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Valentines Gifts buying guide

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Valentines Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it’s time to find the gifts for all the special people in your life. Whether you are shopping for a spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, Price Inspector will help you find the perfect gift. As always, we work hard to bring you the cheapest prices in the U.K. We compare prices to make sure you always get the best deal.

Valentine's Day is the one day when everyone is expected to find the perfect Valentines gift that expresses your true feelings. That can sometimes be difficult, whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for years. Our buying guide will help you find a great gift, regardless of who you are shopping for. While you are doing your shopping, don’t forget to pick up a Valentines Day card!

Not every gift has to be a serious, romantic gift. Every couple is different, and the right gift for your relationship might be funny or silly. Some couples enjoy sexy gifts, while other relationships are not at that stage or would find it embarrassing. Just consider the interests and personality of the recipient, and you're sure to find a great gift. Whatever type of you need, Price Inspector will help you find it.

If you are still stumped after reading all of our suggestions, why not consider the classic Valentines Day chocolate gift? You can’t go wrong with this wide array of choices, ranging from a handmade pink ‘shoe’ to personalised chocolate bars to a wine and chocolate assortment.

Valentines Gifts for Her

There are a number of factors that will influence the appropriate gift for the special woman in your life, and each relationship stage can bring its own unique challenges. Maybe you have been together for years and are running out of original gift ideas, or maybe you are in a new relationship and looking for the gift that sends the right message for your particular relationship stage. Here are some timeliness gifts, as well as a few new ideas she is sure to love.

  • Jewellery: With jewellery, it helps to know her specific tastes. Does she prefer silver or gold? Does she lean toward a classic gemstone ring or funky costume jewellery? If you already know these answers, it can help narrow the choices. Even if you don’t, however, you can still find the perfect jewellery gift for Valentine's Day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    A love letter necklace is a sweet way to tell her how you feel, even if you are lost for words. There are several different styles to choose from, such as a silver envelope-shaped locket that opens to review a message of ‘I Love You’ inside. Another design features a gold envelope charm accompanied by flower and heart charms. You can create a custom charm necklace with charms featuring her initials, hearts, flowers, the word ‘Love,’ or other designs with a special meaning. However you say it, she will get the message loud and clear.

    Remember love heart sweets, those little candies shared on the playground with special messages? Now you can commemorate those feelings with a silver love heart. Also available in gold, this silver plated version of the candy is the perfect grown-up way to say ‘I love you’ or another special message.

    Tell her you love your little devil with a devil tail necklace. One design features a fine silver heart and red enamel devil tail combination, with two silver heart charms and red beads suspended below. Another design is a silver devils tail charm with a red enamel heart. Both sterling silver designs offer a modern, passionate feel.
  • Stuffed Animals: Stuffed animals are a traditional romantic gift for women. If you are in the early stages of a relationship, a small teddy bear holding your message of love might be the perfect present. If you are looking to make a bigger statement, however, consider giving her a larger stuffed animal accompanied by a flower arrangement, perfume, or chocolates. One word of caution: Think carefully before buying an especially large stuffed animal, as she may not have room for it after Valentine's Day.
  • Flowers: A rose bouquet is another traditional Valentine's Day gift. The colour of the rose offers different meanings, and the most common is a dozen red roses, often presented in an attractive vase. If you want a different colour, pink is used to express gratitude, white symbolizes purity, and yellow is for friendship.
  • Lingerie: While every relationship is different, some women may interpret a gift of lingerie to be more for you than for her. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy lingerie, of course! Just make sure it’s something she will feel comfortable wearing, that fits her style. A silk robe is an elegant choice that most women would love. Silk pajamas are another luxurious gift, and they are available in shorts, long pants, or dress style.
  • Bath gifts: Give her the pampering she deserves with a bath gift set. You can choose a love set with themes ranging from ‘Love in Vegas’ glitz and glamour to organic or handmade sets. If the set you choose doesn’t include them, you can add a collection of candles for intimate mood lighting. You can also choose bath lights, a set of waterproof lights that create mood lighting without the risk of fire or accidental dousing. Add chocolates and some Champagne, and you have a lovely gift that shows how much you care.
  • A personalised compact will let her think of you every time she checks her makeup. Choose from several designs, including a heart, handbag, or other design that fits her personality.

Valentines Gifts for Him

Many people find it hard to shop for men for Valentine's Day. They may not get that excited about flowers or candy, and items they love might not seem that romantic. However, there are many gifts he will enjoy that still get your message across.

  • Personalised gifts: Many items can be engraved with a brief message, even as simple as just your initials, reminding him of your love every time he uses it. If he smokes cigars or cigarettes, consider a personalised petrol lighter.

    If he doesn’t need a lighter, he might like glasses etched with his initials. There are sets perfect for vodka, brandy, or wine. You can pair it with a personalised bottle of his favourite drink. You can also personalise useful items such as cufflinks, a watch, or a pen set.
  • Food: What better way to your man’s heart than through his stomach? Starting with serving him breakfast in bed, show your love with a love toast stamp. These clever little stamps press a message into the untoasted bread that shows lighter after toasting. Whether you choose hearts or a message of love, it can be a fun way to start the day.

    You can continue your feast later in the evening with specially shaped pasta. You can choose to be romantic with pasta hearts, or you can be a little naughty with penis-shaped pasta. Either way, he will love the fun touch to your romantic meal. Finish off the evening with a chocolate pizza and a dessert wine.
  • Non-traditional gifts: Sometimes, the best way to say ‘I love you’ is to get a gift he will love. If he’s not the type who would enjoy a mushy, romantic gift, don’t waste your money buying one. Instead, buy something that says ‘I know you’ such as a personalised football book. These commemorative books are individually bound, cover all the historical highlights of his favourite football team, and includes a personalised label with his name and your greeting.

