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Puppy in my pocket toys buying guide

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Puppy in my pocket toys Guide - An Introduction

If your child loves animals, there’s probably a Puppy In My Pocket animal that’s perfect for her. These small animals are, as the name suggests, small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough for you to love. There’s a whole world of adorable little puppies to choose from.

The "In My Pocket" line doesn’t just include puppies—there are also kittens, ponies, jungle animals, ocean animals, farm animals, snow animals, and more. All of these realistic, plush animals have soft coats and realistic features, making them easy to love. There are also collectible figures, accessories, play sets, and wearable charm pets. Recent innovations from the "In My Pocket" line include Colour Change Diapers and Super Fuzzy Coats.

Puppy In My Pocket is made by the MEG toy company and licensed in the UK by Parthenon. They are targeted at girls ages 4 to 9 years, although younger boys may also like these little animals. Since their release in 2005, they have sold more than 10 million puppies in the UK alone, evidence of their strong popularity.

If you want to buy Puppy In My Pocket animals or accessories, Price Inspector will help you find the best ones. Our Inspectors comparison shop the UK stores to bring you the cheapest prices. Our buying guide gives you the information you need to make a good choice, and then we make sure you get the best prices.


The Puppy In My Pocket family includes many different animals, both puppies and other animals. There are hundreds of different dog breeds represented by the Puppy In My Pocket line.

The dogs are usually sold in multi-packs or play sets. For example, you can buy a four-pack that includes a Chow, Golden Retriever, Akita, and Greyhound. The Newborn Nursery comes with a Cocker Spaniel. A few of the popular dog breeds include:

  • Dalmatian: Each puppy’s spots are unique; no two dogs are exactly alike. The exclusive Dalmatians are sold in the Hospital play set, featuring a mother and three puppies.
  • The Doberman family features Mum Cleo and her three babies: Chilli, Esme, and Spartacus. When you dip the babies in icy cold water, their nappies change colour—pink for a girl and blue for a boy.
  • With the St. Bernard family, help Mum Miranda with her three little babies: Kirby, Rolly, and Dozer.
  • The Puppy In My Pocket Newborns Series 1 collection comes with Zoey, a Pomeranian puppy; Fortune, a Chihuahua; and three newborns: a Dorkie named Mortimer, a Puggle named Pugster, and a Bossi-Poo named Jazzy. Each of the newborns has a colour changing nappy. The set also comes with bath accessories.
  • Series 2 is similar, including two puppies and three newborns. In this set, a Pug named Peg and as Tibetan Spaniel named Rusty care for the newborns: a Bull Terrier named Babs, a Bullmatiani named Moo, and a Sealyham Terrier named Dexter.
  • In Series 3, a Chow Chow named Boo and an Alaskan Malamute named Hector take care of the newborns: Lizzy, a Borzoi; Napoleon, a Petit Basset Grifon; and Chaser, a Saluki.

Houses and Play Sets

There are numerous play set available in the Puppy In My Pocket world. Some come with exclusive puppies that you can’t buy elsewhere. Popular sets include:

  • The Puppy In My Pocket Palace is a grand palace designed for your puppies or kitties. It comes with a super slide, dining area with swivel chairs, hot tub, sun umbrella, and rotating dance floor.
  • The Hospital play set is a large, foldable play set. Unfold the set to reveal a puppy hospital complete with wards, cots, and beds. This set comes with the exclusive Dalmatian puppy and newborns.
  • The Ski Lodge comes with an exclusive Husky family. Mum Bella and her three babies love playing at the lodge. Open the roof to reveal the cosy bedroom, complete with dressing table. There’s also a fire to keep the family warm after playing in the snow. 
  •  The Dreamhouse has four exclusive puppies: a Norfolk Terrier, Bull Terrier, Whippet, and Newfoundland. This pink Dreamhouse is a great place for the puppies to live. There’s a see-saw and carousel, as well as a working lift between the floors.
  • The Play House comes with five newborns and puppy jewellery made just for your child. The puppy carousel converts to a seesaw, and it has a working lift.
  • The Beach Hut lets the Chocolate Labrador family have fun in the sun. Lift the roof to access the sun terrace, or relax in the shade beneath the large sun umbrella. The Labrador family includes Mum and three babies.
  • The Fashion School Play Set comes with two exclusive puppies—Catwalk Queen Stella and DJ Freddy. Organise your own fashion show with the performance stage. It also has classrooms where the puppies can learn about fashion, as well as all the school accessories necessary. This play set folds and includes a carrying handle for portability.

Games and Toys

To go along with the puppies and play set, there are many Puppy In My Pocket games, toys, and books available.

  • One popular game is the Puppy In My Pocket & Friends Pocket Quiz. This game comes with 20 animal cards that each has an adorable photo. There are several game modes: mega quiz, animal quiz, guessing game, and true or false. The games and answers are easy to select with the touch screen. There’s also a dedicated web site where you can post photos and possibly win a prize.
  • The Puppy In My Pocket jigsaw book is a clever activity book with five 24-piece puzzles inside for kids to enjoy. This puzzle helps children develop problem solving and observational skills.
  • The Magic Puppy book is an interactive book that has your own character hidden under the bubble. There are interactive games and cute, informational pictures. Answer the questions or write about your own pet. You can add stickers and photos. It also has adorable sounds that you activate by touching the heart.
  • Get your own Puppy In My Pocket barrettes that let you actually wear the puppies in your hair. The set comes with two hair clips and three little puppies. The bracelet set is a charm bracelet that lets you wear three little puppies on your wrist.
  • The Puppy In My Pocket Purse comes with three puppies from the collectible Fantasy Collection: A German Pinscher named Maui, a Bedlington Terrier named Aubrey, and a Neopolitan Mastiff named Aubrey. Girls can show off their favourite puppies in the display window. The purse unfolds to reveal a dance party play set.
  • The Puppy In My Pocket Board Game is made for two or more players, and it comes with a spinner, puppies, rules, and pockets.
  • The Puppy In My Pocket Scooter is an adorable in-line scooter that your girl can ride. It’s designed for children ages five and older. It features a hidden drawer that has eight collectible puppies. The scooter has soft hand grips, easily folds for storage, and has translucent pink wheels.

Tips to consider before buying Puppy in my pocket toys

  • Be aware of the manufacturer’s recommended age. Puppy In My Pocket toys are designed for children ages four and older. However, the scooter is designed for ages five and up.
  • There are hundreds of different puppies available, as well as different animals like kitties, ponies, and jungle animals. Find out if your daughter wants a particular breed of puppy, if she wants puppies or newborns, or if she just wants any puppy.
  • Choose a play set that fits her personality. She might enjoy pretending to care for newborn puppies in the Hospital, or she might prefer hosting fashion shows with the Fashion Show.
  • One of the nice things about Puppy In My Pocket is that you can buy one set or multiple sets, depending on how your child wants to play. The more puppies and play sets you buy, however, the more imaginative your child’s play can be.
  •  Another fun use for the puppies is as pets for your child’s other dolls. For example, buy them as a pet for a Barbie or Bratz doll.
  •  If you’re buying a larger play set, make sure it folds for easy storage. Also look for a carry handle for transporting the set.
  • Some of the puppies are only available in an exclusive play set. If your child has her heart set on one of these animals but you don’t want to buy the play set, you may be able to find the puppies separately through a used toy reseller. 

Buying Guide to Puppy in my pocket toys
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