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Sylvanian Families toys buying guide

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 Sylvanian Families Toys Guide - An Introduction

Sylvanian Families are a line of plush toys with human characteristics; there is also a line of video games with this theme. The toys were developed in 1985 by the Japanese company Epoch, although they have been distributed worldwide by several different companies. The animals, which are grouped in families, are woodland creatures like hedgehogs, beavers, bears, and mice.

There has also been a spin-off animated television series. The toys also won “Toy of the Year” from the British Association of Toy Retailers for three straight years, from 1987 to 1989. Sylvanian Families were discontinued in the UK at the end of the 1990s, although they were later reintroduced, regaining popularity. The toys are made to last, have great attention to detail, and encourage imaginative role play.

Sylvanian Families celebrated their 20th anniversary in the UK with collectible new items, including an Otter boat. They also reintroduced the Dalmatian family, now featuring party hats reading “Happy 20th!” in honour of the occasion.

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There are many different animal families in the Sylvanian Families line. As a general rule, the adult and child figures all have moveable heads and limbs, as well as removable fabric clothing. Some of the babies are not fully poseable. Popular animal families include:

  • Sylvanian Families Mouse Family The Maces Mouse Family is a four-piece set, with two parents, brother, and sister figures. Additional family members are sold separately, such as twin babies or the mouse grandparents.
  • Cat Family The Cream Cat Family also features four family members. The adults are 6cm tall, and the children are 3cm. Items sold separately include a baby, twin babies, and grandparents.
  • Rabbit Family There are four rabbit families, the Rabbit Family, the Cottontail Family, the Buttermilk Rabbit Family, and the Chocolate Rabbit Family. Each is a four-member family, and each has additional babies that can be purchased separately. The only real difference is the colour, available in white, dark brown, and two shades of beige.
  •  Squirrel Family: There are two Squirrel families: The Squirrel Family and the Walnut Squirrel Family. The Squirrel Family is medium brown, while the Walnut Squirrel Family is light brown. 
  •  Labrador Family: The Golden Labrador Family features the four-dog family: mother, father, brother, and sister. You can also buy either twin babies or one baby separately.
  • The Pig Family  four-member family can also be supplemented with baby pig triplets: Little, Minor, and Tiny.
  • The Dalmatian Family, reintroduced for the 20th anniversary, is available in either black spots or brown spots. The dogs with brown spots are the Chocolate Dalmatian Family. Babies are sold separately.
  • The Bear Family is available in either Honeybear, which is light brown; Marmalade, which is medium brown; Koala bears; or Grey Bears, which are light grey.

Houses and Play Sets

No child’s toy would be complete without numerous options for houses and play sets. You can create an entire village with all the different houses and businesses available for the Sylvanian Families.

  • With all the babies that can be purchased for these families, you might need a Sylvanian Families Nursery. There are several to choose from, including the Nightlight Nursery Set. This 15 piece set includes a rocking horse, cot, and a real working nightlight.
  • There are several different Sylvanian Families houses available, as well as different accessories like fridges and furniture. The Lakeside Lodge is a cute little log cabin. This two-story set has plenty of room for kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, playroom … whatever you imagine. The open back and ground floor provide easy access to all room for playing. It also has a trellis, balcony, and stairs between the levels. A room extension can even turn upside down to provide storage for your Sylvanian Families figures. The house measures 40cm wide, 31cm deep and 34cm high. 
  •  Your Sylvanian Families figures will love shopping for clothes at Madeline’s Boutique. The boutique comes with Madeline, a floor mirror, clothes rail, and gift boxes. It also comes with fabric clothing for the Sylvanian Families figures.
  • After buying new clothes, stop by the Salon. It comes with all the accessories needed for the Sylvanians to relax and be pampered. It has three spa treatment areas, hair salon accessories, and an outer staircase. It also comes with a hairdresser figure.
  • The Watermill Bakery comes with the bakery building, water mill wheel, and a turning mixer bowl. It has plenty of baking equipment and ingredients, as well as breads and pastries for the Sylvanian Families to buy. The shop has display space, a till, and shopping bags.

Vehicles and Accessories

Once you’ve built your village, it’s time to make sure the families have vehicles and furniture for their homes.

  • The Caravan and Family Car set is a great way for the Sylvanians to go on holiday. The caravan is towed behind the car, which has four seats and two baby seats. The Caravan unfolds to provide access to the comfy living quarters inside.
  • If you want a boating holiday, there are a few different choices. The Pleasure Boat Play Set is an old-fashioned pleasure boat that opens to reveal the living quarters. There are decks, play areas, and boating accessories. The Rowing Boat set comes with the Yvette figure, umbrella, and sun hat. It can be attached to the Pleasure Boat, although they are sold separately. There are even a Riverside Canal Boat and a Captain Seadog River Boat for more choices.
  • Create a Sylvanian Families garden with the Vegetable Garden Set. It comes with everything the Sylvanian Families need to grow their own food, including a vegetable plot, watering hose, rake, and much more. Once the garden is planted, they can relax in the Ornate Garden set, which comes with an iron-look table and four chairs.
You can also buy as much or as little furniture for the Sylvanian Families’ homes as you like. Popular choices include:
  • The Children’s Bedroom Set comes with bunk beds that can be separated into two separate beds, a painted dresser with working drawers, a calendar, and teddy bear.
  • The Cottage Bathroom Set comes with more than 35 detailed pieces, including a bath, shower, and washbasin.
  • The Cottage Kitchen Set has more than 40 pieces and all the kitchen accessories your Sylvanian Families could need. It includes a round table and two chairs, chopping board, saucepan, hob and oven. It also has a tea pot, kitchen sink, and cupboards. With the included stickers, you can make your own tile designs.
  • The Deluxe TV set is the perfect place for your Sylvanian Families to relax and watch their favourite show. The TV set and cabinet has four TV scenes, and the screen really lights up when you turn it on.
  • The Washing Machine Set lets your Sylvanian Families keep their clothes clean and tidy. It has a Twintub washing machine, soap powder, ironing board and iron, clothes airer, water spray, and laundry basket.
  • Have a party with the Ballroom Set. It includes a grand piano.

Tips to consider if you are buying Sylvanian Families Toys    

  • Always review the recommended age. Many of the Sylvanian Families items are designed for children over the age of 4.
  • Look for sets that easily fold up for storage or transport. Larger items from the Sylvanian Families line usually unfold to reveal the living quarters inside, then fold back up to save room.
  • A few items, such as the Nightlight Nursery Set, require batteries. If you buy something that requires batteries, check to see whether they are included or whether you’ll need to buy batteries separately.
  • If your child wants a particular animal, ask if she has a preference for colour. Many of the animals are available in different families, which have different colours. If she already collects Sylvanian Families figures, she may be looking for an exact item.
  • Try to buy enough different figures and accessories to allow for maximum play opportunities. Your child will have much more fun being able to have several different animal families interact, shop at stores, drive on pretend holidays, and more.
  • The toys are well-built and meant to last for a long time. However, you should still encourage your child to use care with the items, especially dressing and undressing the figures. The clothing can become lost or torn if children aren’t careful.
  • Make sure you have storage options for the clothes and other small accessories. It’s easy to lose these little pieces, which can diminish the fun or even ruin the play set entirely. 

Buying Guide to Sylvanian Families toys
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