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You might think that Price Inspector couldn’t find enough suspects for the letter Q, but you’d be underestimating his price-sleuthing abilities. Why, with words like quilted and quiet, and brands like Quinny and Quiksilver, we have plenty of your favourite Q searches. And as always, Price Inspector has tracked down the cheapest prices in the UK for your shopping convenience.

  • If you have a new baby or are expecting one, you know there is lots of gear to buy. A Quinny Travel System makes outings easy. The Quinny Buzz Travel System includes a high-quality pushchair with a unique folding system, and it comes with a sun canopy and rain hood. The Quinny Buzz Travel System comes complete with a Quinny Footmuff, Quinny Dreami travelcot, and Max Cosi car seat. If you just want the pushchair, you can buy the Quinny Buzz 4 separately.
  • Another great product from Quinny is the Quinny Zapp stroller and footmuff, which has a reversible, reclining seat. The Quinny Zapp front wheel fully rotates for easy maneuvering, but it can be locked when needed.
  • Remodeling your shower makes your morning shower feel like a pampering spa day. The Vivid Entrée quadreant offset shower enclosure makes installation easy and even has adjustments for out-of-true walls. The Kinedo THERMO quadrant shower cubicle comes with an overhead shower head and a thermostatic shower valve. A quadrant offset shower enclosure brings a luxurious feeling to your shower, with smooth curves and a large interior. New quarter turn taps are an easy-to-install, inexpensive way to update your bathroom décor.
  • Quiksilver brings you everything from shoes to clothes to bags. Quiksilver shoes are best known as skate shoes. Their textile footbed and gripping rubber outsole make it easy to grip the board. Quiksilver sandals are sport-ready flip flops, perfect for walking around the beach or at the pool.
  • Quiksilver also has the sports gear you need. For cold-weather sports, their snowboard jacket has nice details such as a lined collar and pockets so your neck and hands will stay warm. The Go Massive jacket is for mid-range weather and has a 5,000 waterproof rating. A quiksilver rash vest protects you from the sun, keeps your surfboard from irritating your chest, and can also provide thermal protection.
  • Quiksilver shorts meet any need, from board shorts for day to walk shorts for after hours. Pair it with a Quiksilver polo shirt, add a Quiksilver hoody if you’re chilly, and you’re all set.
  • With a Quiksilver bag, you can travel in style with bags designed for toiletries or surfboards, bum bags, and shoulder bags. Quiksilver luggage comes in fashionable colours and patterns, making it easy to locate your bags even on a crowded baggage carousel.
  • Now that spring is here, you’ll have outdoor chores like mowing. A QUALCAST electric cylinder lawn mower gives you a neat finish, and you can adjust the settings depending on the type of grass and your weather conditions. QUALCAST also makes Easi Lite 28 replacement blades for QUALCAST and Bosch mowers.
  • Quilted designs can add classic texture to items such as a quilted handbag. A quilted bag in quilted leather is an elegant finishing touch to any outfit. A quilted tote bag has just enough shimmer to dress up a bag that might otherwise be plain and ordinary. A quilted jacket, on the other hand, is designed for functionality, keeping you warm on a cold day.
  • In the bedroom, a quilted bedspread or quilted bed throw lets you add a little country charm. Bedspreads are inexpensive and easy to change seasonally or whenever you like, letting you keep your bedroom fresh and interesting year-round.
  • Q is definitely a good letter for the kitchen, as Price Inspector found out. Especially if you’re an early riser or midnight snacker, quiet appliances are a must-have to avoid waking the whole family. A quiet dishwasher means you can wash dishes when you’re watching TV or trying to sleep. A quiet food processor might allow you to continue prepping for dinner even while you chat on the phone. Getting a quiet fridge freezer will eliminate annoying motor sounds or odd clunking noises sometimes associated with older fridges. Finally, a quiet boil illuminated kettle lets you brew your tea without disturbing the rest of the family. It has an optional whistle, quiet heating element, and an illuminated gauge that tells you when to add more water.
  • Time to update your home office? A Quad Core PC from Zoostorm is small but durable, and still fast enough for movies, gaming, and video or photo editing. Plus it comes with a ton of memory for all your projects. Adding a Quad Phone lets you have four separate handsets throughout your home, even in rooms where you don’t have a phone jack.
  • For you audiophiles, QED speaker cables bring you the clearest sound at a reasonable price. A QED HDMI cable lets you connect any HD devices together without worrying about a loss of video or sound quality.
  • Has your child been running their quad bike non-stop? If so, it’s probably time to do a little maintenance to keep it ship-shape. A new quad bike battery and quad tyres will give them hundreds more hours of enjoyment, which is especially important if you have a younger child waiting to inherit the toy.
  • Headed for a fancy dress party? With a Queen of Hearts costume, you’ll be the belle of the ball, as you shout “Off with their heads!” to stay in character.
  • With a QPR Football shirt, you can show your loyalty in a number of different ways, even with 1950s or 1970s replica shirts. 
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