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Power Rangers toys buying guide

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Power Rangers Toys Guide - An Introduction

What are Power Ranger Toys?

The Power Rangers craze began in 1994, when the animated, television Power Rangers series called “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” launched in the UK. The series was an immediate success. In 1995, Bandai produced the first Power Rangers toys based on the characters and the storyline of that hit television series. That was the beginning of a long series of new Power Rangers toys that are launched every year.

Children between four and ten, or even older, enjoy watching a Power Rangers episode on television, or watching a Power Rangers movie. They also enjoy role-playing with their own Power Rangers action figures, Power Rangers accessories, Power Rangers games, Power Rangers dress up costumes, and Power Rangers helmet. In fact, they enjoy just about anything that has Power Rangers on it, including sleeping on Power Rangers bedding, and wearing their Power Rangers outfit to bed.

Parental concerns

Some psychologists and parents are concerned with the amount of violence that is in the Power Rangers movies, television episodes, and toys. Various toy weapons are included for example with every action figure. If you are not buying this for your own child, you may wish to discuss Power Rangers toys with the parents of the child before making your Power Rangers purchase.

What are the benefits for children of Power Rangers toys?

Some psychologists and parents feel that the positive elements that children receive far outweigh the violence factor. The parents and psychologists on this side of the debate say that violence is used only to fight evil.

The Power Rangers television series, movies, and toys have a set of shared goals in common. Their goal is to inspire and teach children that:

  • having confidence in themselves and their friends will give them strength and lead them to success.
  • to overcome challenges, they must work in cooperation with others.
  • even if it means taking personal risk, they should stand up for what they know is right
  • they have the power to make a positive difference in the world especially if they work with others toward a set goal.
  • like the Power Rangers characters, they should accept each other as individuals.
  • Power Rangers move, exercise, take care of their bodies and minds, and keep themselves in top physical condition.
  • Power Rangers action figures are treasures for a lifetime

Power Rangers collectibles as well as other Power Rangers products are not just toys for today. Many of the first generations of Power Rangers fans have never given up their original Power Rangers passion but instead have turned to Power Rangers collectibles.

First fans, who are now between approximately 25 and 31 years of age, not only continue to add to their collections, but they trade and sell them as well.

Today’s Power Rangers toys will likely follow the same path and become lifetime hobby treasures for boys and girls growing up today. Perhaps a reminder of the positive lessons that they learned early in life such as confidence, cooperation, teamwork, and doing what one knows is right is the way to make a difference for the better.

How this buyer’s guide can help you make the best purchase

More than a decade and a half have passed since the first Power Rangers television show and Power Rangers toys were launched in the UK. The series, toys, and movies have been consistently successful sellers, year after year. Children love them for the confidence they instil. This in turn supports children in eliminating feelings of powerlessness in what must seem to them, a very conflicted and complicated world.

The Power Rangers toys have grown to become an extremely extensive line of toy products, since Bandai UK has been producing additional Power Rangers toys every year since 1995. One glance at the Power Rangers extensive line and anyone who is new to these toys is bound to feel overwhelmed.

The goal of this buyer’s guide is to eliminate the confusion.

Many times a young child will simply give you their favourite Power Rangers character name. However, if that character is part of a larger Power Ranger series or group name, it can involve hours of looking at packages to locate the right one.

This buyer’s guide has several sections that have been compiled to make shorter work of locating the right toy. The first is the Types section, which will aid you in understanding all the different Power Rangers toy product types that are available. Next is the Series section, which is where you can locate the series name, group name, and character names. Armed with the knowledge of the series and group name, you can make shorter work of finding the toy, either by clicking on the embedded links, or by typing the series or group name into Price Inspector’s search bar.

Be sure to read the Buyer’s Tips for helpful information for making a good Power Rangers toy selection. Finally, also see the Jargon Buster section, where confusing terminology is made simple.


 Types of Power Rangers toys

Action and Armoured Figures

Power Rangers action figures come in several sizes, 5”, 6.5”, and 11”. They all come with some type of accessories and some even fit on the child’s thumb. Accessories include such things as various weapons, zords, and removable helmets or masks.

Some, like the micro megazords come with elements that when put together morph into a completely new figure.

This is why children love them. They are easy for them to put together. As an example, consider the micro megazords. Each one comes with three animals and either a blue or a red element. The coloured elements and the animal elements make it simple for children as young as four years to combine them and thus create something new.


These are items that the child can wear and that inspire imagination and role-play. Items such as helmets, play weapons such as swords and blasters, morphers that can be worn on the wrist, or carried like the cell shift morpher are included.


