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Windows 7 Phone buying guide

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Windows 7 phone

Released 16th December 2010
Windows 7 phones have arrived in the UK, and Price Inspector brings you the cheapest prices possible. There are a few different models to choose from, and we help you find the best one for your needs.

As Windows 7 is relatively new to the UK, more manufacturers are sure to join the market, making the decision even harder. That’s why Price Inspector gives you the information you need about features and functions, letting you easily pick your phone.

After you decide on the best phone, shop for your new phone at Price Inspector, and we’ll get you the best deal. We shop all the UK stores to ensure you always get a cheap price.

HTC Trophy

The HTC Trophy phone offers a vivid display screen and fits easily in your hand. It performs well for gaming, with a performance-packed 1 GHz processor. It also offers high fidelity sound to enhance your music and gaming experiences.

The 3.8 inch touch screen offers pinch-to-zoom functionality. The HTC Trophy also offers a 5 megapixel colour camera that has flash, HD video recording, and auto focus. You can easily enhance your pictures into masterpieces with just one touch. Auto-enhance lets you adjust the colour and brightness for a perfect picture. The internal GPS will keep you from getting lost, and you can connect wirelessly with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections.

The HTC Trophy also offers the powerful gaming function of Xbox LIVE, making it perfect for any gaming enthusiast. Another great app is the HTC Hub, which incorporates the weather into vivid 3D images. It provides forecasts for your location or for other cities, letting you know what to expect wherever you go.

The HTC Trophy’s Sound Enhancer provides virtual surround sound with equalizer for a better listening experience. The equalizer’s presets automatically mix the treble, bass, and vocals for the best performance, regardless of your preferred music style.

The Stocks app let you stay in touch with the financial markets, providing up-to-date information. Check your stock prices and check the indices. You can even define up to 30 stocks to more easily track their progress. Rotate the phone to view in full-screen.

Ever been embarrassed because you couldn’t shut off the ringer when you get a call at an inappropriate time? With the HTC Trophy, when you lift the phone to see who’s calling you, the ringer volume gets softer. To silence it complete, just flip the phone over. No more awkward fumbling trying to shut off your ringer.

The Flashlight app converts your phone to an LED flashlight that offers three levels of brightness. It can even flash an SOS signal if you have an emergency. The Converter app lets you convert weights, temperatures, distances, and more. It also converts currency based on current rates that are refreshed from the internet. Personalize your settings based on what you convert most often.

You can organize your notes in a fun, practical way. The Notes app lets you post your notes on a bulletin board. Over time, you’ll see them wrinkle and age. Simply swipe, turn the board over, and you can view your notes in a list format.

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

The Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone brings you everything that’s important on your phone. The smart tiles continually update with live feeds, helping you stay updated with just a glance. The Zune music player downloads and organizes your music, while Bing maps keep you from getting lost.

It comes with full Microsoft Office software, as well as Xbox LIVE games. The only downside is that it’s a larger phone and offers less memory than you may like. A good feature that offsets the phone’s size is the slide-out vertical keyboard, making it easy to text and email.

The Dell Venue measures 121 mm long by 62.9 mm wide by 15 mm tall. It weighs 180 grams and has a 4.1 inch screen. The Dell Venue offers a 5 megapixel camera, and it comes with a battery, charger, data cable, and wired stereo headset.

The Dell Venue offers several hubs to easily organize your life, including:

  • People Hub: Keep up-to-date with your friends by scanning Windows Live or Facebook feed. Dial and text your friends using the included address book.
  • Pictures Hub: With this feature, you can easily share photos to Facebook or Windows Live. With just the press of a button, take a picture and send it to friends listed in your People Hub. You can also post them online just as easily.
  • Games Hub: You can play games online with your friends, tracking your scores and wins in your gamer profile. There are more than 50 game titles that offer free demos before you buy, leader boards for Xbox LIVE, multiplayer games, and much more. The Dell Venue brings the community, consistency, and quality of Xbox to your mobile phone.
  • Music + Video Hub: With this function, you can quickly play movies, TV shows, or music. Create custom playlists, recommend your favourite songs to friends, or listen to your favourite podcasts.
  • Office Hub: This lets you view, edit, sync, and share your Microsoft Office documents. The SharePoint Workspace lets you easily collaborate on projects with your coworkers.
  • Marketplace Hub: Here you can buy apps for music, games, news, entertainment, sports, travel, social networking, or productivity. All apps are tested to provide a consistently good experience. You can also access the Marketplace with your PC, using Microsoft Zune software.

