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Did you know Price Inspector has tracked down cheap prices for all your favourite searches? Of course you did. What you may not know is that he went the extra step of organising the files alp habetically, so now he’s brought you all the most popular R searches. From Rangemaster to Royal Canin, Reebok to retro, we have practically anything you want that begins with a letter R.

  • Take care of your beloved pet with Royal Canin pet foods. If your dog has special dietary needs, there are varieties such as Royal Canin Urinary SO and Royal Canin Sensitive dog food to keep him healthy. For cats that have kidney trouble, we have renal cat food.
  • Time to update the kitchen? If you need major appliances like a range cooker, you know how expensive these can be. Not to worry—Price Inspector has the cheapest prices in the UK, whether you want a red fridge freezer or maybe a retro fridge freezer.
  • For cooking, we bring you a wide selection of Rangemaster products. The Rangemaster Classic 110 has a large, programmable oven, separate grill, warming zone, storage drawer, and high-powered wok burner. The Rangemaster Classic 90 combines traditional looks with modern conveniences, including two ovens and a grill. The Rangemaster Toledo 110 has ergonomic control knobs, contemporary handles, and a durable enamel hob. Its unique silver paint option gives you the look of stainless steel without the need to polish.
  • The Rangemaster Professional 110 is a serious cooker with tons of features, such as a grill compartment and two large ovens. The Rangemaster Professional 90 may be a more compact version of the Rangemaster 110, but it doesn’t compromise on performance.
  • It doesn’t always take major appliances to make a big difference in the kitchen. A red kettle, for example, adds a cheerful touch to your kitchen while being a practical tool. With a rice cooker, you’ll have perfect rice every time—no more sticky or undercooked rice! Just need a quick warming? The Russell Hobbs RHM2013 microwave is a 20L digital microwave that includes a grill and sleek silver detailing.
  • Reebok has everything you need to get in shape. Whether you choose indoor exercise on a Reebok treadmill or get outdoors with a Reebok bike, Reebok Cross Trainers keep your feet comfortable and safely supported. A Reebok mountain bike lets you hit the trails with confidence.
  • For kids, a Raleigh bike is a popular choice, with mini bikes, hot rod bikes, and more. A Raleigh mountain bike gives you a lightweight alloy frame on a stylish, versatile bike. Ripstik is the board you need for street surfing, replicating the thrill of surfing or snowboarding.
  • Rugby Body Armour is a must-have for any rugby player, with modular padding for maximum protection while still allowing the dynamic movements you need. Comes with shoulder pads, sternum pad, and bicep pads.
  • Whatever sport or outdoor activity you choose, Riemann P20 keeps you protected from sunburn while allowing a gradual tan. It provides 10 hours of medium protection with only one application, and it even stays 90 per cent effective after swimming.
  • The Recaro Young Sport car seat has deeper head support and sides for improved safety, and it grows with your child.
  • In the sitting room, a rattan coffee table adds a touch of the tropics, while a round glass table adds a more modern, contemporary look. Update the dining room with a round pedestal dining table and red leather dining chairs, and you’ll be ready to entertain friends and family with confidence. Ready made curtains add the final decorating touch you need.
  • Whether you’re camping or just getting prepared for an emergency, a rechargeable lantern or rechargeable torch give you peace of mind. No more expensive batteries to replace, no more searching for candle stubs during a power outage.
  • Need some tunes to liven up the house? A Roberts DAB radio is available in a fun, retro 1950s look, or you can get a high-tech sound system with CD player.
  • With a radio controlled clock, you won’t have to worry about setting the correct time again. It has split-second accuracy and automatically converts to British Summer Time.
  • Protect your clothes and the environment with a rotary dryer. Air drying is economical and environmentally friendly, and there’s no risk of shrinking your favourite outfit. If any wrinkles are left behind, smooth them out quickly with a Russell Hobbs Steamglide Iron.
  • Even in spring, you need a little help staying warm sometimes. A red duffle coat is cheerful even on dreary days, especially when topped off with a red bobble hat. For rain and drizzle, a Regatta waterproof jacket will keep you warm and dry. A reefer jacket, in short, long, or medium lengths, is always a fashionable choice. With Redken hair products, even the damp weather won’t wreak havoc on your style.
  • To keep your feet warm and stylish, Rockport XCS mid-boot for men comes in black, brown, quilted, suede, whatever you could want! For ladies, Rocket Dog Boots have thermal lining to keep your toes warm in any weather. Finish your look with a Radley purse or Radley bag.
  • Children of all ages will love a remote control helicopter. These can range from inexpensive toys designed for children to very professional models that adults can race.
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