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Postman Pat toys buying guide

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Postman Pat Toys Buyers Guide - An Introduction

Postman Pat is Classic Entertainment for Children

Two words best sum up Britain’s own Postman Pat series, and its delightful cast of characters. Those words are endearing and enduring. Postman Pat is a hit programme, and beloved character not only in Britain, but worldwide.

The Postman Pat animated television series has been entertaining preschool age children, and carefully nurturing their sense of civic responsibility and good manners for more than 28 years. When a television series has been around for generations it has achieved the level of a classic. In order to reach classic status, a series has to have something very special and out of the ordinary to its credit; something that has attained both the trust of parents and the love of children.

The Postman Pat programme, originally created for the BBC1 in 1981, and currently available on the HBO Family channel or DVD, has that something special. What is that something special that made the Postman Pat series so extraordinarily successful?

The Success of Postman Pat

To maintain a successful, long term series like Postman Pat, you need the exceptional imaginative genius of John Cunliffe, who wrote the Postman Pat books on which the series is based. Such creative brilliance through simplicity must be brought to life by the accomplished animating and directing skills of someone like Ivor Wood, who holds additional successes such as Paddington Bear, and The Magic Roundabout to his credit.

When you take this already extraordinary mix, and augment it with the incomparable talent of actors like Ken Barrie and Archie Panjabi, who breathed life into these stop-motion animated clay characters you achieve something remarkable. Now, top it all off with a blend of delightful stories that have a consistently positive message of helping one’s neighbours, and respecting the feelings of others.

You will never catch Postman Pat swearing or even being impolite. However, preschoolers still find Postman Pat funny, if not utterly hilarious without the sometimes derogatory humour found in other programmes.

What results from this careful blend of imagination, talent, good manners and clean, simplistic humour are exemplary role-models that are destined to become multi-generational icons, and a television series guaranteed a very long life span.

The Postman Pat Toys and Merchandise

When a show is so loved by children, it can only follow that they would inevitably want a Postman Pat game or toy such as the Postman Pat van, truck, phone, garage, or post office.

It is not surprising that children would also love playing with replicas of their icons such as a Postman Pat figure, or Jess the cat.

Happily there is not only a generous selection of Postman Pat toys available but also a good supply of Postman Pat videos, and Postman Pat electronic games in all the popular formats such as Nintendo DS, Postman Pat PC game.

Toys & Games

Action Figures - kids enjoy hours of imaginative role-play with action figures of their favourite characters. Corgi, Character Options, and Born to Play produce a wide variety of Postman Pat action figures and accessories that include all the most popular characters from the programme.

Arts and Crafts - little hands just love to create, whether it is with colours, dough, or stickers. Encourage the development of their artistic side early on with fun projects such as Postman Pat Fun Dough Set by Flair, a Fuzzy-Felt Postman Pat Tin by toy Brokers, or a Postman Pat Badge Card Kit by Galt.

Cars, Trains, and Other Vehicles - there is an extensive selection of Postman Pat vehicles made by a variety of toy manufacturers. Vehicles include the top pick train by Character Options, which is the Postman Pat SDS Greendale Rocket Train Set, and the Postman Pat Greendale Rocket Carriage and Break Van by Corgi.

Electronic and Interactive Toys - Character Options makes a great interactive phone called the Postman Pat SDS Phone and Interactive games would not be complete without mentioning the extremely popular video formatted Postman Pat games available in PS2, PS3, and Nintendo DS versions.

Games and Puzzles - keep them occupied on those rainy days with good, old fashioned family fun games and puzzles like Postman Pat Colour Dominoes by Paul Lamond Games, or enjoy the Top Trumps Postman Pat Edition card game together. Toy Brokers makes another family favourite called the Postman Pat Spinomatic Game. Ravenburger produces a variety of puzzles that will successfully engage even your 3 year old.

Outdoor Toys - no toy line could be complete without including a variety of outdoor toys and the Postman Pat toy line has their fair share. Outdoor toys include a Postman Pat Playball 23cm by Mookie as well as Postman Pat Light Up Skates in children’s sizes 8 to 13.

Soft Toys - every child appreciates a sleep buddy and a Postman Pat soft toy is the perfect choice because the characters are not only enjoyable characters for the kids, but also great role-models. Character Options, Born to Play, and Martin Yaffe Ltd. produce Postman Pat soft toy figures your child is sure to love.

