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Toasters buying guide

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Introduction to Toasters

For all you toast lovers out there, the major consideration is whether you are a popper or not, that is, are you looking for the standard type of pop up toaster, or do you plan on being more extravagant in which case an oven toaster may be your kind of thing.

"Price Inspector, I haven't really got a clue which type of toaster to buy, any ideas on how to help me choose?"

Of course we can. There are 3 types of toaster in the market today.

  • Standard Toaster - The standard models generally range from 2 slice, 4 slice or 6 slice. They also come available in different finishes such as brown, white, chrome and we recommend if you only use at breakfast time.
  • Pro Toaster - Very weighty and expensive compared to the standard toaster, these babies look great (aluminium style) and often come as eight slice toasters - these are very durable and a must if you have a large family to feed!
  • Toaster Oven - A different way to toasting, the oven is the least likely to choose - not a good option of kitchen space is limited. Not ideal for toast lovers, they will never make your toast as good!

Consider the following features when buying a new toaster:

  • Number of slots - whether it be 2 slice or 8 slice you should decide before you buy as more slots means more expense. However, if you have a large family, having more slots will reduce the time spent making your toast.
  • Slot depth is also important - standard is 25cm and will fit most sized bread and even baguettes.
  • The pop up feature - make sure your toaster has a decent spring, as this is generally one of the first things that will show wear and tear after regular use. A word of caution here, if your toast gets stuck in your toaster, NEVER attempt to extract it without turning off at the mains!!
  • Cleaning - most come with a slide out tray for easy cleaning of your toaster.

Popular toaster brands

Our price detectives have outlined the best brands for toasters:

Buying Guide to Toasters
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