These include various modes of transportation utilised by individual Power Rangers. These include cycles, jet vehicles, carts and more. Some of the vehicle toys include an action figure with their mode of transportation while others are the vehicle only. These toys range in size from 5” to 10.5”


Zords are typically one of the several, alternate, morphed identities of a ranger. Some action figures can be changed into their altered form and sometimes the zords are sold separately and when collected with other zords and assembled become Megazords.


There are varieties of types of special package sets that are offered each season. This includes gear, Power Rangers, vehicle, and zord sets. It also includes various action figures with vehicles, for example, launchers or weapons.

Special Releases

Special releases are typically collectible editions put out by Bandai.

Additional Power Rangers products that children love

Because of their immense popularity, there are countless Power Rangers products available that children love almost as much as the Power Ranger toys themselves. These include Power Rangers games such as Gameboy, Playstation, and board games. There are Power Rangers curtains, Power Rangers blankets, Power Rangers towels and just about anything imagination can dream up.

Power Rangers toy by series/ type/name

Power Rangers toys are listed by the yearly series’ name first. The most recent releases are listed at the top of the list. This is followed by type of toy. Under each toy type is the Group name followed by a list of character names included in that group. Note: A complete listing of the most popular toys is given for only the two most recent series’ years.

Power Rangers RPM

Action Figures

 Full Throttle Power Rangers are sold individually and each comes with accessories.

  •  Shark
  • Wolf
  •  Eagle
  • Bear
  •  Lion

Turbo Octane Zord Racers are sold separately and each comes with launcher and a collectible racing coin, which weighs down the vehicle when racing.

  •  Wolf
  •  Eagle
  •  Lion
  •  Shark

Micro Megazords are sold separately and listed by a bullet point and name below. Collect all three and additional Zord from each one, combines to form the Torque Micro Megazord.

  •  High Octane Megazord is formed by combining the Eagle, Bear, and Lion engines. It also comes with Black Frog Zord.
  • VelociMax is formed by joining Wolf, Shark, and Gator engines. This set includes the Purple Cobra Zord.
  •  Torque is created by assembling three unidentifiable animals. The additional Red Feline Zord is included.

Full Throttle figures are sold individually and come with accessories. Weapons for all throttle actions figures can be combined to form larger weapons.

  •  Mammoth, Triceratops
  •  Full Throttle T-Rex Rangers
  •  Full Throttle Gold Ranger
  •  Silver Ranger

 Rapid Pursuit Rangers are sold separately and each comes with a skateboard and Nitro Blaster. Collecting all three results in further options as skateboards can be combined.

  •  Eagle,
  • Lion
  •  Wolf

Armoured Figures

Moto-Morph Rangers are sold separately and each has three possible morphing forms. Morphing of the zord’s head, arm weapons, and missile launcher as well as activation of the wings requires the use of the engine cell key, which is included.

  •  Wolf
  •  Lion
  •  Eagle

 Guardian Rangers each have four different morphing options. The various options are achieved by arranging and rearranging their weapon accessories and battle gear. Combining the Guardian Rangers set with the Racing Performance Cycle allows more options.

  • Eagle
  • Shark
  •  Wolf
  • Lion

Moto-Morph Rangers when combined, morph into three new forms. Moto-Morph Rangers have a missile launcher and arm weapons. An engine cell key is also included for a variety of options.

  •  Shark
  •  Red
  •  Blue
  •  Mammoth

Auxiliary Trax Guardian Rangers can be altered into four other possible forms. Each Ranger can change into its armoured, zord, or vehicle zord mode. When Auxiliary Trax Guardian Rangers are combined with Guardian Figures and Performance Cycle additional possibilities are created.

  •  T-Rex
  • Mammoth

 Throttle Max Rangers and Evil Grinder are sold individually and each comes with weapons, and helmets or mask.

  •  Red
  • Blue
  •  Black
  •  Green
  • Gold
  •  Evil Grinder

 The following rangers are sold separately and each morphs into an attack wheel and has its own accessories.