Other Postman Pat Merchandise

Bedding and Room Decor - Zap makes a Postman Pat Duvet and Pillowcase set for your little Postman Pat fan. It’s made of washable polyester in cheerful primary colours. Complete your little ones ideal room with a Postman Pat Shelf Unit with Hooks, and Postman Pat Easel Desk & Stool, both by Born to Play.

Clothing and Accessories - clothing includes Postman Pat kids socks, and boys pyjamas by Socks Uwear. Fun accessories are also available, and include a Postman Pat SDS backpack by Funky Crocodile, a Postman Pat 40 cm kit bag by Shreds, and a Postman Pat Umbrella by Trademark Collections that kids will actually use on those rainy days.

Buying Tips

 Are you shopping for an ideal Postman Pat gift for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece? Here are the top picks for each age group from birth to age 6 years old.

  • Postman Pat Playnest (birth to 1 year)

    The Postman Pat Playnest is perfect for the rapid development accomplished by babies between birth and the age of 1 year old.

    It is constructed of soft fabric in the shape of an inflatable ring. Your baby will love the protection offered by the comfy, cosy centre of the ring where he or she will be able to entertain him or herself with a variety of stimulating textures, sounds and play activities.

    Best of all, the playnest is safe and completely washable.
  • Interactive and Learning Toys (1-2 years)

    Children who are 1 to 2 years old love to explore everything because everything is new to them. They also enjoy things that react to their physical actions with audio responses such as music. Finally, they love to poke and push little buttons.

    The Postman Pat – My First Laptop by Inspiration Works is perfect for toddlers who are age 18 months and up because its buttons are an ideal size for little fingers. The music and variety of vehicle sounds are engaging for toddlers, and parents love this toy because it teaches character recognition, colours, and numbers.
  • Soft Toys (1-2 years)

    This age group loves to cuddle and there are a number of adorable, cuddly Postman Pat soft toys that are not only safe for children age 1 year and older, but that absolutely beg to be hugged. Check out the most delightful Postman Pat soft toys.
  • Books (1-2 years)

    It is a well supported fact that children who are read to regularly, read to themselves sooner and better than children who are not. There are a variety of terrific Postman Pat books that will help develop a love or reading in your child.
  • Games (3-4 years)

    Postman Pat Giant Snakes and Ladders, by Paul Lamond Games, is a perfect first game for the 3 and 4 year olds. It features a giant, easy to clean mat that measures 1010mm x 910mm, and serves as the game board. It also has extra-large sized game pieces that little hands can easily manage.
  • Puzzles (3-4 years)

    Ravensburger makes a variety of Postman Pat puzzles from large floor puzzles to first puzzles that have increasingly advanced levels that will challenge your child as they improve. The Ravensburger Postman Pat Special Delivery 4 in a box is just such a Postman Pat set of puzzles. It offers a set of progressive puzzles beginning with 12 pieces and moving up in increments of 4, up to 24 pieces.
  • Vehicles and Figures (3-4 years)

    This age group really likes the Postman Pat vehicles from the Postman Pat car, helicopter, and van, to the Postman Pat Greendale rocket.

    Character Options produces a variety of safe Postman Pat vehicles with accessories that kids treasure including the favourite Postman Pat's Van and Accessories Set.
  • Costumes (4-6 years)

    Little ones love to play pretend and dress up in the outfits of their favourite characters. Rubies, who has long been recognised for producing authentic looking costumes, carries a terrific Postman Pat Costume that is a favourite of this age group.
  • Computer and Video Games (4-6 years)

    Kids love computer and video games and that’s a good thing as computers are here to stay, and the sooner our little ones begin hands on experience, the better. Mastertronics makes a Postman Pat PS2 game that 4 to 6 year olds find irresistible, while Nintendo DS has a terrific 2008 and 2009 Postman Pat version.

    The Postman Pat Special Delivery Service by Avanquest Software is available as a computer game CD for Windows Vista and XP platforms.
  • DVDs (all ages)

    All the age groups listed in this Buyer’s Tips section enjoy the Postman Pat DVDs. Even babies enjoy the music and cheerful voices of the Postman Pat characters.

Buying Guide to Postman Pat toys
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