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Womens Boots buying guide

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Introduction to womens boots

Ladies boots come in an almost unbelievable variety. Whether you want to buy boots for fashion, work boots for safety, or thermal boots for warmth, there is a boot style perfect for you. Popular materials include emu boots, patent boots, leather boots, and more. You can find pink suede boots, sheepskin boots, and fur lined boots. Some popular brands, just to name a few, include Ugg Boots, Wellingtons, Doc Martens, and Timberland Boots.

As every woman knows, there’s no such thing as too many shoes. Whatever your budget or style, we can help you track down the perfect pair—or pairs!—of boots for you. As fashions and seasons change, so do women’s boots. If your black Wellies from last season have seen better days or if you’re just looking to update your style, it’s time to buy some boots.

The right pair of boots can complete your wardrobe, and you can even build an outfit based on the perfect pair of boots. You’ll actually want several different pairs for different occasions. After all, you won’t wear your new grey suede boots through the slushy streets in winter, just as you would wear safety work boots out on the town.

If you’re shopping for riding boots or cowboy boots, over knee boots or calf length boots, knee high boots or lace up boots, today women have an enviable selection to choose from. With all this variety, however, you could become overwhelmed and not even know where to start. Price Inspector has done the hard part for you, researching stores all over the UK to help you find cheap boots that you will love. Now you have the fun part, picking the style and colour!

Things to do when buying new boots

Shopping for boots online can often get you the best deals, especially using Price Inspector’s research. Many major shoe manufacturers are selling their boots at outlet store prices online. The only downside is that if you get the boots and they don’t fit, or they’re not quite the right look, you have to ship them back. To avoid the hassle and still take advantage of online shopping deals, try these suggestions:

  • Do some window shopping for boots before you buy online. You’ll want to try on several different styles so you know what fits, what you like, and what’s comfortable.
  • Try on both shoes and walk around for a few minutes in the store. If the heel slips more than an inch, the boots are too big. A little heel slippage is normal, but not so much that you’ll rub blisters.
  • Make sure your toes are not pinched on the sides or pushed up against the end of the boot. There should be at least a half inch of space between the ends of your toes and the boot toe. Your toes should not be pushing against the end of the shoe, rather there should be about a half an inch or more worth of space.
  • Finally, get familiar with how much your favourite brands cost in retail stores, so you will know what to expect when you are shopping online. You can find some great sales online, and you want to be ready to take advantage of these deals when you find them.

Size and Fit

Whether buying online or in a shop, size and fit are the most important part of buying a pair of boots, and it can be the most difficult. Even if you measure you foot and know exactly what size you wear, every manufacturer sizes boots just a little differently. Factors that will affect your fit include your foot’s thickness, width, and arch. How you walk and how you will wear your boots are also important factors. Also, don’t forget that leather and natural materials will usually stretch to fit your individual foot, within reason, while man-made materials do not.

Start with a professional measurement of your foot, and any shoe shop should be able to measure your foot. This is an important step even if you think you know your shoe size. Feet change over time, especially with changes in weight or following a pregnancy, and it’s important to make sure you know your current size.

Next, try to become familiar with a particular manufacturer’s sizing trends. If you have found a manufacturer that consistently provides a comfortable fit for your particular foot size and shape, you might consider starting with that manufacturer first.

Finally, always make sure you understand the return policy, especially if you are buying boots online. If you receive the boots and they don’t provide a comfortable fit, will they accept returns? Who will pay the return shipping? Can you return them to a retail store instead of by mail? What is the time limit on accepting returns? Most manufacturers will accept returns for at least a certain period of time, especially if the soles of the boots do not show any wear. Make sure to try the boots on immediately and walk only on carpet or a rug while testing them.

Type of boots

Women’s boots come in a variety of types, and you’ll want to know what you’re shopping for. We’ve provided some quick definitions for your buying convenience.

  • Riding boots are leather boots designed primarily for horseback riding, although they make an excellent fashion statement as well. They are high enough to keep the saddle from rubbing on your legs and have a low but defined heel. The soles are usually smooth or have a very light texture. There are two primary styles of riding boots: English and Western.
  • Work boots are primarily designed for comfort and safety rather than fashion. They may be waterproof or have steel reinforced toes. The most common styles are slightly above the ankle, lace-up, black boots. Although they were not originally designed as a fashion statement, many groups have adopted this look, such as punk groups.
  • Wellies or Wellingtons are pull-on boots made to be worn in rain or mud. Usually made of rubber, they are waterproof rain boots, but they are also used in many industrial settings.
  • Winter boots may be insulated or lined to provide warmth, and they are often water resistant to handle walking down slushy sidewalks. Make sure you know whether your boots are treated before wearing them in snow or rain.
  • Fashion boots are virtually unlimited in options. They range from ankle high to mid-thigh, flat to spike heels. Of course the colours and materials are also practically unlimited. Remember that the more trendy styles may make a bolder fashion statement, but they will also likely not provide as much wear as fashions change.


Once you’ve bought the perfect boots, don’t forget the rest of the accessories. Changing accessories can quickly update your entire look, usually for a reasonable cost. Adding a new scarf is the easiest place to start, but if don’t know how to find a scarf you’ll love, we have some tips for you.

Consider using a scarf to add a trendy touch to your classic outfit. For example, add a shimmery metallic scarf for an inexpensive update, rather than commit too much of your wardrobe dollars to a trend. In addition to being less expensive, it keeps you from taking a trend too far and ruining your look.

Always choose a scarf colour that flatters your skin tones. Scarves will be located near your face, and the right colour will help you look healthy and vibrant. The wrong colour can make you look tired, ill, or washed out.

Scarves are a great way to add contrasting texture and colours to your outfit. A classic wool suit looks great with a silky scarf. Chunky winter scarves can add a lavish, indulgent look to your winter coat. If you’re dressed in a monochrome outfit, such as basic black or winter white, you can easily add a splash of colour to make things interesting.

Don’t forget that scarves are a great way to stay warm, especially during those chilly winter months. Today scarves are available in warm and comfortable materials. If you plan to wrap the scarf against your face, make sure it is a soft texture that isn’t scratchy, and of course consider any allergies you may have, such as wool or angora. After all, hives will certainly ruin your fashion statement!

Buying Guide to Womens Boots
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