories like curtains and an alarm clock. Items featuring Peppa Pig tend to be more directed at girls, while George items are more masculine. There are exceptions, however, with items aimed at either gender.
    • Fun bedroom accessories include wall clocks, night lights, and lamps. The Peppa Pig Torch and Nightlight set combines both a nightlight and a torch. In night light mode, it glows gently to help your child sleep. Lift the rocket off the base, and it converts to a torch. The torch recharges when you put it back on the base, recharging in less than 10 seconds.
    • When your child goes to school, he or she can use a Peppa Pig lunch box, backpack, or even an umbrella. Don’t forget the Peppa Pig Wellies if your little piglet loves mud puddles as much as Peppa does.
    • A Peppa Pig stationery set lets your child write letters to all her family and friends, perfect for encouraging writing thank you notes.
    • Peppa Pig bath items will make your child love bath time. The Bathtime Play Set features a floating boat, house, and picnic area. The six characters can stand on the floating items or temporarily affix to the sides of your tub. The Bathtime Boat features three-dimensional figures, as well as bath crayons for bath time colouring fun.

    Tips to consider before buying Peppa Pig Toys

    • Look for toys that have an educational component. Any Peppa Pig toy will give an opportunity for role playing, but there are also ones that help teach numbers, letters, colours, or other key concepts.
    • If buying figures, make sure you have enough figures and accessories to allow a wide range of creative play.
    • Find out if your child has a favourite episode or theme. There are different play sets that relate to these themes, such as the castle, spaceship, and veg garden.
    • If decorating your child’s bedroom, choose inexpensive pieces that can easily be replaced when your child outgrows Peppa Pig. Bedding can be more easily switched out than furniture. There are also removable wall stickers that provide fun, temporary decorations without damaging the wall when removed.
    • Read the recommended ages carefully. Some Peppa Pig items are for all ages, while others may be ages 3 and up due to choking hazards.
    • Seek out special gift bundles, such as free gifts with a magazine subscription. This can help expand your gift while not costing you any extra.
    • For the larger play sets, look for items that will fold for easy storage. This will help reduce their space while still providing large play items.
    • Consider buying related items that won’t add to the clutter, but will instead create memories. Your Peppa Pig fan will love to see Peppa Pig Live. With show dates all around the UK, this is an experience your child will remember for years. 

    Buying Guide to Peppa Pig toys
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