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Toy Story toys buying guide

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 Toy Story Toys Guide - An Introduction

Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story is one of the most successful and best-loved children’s movie collections of all time, where the toys come to life. In the first story, favourite cowboy doll Woody is dismayed when he loses the position of Andy’s favourite toy to newcomer Buzz Lightyear. Buzz thinks he’s a real space ranger, not realizing he’s just a toy. Resentful of the new favourite, Woody tries to hide Buzz from Andy, but Buzz is accidentally knocked out of a window. The plot unfolds are Woody tries to rescue Buzz and make it home before the family moves to their new home.

Toy Story has received universal acclaim from critics, with praise for the advanced computer animation and the lovable story line. The voice talents have also been praised, including Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, and perennial Pixar favourite John Ratzenberger as Hamm.

The Toy Story franchise has spawned three sequels, a spin-off Buzz Lightyear cartoon show, and countless toys and games. If you have a Toy Story fan, you can’t go wrong with nearly any of the related items.

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There are many popular Toy Story figures, with the main characters being Woody and Buzz Lightyear. To make sure you’re buying the right one, familiarise yourself with these characters.

  •  Woody is an old-fashioned pull-string cowboy doll who has been Andy’s favourite toy for years. He’s the leader of the toys, with a special spot reserved on Andy’s bed. After a their initial rocky start, Woody and Buzz eventually become best friends and lead Andy’s toys together. Woody’s girlfriend is the porcelain Little Bo Peep lamp. 
  •  Buzz Lightyear is Andy’s newest toy, a Space Ranger from Star Command. Woody is jealous by all the attention Buzz receives, and Buzz thinks he’s a real Space Ranger. When he finally figures out he’s a toy, it’s up to Woody to console him. 
  •  Hamm is a wise-cracking piggy bank who is close friends with Mr. Potato Head. He is voiced by John Ratzenberger, who has been role in every Pixar film. 
  •  Mr. Potato Head is the classic Mr. Potato Head toy from Playskool. He’s moody, jealous, and sarcastic. He can separate his parts and store them in a special storage compartment. He is married to Mrs. Potato Head, one of Andy’s sister’s toys.
  • Rex is a large Tyrannosauras rex who is timid and has an inferiority complex.
  • Sarge is the commander of a bucket of toy soldiers He and the soldiers are highly disciplined and used by the toys for reconnaissance missions, such as finding out what Andy is getting for his birthday.
  • Slinky dog is a toy dachshund with a slinky in his mid-section. Slinky is Woody’s loyal friend, even when the other toys turn against Woody. 
  •  RC is a remote control car. He doesn’t talk, but Mr. Potato Head can understand his motor sounds.
  • Jessie is a cow girl doll who is introduced in the second movie. She is a lovable red head who becomes like a brother to Woody. There is some romantic interest between her and Buzz. Her horse is Bullseye.
  •  The Toy Story aliens are short, green aliens with three eyes and a small antennae on top of their heads. They are discovered in the claw game at the Pizza Planet restaurant, and they immediately become part of the toy family, looking to Buzz as their leader. 
  •  The Emperor Zurg is the sworn enemy of Buzz Lightyear and the aliens. He appears in the second movie and the Buzz Lightyear spin-off cartoons.

 Books, DVDs, and Games

  • There are several different Toy Story DVDs, including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. You can buy them separately, or there are box sets that combine the first two movies or all three movies, depending on when the set was released.
  • The Toy Story Animated Storybook is a computer game where toys come alive by clicking on the word or picture. Explore fun places and play crazy games in this wacky world.
  • Toy Story Rocket Escape brings to life a favourite scene from the first Toy Story movie, where Buzz and Woody try to get back to the moving van by flying a rocket. This toy comes with the Woody and Buzz action figures, and the rocket has lights and sounds with several talking phrases.
  • The Toy Story memory game puts a new twist on the classic memory matching game. No reading is required, as children just try to find matching pairs of cards with Toy Story characters.
  •  Toy Story puzzles are fun choices, including a Toy Story jigsaw. Children learn shape recognition and fine motor skills through jigsaw puzzles. There are many different sizes and number of pieces available, making it easy to match your child’s skill level.
  • A Toy Story art set or colouring book lets your child discover his or her inner artist. The popular 68 piece art set comes with everything your child needs, including a carrying case, markers, water colours, oil pastels, crayons, 12 colouring pencils, paint palette, paint brushes, ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser, and glue.
  • Toy Story walkie talkie sets are a classic favourite. There are versions that look like what a real Space Ranger would use, or you can choose ones that look like Buzz Lightyear figures.

Costumes, Clothes, and Decorations

Your little Toy Story fan will love this theme for a birthday party. Choose either the classic Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear of Star Command theme, and your party is set. While each theme has all the items you need, including cups, plates, banners, balloons, and more, you don’t have to limit yourself. For classic Toy Story, you can include anything of a cowboy theme, while Star Command lends itself well to outer space and aliens. Generic red bandannas make a fun party favour for guests if you choose the cowboy option.

Toy Story fans have long enjoyed dressing like their favourite characters. There are even adult-sized Buzz costumes, so you and your child can dress alike or as part of the set.

  • Deluxe Woody costumes come with the hat, bandanna, boot covers, and empty gun holster, because of course Woody never carries a gun. There’s also a sheriff’s badge to complete the picture.
  • Woody accessory kits let you build your own costume with the cow print vest, bandanna, badge, and hat.
  • Buzz Lightyear costumes come with the Space Ranger jumpsuit and belt. Deluxe versions have wings on the back. Gloves are available to complete the look.
You can also decorate your child’s bedroom in full Toy Story. Popular items include bedding, lamps, and curtains. Choose a permanent wallpaper border or temporary wall stickers to bring some personality to their walls. Disney also makes laundry hampers, light switch covers, coat racks, and practically anything you need for the room.

Tips for you to consider before buying any Toy Story Toys

  • While Toy Story’s popularity has endured for years, children do eventually outgrow it. Keep this in mind and consider your child’s age when determining how much to invest. It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to replace Toy Story bedding. If you’re considering larger items like a bed, however, decide whether your child is young enough to get years of use from the item.
  • Consider whether you want to buy a toy or a collectible. An older child might like a collectible figure, but these are not appropriate for younger children as they are not designed for play.
  • Make sure any toys are designed for your child’s age. Toys may present a choking hazard for younger children, or they may just not be developmentally appropriate for your child.
  • Consider how your child wants to play. If he or she wants to recreate scenes from the movie or create new ones, make sure you have enough supporting characters to make this possible.
  •  Not all the toys have to be official Toy Story toys. For example, Slinky and Mr. Potato Head are identical to the original toys except for the packaging.
  • Consider educational toys with the Toy Story theme. Video games and board games are all available with the Toy Story theme, making learning fun for your child.
  •  Lights, recorded voices, or sound effects make Toy Story toys more fun and exciting for your child.
  • Look at the toy’s size. For a very young child, the larger figures with voice boxes and batteries might be too large or too heavy. Dropping these toys repeatedly may cause them to stop working. 

Buying Guide to Toy Story toys
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