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Ugg Boots buying guide

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Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots Boots produces some of the most popular and best-known boots in the world. Known for their comfortable boots, Uggs also makes shoes, slippers, and sandals. Uggs are great for any season, keeping your feet warm in winter but cool in summer, making them popular with celebrities and fans around the world. The sheepskin lining is the secret to their year-round comfort.

Ugg boots are known as luxurious, comfortable boots, while remaining accessibly priced. These boots are designed for everyday comfort, while staying fashionable. The target customer for Ugg boots will value comfortable shoes made of the high- quality materials. If this describes you, Ugg Boots may be the perfect shoe for you. These shoes and boots are made using only the finest quality suedes, leathers, and sheepskin.

Some of the advantages of Ugg boots include:

  • Comfort: twin-faced sheepskin is treated on both the interior fleece and the outer skin. This translates to a more comfortable boot.
  • Dryness: With real sheepskin, the boots will breathe better. This lets air circulate freely, naturally wicking moisture away to keep your feet dry. Some imitation Ugg-style boots use synthetic sheepskin. This will create a much less comfortable boot.
  • Natural Thermostatic: Sheepskin has natural thermostatic properties, keeping bare feet at a comfortable body temperature regardless of the temperature outside.
  • Odour Resistance: Ugg boots are naturally resistant to unwanted odours.

Whatever style you want, short or tall, boot or sandal or slipper, Price Inspector is here to make sure you buy the best Uggs at the best prices in the UK. We compare prices at all the shops so you can be confident that your new shoes are a great deal.

Women’s Ugg Boots

While the Classic Ugg design is similar for both men and women, there are some differences, especially for sizing and sometimes colour. Womens Ugg Boots will be cut more narrowly than men’s boots, both through the foot and through the calf for a tall boot. Most women will find a more comfortable fit buying a women’s size rather than the closest men’s size. However, if you have larger feet or calves, consider visiting a local retailer to try on both styles for comparison.

Some of the popular women’s styles include:

  • Bailey Button Ugg Boots: The Ugg Bailey Button features an attractive wooden button on the size for a distinctive look. Their split side lets you wear the boot at two different heights: unfolded to mid-calf or cuffed to ankle height. It is available in several different colours, including chocolate, chestnut, black, bomber, sand, and grey.
  •  Classic Tall Ugg Boots: Ugg’s Classic Tall boot is made with twin-faced sheepskin. The boot’s fine craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen in the raw seams and the strengthened heel. The upper on this knee-high boot can also be folded to provide an alternate look.
  • Classic Short Ugg boots: The luxurious twin-faced sheepskin lining will make the classic short boot one of the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear. Its reinforced heel and raw seams will give you years of wearing enjoyment.
  • Ugg Cardy Boots: The exception to the normal leather Ugg style is the Ugg Cardy design. This features a knitted boot upper with three buttons. The upper is made from a Merino wool blend, and it can be worn in three different positions: pulled up, cuffed over, or slouched down.

In addition to classic Ugg boots, there are several different styles and variations available, letting you choose the design that’s right for you.

  • Bailey Button Triplet: The Bailey Button Triplet is one of the hottest new designs. Taking the classic Bailey Button style, the Bailey Button Triples is a taller boot with 3 buttons on the upper. These buttons are both stylish and functional, letting you wear the Bailey Button Triplet either cuffed or tall.
  • Ugg Kensington: The double straps and buckles on the tall boot shafts combine with an oiled finish to create a rich new look. This design features genuine sheepskin lining and lightweight EVA soles.
  • Ugg Kenly: One of the new Ugg styles, and Kenly adds a quarter zip to the classic Ugg design. This makes it easier to pull your boots on and off. The inbuilt slipper also makes it easier to pull on and off.

Men’s Uggs

In addition to the classic Ugg boot, mens Uggs are also available in a more rugged design:

  • The Ugg Driskell: From the Ugg Wilderness collection, the Driskell combines traditional, masculine styles, lightweight outers, and comfortable sheepskin linings. The metallic buckles and full-grain waterproof upper make this an attractive, functional boot.
  • The Ugg Rockville: Ugg’s Rockville boot combines waterproof, full-grain leather uppers with a unique twist. The boot comes with interchangeable liners in either leather or sheepskin. The sheepskin wicks moisture away naturally to keep your feet dry. The rubber outsoles provide heavy traction.
  • The Ugg Falbrok: The newest men’s design in Uggs, the Fallbrook features either burnished or oiled leather uppers and a genuine sheepskin lining. The Poron footbed gives you unparalleled comfort.

Other Designs

The comfort of Ugg boots is not limited to just boots. Ugg slippers are a new, luxurious offering for indoor Ugg enjoyment.After a long day on your feet, slip into your new Ugg slippers for the best comfort and warmth you can imagine. The natural thermostat of sheepskin keeps your bare feet comfortable in all temperatures. Designs are available in scuffs, slides, loafers, and ankle boots.

Ugg also makes shoes for both men and women. From trainers to clogs, the wool interior and sheepskin lining keep your feet dry and comfortable, regardless of your activity or the weather. Trainers have leather uppers and gum soles, while clogs offer leather uppers and wooden soles.

The sandals take a step away from wool and sheepskin, but they still provide a patch of sheepskin on the heel bed for comfort. The remainder of the sole is made of wrapped cork to give you the ultimate comfort and support. The soft leather straps also contribute to a comfortable fit.

The Plumdale is a kids’ design, letting your kids be comfortable, warm, and stylish. The exposed sheepskin collar with a suede tassel adds a fun touch. It features EVA molded rubber soles for traction and durability.

Things to consider when buying Ugg Boots

  • Sizing: Most Ugg boots are manufactured according to United States sizes. When they are imported to the UK, the distributors convert these to standard UK sizes, which may translate to a ½ size unfamiliar to most UK wearers. With Ugg boots, you may want to try on a pair at a local shop first to determine if you should move up or down to the closest size.
  • Fit: Uggs are supposed to mould to your foot, so look for a snug fit. However, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. After the sheepskin moulds to your foot shape, it should feel natural, like a second skin.
  • Socks: You do not need to wear socks with your Uggs. They are designed for bare feet. Sheepskin naturally pulls moisture away while keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike other materials, it also resists odour.
  • Cleaning: Don’t use any cleaning products; simply blot or wipe gently with a soft, damp cloth. Do not machine wash, even the wool designs, and never use any chemicals or brushes. Many manufacturers also sell a cleaning kits specifically designed to care for your Ugg boots.
  • Weather: Uggs are good for all weather except wet conditions. Even though you may want to wear them every day, you have to avoid rain and snow. Water will stain these boots and leave them vulnerable to stretching. If you keep them dry, you’ll be able to love your Ugg boots for many years.
Buying Guide to Ugg Boots
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