LG E900 Optimus

The LG E900 Optimus fits well into your digital life. Its Play-To feature is designed exclusively for the Optimus 7, allowing DLNA-based multi-media sharing. Users can access all their multimedia files, including video, picture, or music, using any DLNA compatible device. This means you can listen to the music stored on your phone with your home stereo speakers, and you can view your pictures on your television. Another exclusive feature for Optimus 7 is the Scansarch app. This uses Augmented Reality to connect you to a wealth of information. You can find real-time information about weather, dining, shopping, banking, or entertainment.

Its Voice-to-Text feature provides voice-to-text transcribes for Twitter and Facebook updates, memos, and emails. This gives you a hands-free alternative for keeping everyone updated, even when driving.

Popular Microsoft features include Zune and Xbox Live software. You’ll have access to all your favourite music and games, combining all your entertainment in one convenient location. You can also enjoy create high quality digital content with the handset. The HD video function provides recording and playback with stunning quality. It’s great for sharing online or offline.

The five megapixel camera provides a host of enhancements that let you capture the best picture every time. For example, Intelligent Shot optimises the settings, and Panoramic Mode lets you stitch together a complete 360 degree landscape.

The Live Tiles create a new approach to the traditional Start Screen, providing easier access to your services, information, and apps. Hubs include People, Pictures, Music + Video, Games, Office, and Marketplace.

The Optimus 7 offers a 3.8 inch LCD display with 800 x 480 pixels. This gives you great details for all your photos. The large screen size makes web browsing easy, but it still fits easily in your back pocket. It provides 16 GB of memory, storing plenty of room for your music, pictures, video, and apps. The large battery will give you hours of enjoyment, whether you’re reading an e-book, playing a game, chatting, or browsing the Internet.

 Popular Windows 7 Accessories

Once you have your new Windows 7 phone, you may decide you need accessories. We bring you all the popular choices for your mobile phone, including:

  • Batteries: Eventually, rechargeable batteries lose their effectiveness, and you’ll need a replacement. You may also like to have an extra battery for those times when you can’t stop to recharge your mobile phone. Never miss an important call again due to a dead battery. All mobile phones can have the battery replaced, so you won’t have to replace the phone when the battery dies. Some phones lose their data if the battery runs down, and with all your important information stored on the phone, you can’t afford to be without a battery.
  • Phone Cases: Getting a case for your mobile phone makes it easy and convenient to take your phone everywhere. It protects your phone from dust, damage, and small amounts of moisture. You can buy a case specifically designed for your Windows 7 phone, or you can buy a universal case, usually for less money. They come in all colours, designs, and materials, making it the perfect way to accessorize. Show your support for your favourite sports team, or just pick your favourite colour.
  • Protective Screens: Protect the delicate screen of your Windows 7 phone with a protective screen. These generally come in cut-to-fit sizes, so you can cheaply customise it to fit your specific phone. This lets you use your new phone with confidence, knowing that you’re not going to scratch the screen. You can also buy a special cleaning cloth, guaranteed not to scratch the surface when you clean those annoying fingerprints.
  • Mobile Phone Charms: Personalise your phone by adding your favourite charm. These are metal, fabric, or plastic accessories that hang on your phone, letting you express your personality. Spinnerz even light up and spin around when you place or receive a call or text. These are available in High School Musical and Hannah Montana designs, perfect for your tween girl.
  • Another popular mobile phone accessory is a car charger. Now you can keep your phone charged while you’re on the go, not having to worry about getting to an outlet to recharge.
  • A mobile phone headset gives you hands-free use of your phone. This is a safer alternative while driving, and it’s convenient to use anytime your hands and full.
  • A mobile phone car holder keeps your phone conveniently located in your car when you’re driving. No more fumbling for the phone in the bottom of your bag or having it accidentally slide onto the floor. You can even choose fun designs like Spiderman or a teddy bear.
Buying Guide to Windows 7 Phone
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