    A personalised football picture will make any football fan’s dreams come true. The picture was taken in your favourite team’s actual dressing room, and his name will be personalised on one of the jerseys pictures. Around the edge are stars’ signatures, with a place for his name and signature. Choose from Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, or Arsenal.

    For a Star Wars or sci-fi fan, consider a Star Wars bath robe. Whether he wants to dress like a Jedi robe or a more understated look with a Darth Vader helmet embroidered lapel, he’ll love that you understand his passions.

    If you still can’t find the right gift for your man, why not consider a naughty knot? Complete with tie-it-yourself instructions, you can cover all your important bits with the red satin ribbon, complete with a large bow across the chest. When he’s ready to unwrap his present, it comes loose with a simple tug. It fits any woman or man from 4’11” to 6’, from small to large busts.

Intimate Valentines Gifts

If you want to spice up your Valentine's Day celebration, consider an intimate gift for the two of you. Whether you choose sexy lingerie, massage oil, or a board game, you will quickly get the party started.

  • Games: There are several different adult games to choose from, including Monogamy, Nookii, Let’s Play Doctor, Lust, and Fetish. Choose the level of intimacy and daring you desire, and you will find the perfect game to match.
  • A massage gift is a great way to start your evening, both relaxing and sensual. Different gift sets are available that include massage oils, warming stones, or candles. Set the mood with some relaxing music, and you have all the accessories to create a great evening. If you prefer, you can schedule a couples massage at a nearby spa, or even book a weekend getaway.
  • A couples experience gift creates a fun way to reconnect with your loved one. Whether you choose a couples photo package, a spa day for two, or something that gets the adrenaline pumping like a flight experience gift, there are numerous packages to perfectly fit your interests. The important thing is to choose something you will enjoy doing together, which will create a lifetime of memories.
  • Lingerie: Whether you want daring or traditional, romantic or sexy, your choices are nearly limitless. Remember candy necklaces? Now you can choose a candy g-string, posing pouch, or bra. If that’s not your style, consider a garter belt or g-string set. Complete the look with some sexy shoes.

    Men are not left out when it comes to sexy underwear. You can buy him silk boxers if he is more conservative, and silk pajamas paired with a silk robe will be both luxurious and romantic. For a little fun role playing, you can even get him a Rocky robe so he can be your favourite boxer, at least for the night.
  • Body paint is another fun way to enjoy your dessert without as many calories. Available in flavours such as chocolate or strawberry, you can paint designs on your partner’s body, and then sample your art work.

Funny Valentines Gifts

Valentine's Day doesn’t always have to serious; sometimes you just need a good laugh. Whether you want to lighten the mood or just know your loved one enjoys a good joke, Valentine's Day creates a great opportunity to give fun gifts.

  • A knitted willy warmer will keep him warm on those chilly evenings. Choose from funny designs like an elephant or snake, or maybe he would prefer a classic sweater pattern.
  • A willy care kit is another way to show you care. These include all the grooming essentials to keep him looking his best. Kits includes such items as a fluffing brush, sprucing mirror, styling shears, and bracelet with medallion for those special evenings.
  • The Happy Man collection of gag gifts is sure to keep you laughing through cocktail hour! Each item is sold separately, so you can pick and choose your favourites. Items include the bottle stopper, corkscrew, and bottle opener.
  • For the Borat fan in your life, consider a mankini. Available in florescent green or leopard print, this suspender-style men’s bikini is sure to keep everyone laughing!
  • The 3D Mould A Willy Kit lets you create a detailed, three-dimensional replica of his willy. Show just how much you like his tool by creating a custom mould together. You can spray the final product bronze for a perfect bedroom trophy.

Unique Valentines Gifts

Tired of giving the same old Valentine's Day gift, year after year? Maybe you want to surprise your long-time love with something new, or maybe you want something for your new love, different from what he or she has received in past relationships. Price Inspector has gathered a collection of unique gifts, sure to stand out.

  • My Last Rolo: This gift collection shows you care enough to share your last sweet, a wonderful gesture of love and romance. Choose an engraved Rolo in silver or gold personalised with your unique message in a lovely presentation box. If you want jewellery, you can choose a bracelet in several different designs. Choices include a gold charm for her charm bracelet, a t-bar bracelet with a diamond-set mini Rolo, or a snake style chain with mini charm.
  • Send a secret message of love for a unique, romantic gift. Your loved one will enjoy figuring out your message if you choose a pen that can only be read with the special ultraviolet torch. Send a message from Cupid with the Secret Message Arrow. Simply write your love letter on one of the scrolls, roll it tightly, and insert it in the silver arrow for presentation to your loved one.
  • Consider a hand warmer for those times when you’re not there to keep her hands warm. They come in different designs, such as a miniature hot water bottle, fish, owls, panda bear with heart, and more. Simply push the metal popper to activate, and then keep in your gloves for extra warmth. They can be boiled to recharge the warmers up to 15 times, so they will give many uses for a small price.
  • Since Valentine's Day comes in the often-gloomy winter season, bring a little sunshine to your loved one with the Sun Jar. Store it on a windowsill by day, and it looks just like an ordinary jam jar. But by night, this clever invention begins to shine. The rechargeable LED light is powered by a solar cell that charges during the day. At night, you have a jarful of sunshine (yellow), moon light (blue), or ambient light (pink), depending on the colour you choose. They are waterproof, so they are also good for camping. Keep them handy for emergencies or just to create a welcome glow in your home.
  • Cheer her up on even the rainiest days with a heart shaped umbrella. Available in red, hot pink, or light pink, these large umbrellas will keep her dry and bring a smile to her face at the same time.
Buying Guide to Valentines Gifts
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