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As a Price detective, Price Inspector can get a bit obsessed with filing, so we thought we would pick out some his most popular cases over the last few months.  Seeing as we are on the most searched for keyword beginning with the letter "U", here are a few suspects that he has been monitoring for the cheapest price possible over the past few months.

  • As it is still winter, the Classic Ugg Boots are still very fashionable, in fact, they generally stay fashionable throughout the year, we have many types of Uggs available on Price Inspector. Ugg Cardy Boots are also still very popular, and come in a variety of Ugg type colours.
  • Space can be tight in most people's kitchen these days, so many of you have been searching for a compact Under Counter Fridge Freezer or Under Counter Freezer to save on space.  You can even hide them away and integrate them into your kitchen with matching unit doors. If you don't need a freezer, then you can get the best price on an Under Counter Fridge as well.
  • Most blokes will lose the original TV remote control that first came with the television set, and quite often, many people get confused with having 3 or 4 different remotes for the TV, SKY, dvd player, games console.  So, people having been looking for a Universal Remote Control, which will control all of your electricals at once!
  • Having watched with amazement the latest series of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" on Channel 4, more and more brides are looking for a unique wedding dress to stand out from the standard white gowns.  I have to draw the line though at pink and flashing LED lights!
  • A great Underwater Digital Camera can enhance the quality of your pictures while you are scuba diving, in fact, its a very popular product in high demand these days.  We've got some great prices on these type of cameras.
  • I don't claim to know much about music, but many of our users have been on the look out for a usb audio mixer, I guess its for those who like to do a bit of mixing on the move, innit?! Our music lovers have also been looking for the cheapest usb midi interface...
  • Uggs have branched out into the homeware sector, you can now get yourself a nice, comfy pair of ugg slippers, especially while its still freezing outside.
  • During the cold freeze, many people have been hit will massive heating and repair bills for their house boiler, we have had a large demand for the best prices on Used Combi Boilers.
  • Many women and girls try to create that perfect shape have been searching for an under bust corset to help them create the hour glass figure. Indulging at Christmas may have dented their efforts!  The ultimo bra might help your cause.  Either way, Underwear has been a very popular search recently.
  • Sink units can take a hammering, especially within a family home, many of you have been looking for cheap prices on an Undermount Sink - I believe there are some great tips on how to remove stubborn stains from sinks, have a search about. Storage can also be a problem for most kitchens, which might explain our users doing many searches for under sink storage - other popular kitchen items beginning with "U" include Under Cabinet Lighting, also known as pelmet lighting, really does enhance the mood of any kitchen.  Uplighters are also a very popular type of lighting, but more so for the lounge where it creates a calming type of light which reflects nicely onto the wall and ceiling, especially if you buy the right uplighter shade
  • Some of our patriotic users have been searching for all things Union Jack - whether its a fashion statement, or to support the nation in football, rugby or cricket, we have had a lot of searches for Union Jack Shorts, Jacket, or even a Flag
  • USB devices are becoming more and more popular these days, so its no surprise that many of our users are looking for the cheapest in portable products including a Sound Cards, Wireless Adapters, Freeview, Memory, DVD Players, Projectors, External Sound Cards, Charger Plugs, Mixing Desks and Converters
  • As heating bills drastically increased due to our cold UK winters (which local weather forecasters say will be a regular thing now), many of our users looked to replace their old windows in order to keep the heat in the homes.  A big surge for house windows continues, as well as new UPVC doors.
  • Keeping your pearly whites clean these days have been made easier with the introduction of Electric toothbrushes such as the Ultrasonex Toothbrush - this one even tells you to change brushing direction every 30 seconds!
  • We hadn't heard of this aftershave until recently, but you can't really miss it on the shelves! Ultraviolet Aftershave by Paco Rabanne is a very popular mens fragrance at the moment, and a snip at around £20 for 100ml will last for a few good nights out.
  • It seems we still like the Umbro brand, even though it reminds us all of over-paid England footballers, the classic Umbro Jacket is still as popular as ever, with demand still high for it.  If only Premier League footballers could remain as loyal to their clubs, as our users do to this jacket...
  • Finally, on the popular hit list for "U" is the good ol' Ukulele - this George Formby style banjo is a great way of having a good old sing song, especially when you get the family together for special occasions.  If only they had a demonstration button so you could actually look like you know how to play it!
Buying Guide to "U"
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