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S is for steam, Samsung Fridge Freezer, Smirnoff, and more. Whether you want to cook, clean, have a cocktail, watch TV, or look great, S will take good care of you. Price Inspector has been hard at work to track down your favourite suspects for the letter S, bringing you the cheapest prices in the UK.

  • Let’s start with those household chores. A steam mop saves time and energy over a traditional mop, while a steam cleaner keeps your carpets looking great between professional cleanings. A slimline washing machine gets your clothes clean without taking up too much space. After the clothes are washed, a steam pressure iron makes quick work of those pesky wrinkles.
  • In the kitchen, your cleanup will be much quicker with a semi-integrated dishwasher. These appliances actually use less water than hand-washing, so you can feel good while saving time. Worried you don’t have enough room? A slimline dishwasher saves space but still gets the job done.
  • Take advantage of the time you saved and enjoy a cup of coffee. Senseo Coffee Pods make a perfect cup every time. If you prefer tea, a new stove top kettle can add a cheerful touch to the room.
  • A new fridge gives a modern touch to your kitchen while keeping your food fresh. If you have plenty of room, a side by side fridge freezer, such as a Samsung American fridge freezer, holds enough food for a large family. A popular Samsung side by side fridge freezer, the RSH5UBBP, comes in a stylish black fridge freezer. It has an A+ rating for energy efficiency and is frost free. If you have a small kitchen or a small family, you might not want that large of a fridge freezer. For your home, a small fridge freezer or slimline fridge freezer might be just the right size.
  • Have a Simplehuman bin? Price Inspector brings you the cheapest prices on Simplehuman bin liners so even taking out the waste is easier.
  • When you start fixing up your home, you might notice that the walls needs to be updated. Striped wallpaper makes a bold statement, whether you choose pastels or vivid colours. A small sofa bed is a great idea if you don’t have a dedicated guest room.
  • Don’t forget your little birdie friends. Sunflower Hearts are the best natural seeds you can feed to wild birds.
  • Did your dog find some fleas? Stronghold Flea Treatment will clear that right up. Keep him from infesting the whole house by using a stair gate. They’re also great to keep young children safe around stairs.
  • Speaking of children, a Silver Cross Pram is great for pretend play, perfect for transporting baby dolls. They are also available in full-size models, so mommy can have one, too. One of the most fun new additions from Stokke is the Stokke Xplory Rider. When you have a second child and it’s time for your toddler to move out of the stroller, simply attach the Rider board and let both of your children ride comfortably.
  • Sylvanian Families is a fun collection of woodland animals that your child can care for. A Smart Trike is a great investment, because it grows with your child. It easily converts from a baby trike to an independent trike as your child gets larger and has more control. And before you know it, they’re in school. Send them off in style, while keeping their books and papers safe, with a shoulder school bag.
  • Don’t let spring showers get you down. A Sprayway Jacket keeps the rain away, while a Superdry Jacket just makes you look so good you won’t care about the weather. On dry days, Suede Desert Boots are comfortable, trendy, and casual. Take good care of them with proper shoe storage, whether you choose a cabinet or a rack. On the links, Stromberg Golf Trousers are very popular because they are so durable and comfortable.
  • Finish those projects safely and quickly with a new Sliding Mitre Saw. Makita makes several models that are tough enough for use in your workshop or on the job site. They are great for roofing and framing work or cutting large timber.
  • Want to look tan without the damage? St Tropez Tanning Lotion lets you achieve a safe, natural-looking glow without the risk of skin cancer or wrinkles. Add some perfume, like Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, and you’ll be irrestible.
  • Ah, cocktail hour. Kick back with a glass of Stella Artois beer or a Smirnoff Vodka cocktail. Whatever your preference, enjoy your drink even more in front of your new Sony 32 inch LCD TV. The Sony Bravia 37 inch TV provides outstanding clarity and depth.
  • If you have room, a Samsung 37 LCD TV or Samsung 50 inch TV will make an even more dramatic experience. Today’s TVs even let you make a decorating statement, with fashionable colours such as silver or white TVs.
  • For the true film connoisseur, a Samsung UE40C8000 3D TV Home Cinema System is a must-have. The Samsung 40 100 HZ 1080P is a 40-inch TV with full HD quality and enriched clarity. With the Samsung DVD Home Cinema package will almost make you feel as if you’re at the cinema, without the high price and annoyances often associated with that experience.
  • You’ll enhance your experience even more with a Samsung Surround Sound System. The Samsung Soundbar wireless home theatre system has a blu-ray player, wireless subwoofer, and HD surround sound. Need to listen without disturbing the rest of the household? Skullcandy headphones and ear phones offer high-quality sound in trendy designs. 
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