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The Simpsons toys buying guide

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The Simpsons Toys Guide - An Introduction

The Simpsons is an animated television show created by Matt Groening. It’s a satire of the American working class lifestyle, with the Simpson family consisting of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. The show, which spoofs many aspects of American culture, is set in the fictional town of Springfield, deliberately obscured to reveal the state, as there are many towns called Springfield in the U.S.

The show debuted in 1989, beginning its 21st season in September 2009. In that time, they have broadcast more than 450 episodes and released a feature film. The show has won numerous awards, including Emmy Awards, Annie Awards, and a Peabody. The show holds the title of America’s longest-running sitcom, longest-running animated program, and longest-running prime time entertainment series.

Homer is a careless buffoon who works as a nuclear safety inspector. Marge is a stereotype of an American housewife. Bart is a 10-year-old trouble maker. Lisa is a smart 8-year-old activist. Maggie is a baby who communicates by sucking on her dummy. Their pets include a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and a cat named Snowball II. There have been several cats, each named Snowball, with the current Snowball V being renamed Snowball II. There are many quirky characters, ranging from teachers, friends, co-workers, relatives, and towns people.

Over the years, the Simpsons have spawned numerous toys, games, figures, DVDs, and more. Popular toys include ones based on particular episodes. If you want to buy Simpsons toys, either as a toy or a collectible, Price Inspector can help. Our buying guide gives you the research about the available toys, and then our Inspectors make sure you get the cheapest prices in the UK.

Figures and Dolls

There are many different configurations of dolls and figures for the Simpsons, with all the major characters represented. Popular choices include:

  • The Simpsons Figurines Series 1 Tin, subtitled Evergreen Terrace, features eight collectible figures made of vinyl. The figures come in a collector's tin and include the entire Simpsons family joined by Ned, Rod, and Todd Flanders.
  • There are several Action Figures sets, including Kamp Krusty. This set features Krusty and Bart figures. In the Belly of the Boss has Marge and Homer in scuba gear in the stomach of Mr. Burns.
  • The Kidrobot line has 24 of the iconic characters, each sold separately, including Lisa and Maggie. The figures are all made of vinyl and are 3 inches high. There are three secret figures. These items are supposed to be blind items so you don’t know which characters you are getting. However, some retailers have opened and resealed the packages to identify the characters for you.
  • If you’re a fan of Moe, consider buying a bobble head doll, Moe’s Tavern Clock, or Pin Pal Moe. Pin Pal Moe features Moe in his bowling uniform and comes with bowling ball and bag.
  • Get the Simpsons car which is remote controlled. It features flashing headlights and honking horn. The famous pink family car has the whole family in a humorous pose, with Bart dangling a doughnut in front of Homer and Grandpa riding in the boot.
  • Scalextric offers a Simpsons race set. This 1:64 scale racing set comes with 2.99m of track. The toy features Bart and Homer on skateboards, which have magnets to grip the tracks.
  • The Simpsons Shaker Maker lets you create and paint your own models. Fill the moulds with the special powder; add water, shake, and then paint when it’s dry. The set features Bart in two different poses.

Games and DVDs

With all the episodes and movies available, there are many different (DVD) collections.

  • Every year, the Simpsons’ Halloween episode is called the Treehouse of Horror. You can buy DVD collections of these popular episodes, which traditionally spoof Stephen King, Harry Potter, Ray Bradbury, and more. There are also collections that have each season’s episodes on DVD.
  • The Simpsons Movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. In the feature-length film, Homer must save Springfield from a disaster he created. The town is after the Simpson family who narrowly escape, only to be nearly torn apart by internal fighting. The story unfolds as Homer seeks his family’s forgiveness, and tries to save his town.
There are also numerous games to choose from, including Wii, PSP, and PlayStation. Buy Simpsons’ versions of classic board games like Monopoly or Scene It.
  • You can also get a snooker set. It comes with cue, case, and chalk, making it a great gift set for the Simpsons fan. It includes a two-piece queue, three cubes of chalk, and a self-fastening case. The cue is a Bart Trickster junior cue set with a 10mm tip.
  • The Simpsons dart set by Unicorn is engraved with Simpsons’ characters. It comes with a spare set of XL shafts, colour enhanced darts, and Simpsons flights. There’s also a Simpsons’ branded dart wallet. It features a three-sided zip closure, allowing it to open flat for added convenience.
  • With The Simpsons Top Trumps games, available in two different versions, players compete in a game of one-upmanship. Just choose the statistic on your card that you think can beat your opponents, such as hygiene, huggability, or shamelessness. The two packs can be combined to create an even larger game.



With the Simpsons’ images licensed on nearly every product you can imagine, you have many items to choose from to complete your Simpsons collection.

  • Get your Simpsons web cam that features Mr. Burns behind his desk, keeping an eye on you while you work. After all, a monitored worker is a good worker. It comes with a clip to attach the web cam to your laptop screen or flat panel monitor.
  • A Simpsons bag gives you a great way to carry all your Simpsons toys around. The three-piece backpack set comes with the backpack, drawstring bag, and zippered pencil case, all featuring skateboarding Bart.
  • The Simpsons trampoline, based on the classic Trampoline Nightmare episode, is strong enough to give you hours of fun outdoors. There’s a handlebar to give you extra support, and it features a colourful Bart design. This mini-trampoline is designed for children ages 3 and older. 
  •  There are numerous Simpsons bottle openers, such as the Duff Beer key ring. Some of the most fun items are the talking Homer bottle openers. Choose from Homer heads or full bodies, some of which have magnets to attach to your fridge. These have recordings of different Homer beer-related phrases that are activated when you use the opener. 
  •  Decorate your home with a Simpsons poster. Whatever style you like, there’s a poster to fit. Choose a large poster that includes the entire cast, one that includes famous quotes from your favourite characters, or Homer in a parody of the classic Scream painting. Get Homer and SpiderPig from the feature film, the family on the couch, or Homer as ScarFace.

Tips to consider before buying The Simpson Toys

  • Understand whether you’re buying a collectible or a toy. Collectible figures are more expensive and are designed to be used as a display item, not played with. Many collectors prefer to keep these items in the package to preserve their value.
  • Read the recommended age for the items. Many of the items, especially the collectors figures, are not designed for young children. The video games are designed for older children, ages 12 and up, due to inappropriate content, while some of the other toys would present choking hazards for children under 3.
  • While The Simpsons have die-hard fans around the world, they also have their critics, including those who feel the show is anti-religion or that Bart is a poor role model for children. If you are buying for someone else’s child, talk to the parents if you are unsure of their feelings about the show.
  • If you are buying collectible items, especially retired items, consider buying a price guide that will give you detailed information about the item’s market value.
  • When you buy used items for your collection, inspect the condition and quality carefully. Collectible items must be in mint or near-mint condition to hold their value.
  • If you are buying DVDs of particular seasons, check to see which episodes are included. With 20 seasons to choose from, it’s easy to forget which episode aired in which year. There are episode guides available, either online or in print, if you need additional help identifying your favourite episode. These are especially helpful if you don’t remember the title of the episode, just the main plot points. 

Buying Guide to The Simpsons toys
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