  •  Moto-Morph Road Attack Zord
  • Ranger Red
  •  Ranger Gold


  •  Cell Shift Morpher 
  •  Rev Morpher 
  •  Nitro Blaster 
  •  Power Rangers RPM Cell Shift Morpher & Highway Sword Set 
  •  Power Rangers RPM Rev Morpher & Nitro Blaster Set
  • Power Rangers RPM Nitro Blaster
  •  Sky Morpher and Cloud Hatchet Set 
  •  Trax Sword and Speed Sword


  • Racing Performance Cycles 
  •  Formula Transporters
  • Transforming Beast Zords 
  •  Auxiliary Trax: Racing Performance Cycles 
  •  Power Rangers Trax Command Centre - Command Pit DX-Jet
  • Auxiliary Trax Series: Air Max Transporter
  • Racing Performance Cycle Auxiliary Trax Ranger Cycle


  •  High Octane Megazord 
  •  ValveMax Megazord
  • Mach Megazord
  • Paleomax Megazord


  •  Track Adventure Set
  • Rally and Rumble Crew Sets
  • Highway Adventure Set
  •  Ranger Set 
  •  Speed Adventure Set
  • High Octane Adventure Set
  •  RPM Retrofire Team
  • Racing Performance Set

Power Rangers Jungle Fury also known as Power Rangers Fury

Action Figures

 Sound Fury Rangers are sold individually, and come with either a robot or sensor to activate sound. Collecting all the Sound Fury Rangers allows you to combine their weapons into one gigantic weapon.

  •  Yellow Cheetah Ranger
  • Blue Jaguar Ranger
  • Red Tiger Ranger
  • Elephant Ranger
  •  Bat Ranger
  •  Shark Ranger
  •  Dai Shi - Evil Space Alien
  • Savage Spin Rangers are sold separately, and come with a spinning crystal arm.
  • Tiger
  • Jaguar
  •  Bat
  •  Shark
  •  Elephant
  •  Battle Fury Rangers come with flames on their legs and arms
  •  Red Tiger Ranger
  • Blue Jaguar Ranger
  • 5" Evil Melle comes with Flit the Fly Figure that is attachable as well as a fly swatter.
  •  11" Mega Power Rangers are sold separately and each comes with it’s own mask that is interchangeable with any of the other 11” Mega Power Rangers.
  • Tiger
  •  Jaguar
  •  Shark
  •  Micro Animal Zords listed below each comes with three different animals that when combined become a Megazord.
  • Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah 
  •  Shark, Bat, and Elephant
  •  Lion, Puma, and Leopard
  • Jungle Master Rangers each comes with a key that when used activates to sound.
  • Cheetah 
  •  Jaguar
  •  Tiger 
  •  Wolf 
  •  Rhino 
  •  Elephant 
  •  Bat 
  •  Shark
  • Micro Animal Zords are sold separately but their parts are interchangeable, and collecting them all increases play options
  •  Jungle Pride Megazord
  •  Jungle Master Megazord
  •  Rhino Steel Megazord


Tips to consider before buying Power Ranger Toys

Questions to consider before purchasing a Power Rangers toy

  • How old is the child who will receive this Power Ranger toy?
  • If the child is young, are there little parts a child could put into his or her mouth and cause choking?
  • Does this look too frightening given the age of the child?
  •  Check out the movable part and base, does it look as though a child (age of ?) will be able to manipulate easily?
  • If you are not the parent of the child, have you discussed this purchase with the parent of the child?
  • Does it have extra lights, or sounds that will make it more fun for the child?
  • Does it require batteries and if so, are they included?
  • Is the child old enough to for collectibles yet rather than toy action figures?
  • Do you feel confident that you are making the right purchase for the child?
    If you are not feeling confident, perhaps you would feel more confident selecting Power Rangers the movie, a Power Rangers DVD, or even Power Rangers bedding.
  • What if you do not know if the child has the particular Power Ranger toy, you are considering buying? When in doubt, action figures that change into more than two identities are your safest bet. Even if the child already has one, since each has multiple forms, he can enjoy them both in varied forms at the same time.
  • Shop early for Power Rangers toys, the closer it gets to the holidays the emptier
    Power Rangers toy shelves becomes.

Jargon Explained

Air Max Transporter An air max transporter is a jet vehicle used by certain Power Rangers.
Communicators Power Rangers use them to communicate with each other as well as to teleport back to the Command Centre.
Megazord - (see Zord)
MorphinMorphin is a stylisation of the word morphing and refers to changing from one form to another.
Power BlasterA power blaster is the combination of five Power Rangers weapons into one super weapon.
Power CannonA power cannon is a giant weapon that is more powerful than a Power Blaster and shoots fires spheres of energy.
ZordsZords are super-colossal biomechanical robots in the shape of vehicles, animals, dinosaurs, or mythical beings that are employed to defeat monsters when they grow too large for the Power Rangers to defeat on their own.
When even greater power is required to defeat a monster, the zords can merge and form a megazord.

Buying Guide to Power Rangers toys
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