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Womens Shoes buying guide

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Womens Shoes Guide - An Introduction

For both men and women, shoes were originally made just to protect the wearer’s feet. This is still their primary function, but now shoes also make a fashion statement. Women’s shoes may be functional or decorative, practical or trendy, or anywhere in between. Ladies’ shoes have varied in design throughout history, such as whether it is fashionable to have a high heel or a pointed toe.

It is believed that humans have been wearing shoes for about 40,000 years. The earliest shoes were basically a leather bag to protect against cold and rocks. By the Middle Ages, shoe makers developed drawstrings to tighten the shoe and provide a better fit. As Europe became wealthier and more powerful, rich patrons began having artisans create unique, decorative shoes as a status symbol. Until the early 1800s, however, shoes did not differentiate between the right and left foot.

Today’s shoes are designed to fit any need or budget, whether you want a cheap flip-flop sandal or an expensive pair of high fashion shoes. Choose from athletic shoes like hiking boots, protective boots like Wellies, or warm slippers for chilly evenings. While traditionally shoes have been made from leather, wood, or canvas, modern shoe materials include rubber and plastic.

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Athletic and Casual Shoes

Athletic shoes are meant to support athletic performance. Some are for general sports like cross trainers, some are meant for one sport like jogging, and others are more for looks than performance.

  • Adidas shoes have been some of the best trainers since the 1980s. They are the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest world-wide behind Nike. Their famous shell-toe shoes have a hard rubber toe. They have long been known as one of the leading brands of basketball shoes in the world. 
  •  Birkenstocks are a German shoe brand known for the contoured cork-and-rubber insoles. Birkenstocks may be worn with socks or without, depending on the temperature. 
  •  Canvas shoes provide a cool, lightweight look for a casual shoe. They are often inexpensive lace-up sneaker-style shoes. 
  •  Dance shoes vary depending on the style of dance. Ballet shoes are soft, flexible leather shoes. Jazz shoes provide both traction and flexibility, usually with a low heel. Ballroom dance shoes have suede soles and usually two-inch heels. Latin American dance shoes are more flexible and have higher heels to shift the dancer’s weight onto the toes. There are also dance sneakers that combine the features of a sneaker and a dance shoe.
  • Lacoste high-end but casual, preppy shoe line includes tennis shoes, walking shoes, and deck shoes. They are identified by their famous green crocodile logo. 
  •  The Doc Martens line of shoes has an air-cushioned sole, making them a favourite for workers who spend a lot of time of their feet, such as postmen, factory workers, and police officers. They have also been popularized by youth subcultures like punks or grunge rockers. 
  •  Hush Puppies have a lightweight crepe sole and brushed-suede upper. They are comfortable, classic shoes that have again become popular with younger wearers. 
  •  Vans shoes have long been a favourite with skateboarders. Skateboarder shoes are known for their flat soles that to provide a better grip. Vans skate shoes come in different styles and colours specifically targeted toward this demographic.
  • Skechers were originally limited to skate shoes and utility boots, but the line has now diversified to add sports shoes and also to target the women’s market.


Boots may be fashionable, provide protection from the elements, or worn for sports. For example, hiking boots provide extra ankle support and rugged traction for use on the trails. Weather boots are either waterproof, lined for added warmth, or both. Fashion boots run the full range of heights, heels, materials, and colours.

  • Brown leather boots are a popular choice in any size and from a variety of manufacturers. A current favourite is the zip-up knee-high boot. This style can be worn over or under jeans and with long or short skirts, making them a versatile choice. Bronx Boots makes a great pair with a wedge boot sole and sky-high heel.
  • Timberland boots were designed for hiking, but they are also worn for a fashion statement. They provide a waterproof, rugged design. Some of their newest designs for women include pink Timberland boots.
  • Hunter Wellingtons, also known as Wellies are rubber, waterproof boots. They are made for wear in wet or muddy conditions, as well as in industrial settings like mines, factories, and food processing.
  • Ugg boots are sheepskin boots lined with wool, and some may have a synthetic sole to add durability or water resistance. They may be low ankle boots, above the knee, or in between. These boots are known for circulating the air to keep the feet warm and dry.
  •  Faith Boots offer an updated twist to classic looks like the Western cowboy boot or biker boots. Ranging from ankle boots to thigh boots, these boots make a beautiful fashion statement.

 Pumps and Sandals

Common styles of dressier shoes include pumps and sandals. Whether you are shopping for ladies wedding shoes or white sandals for holiday wear, there are many popular styles and brands to choose from.

  • Diamante shoes provide eye-catching appeal with rhinestone decorations. From subtle designs to shoes practically encrusted with rhinestones, strappy sandals to the highest platforms, diamante shoes provide a dressy, festive look.
  • Firetrap Shoes makes a wide range of women’s shoes, from boots to sandals. Their Light Year Gladiator sandals feature a 10cm heel and a black, strappy design.
  • Hotter Shoes are focused on combining comfort and style, including sandals and pumps. They have included secret features for added comfort in every pair since 1959. Their sensible, comfortable heel heights are designed to add a feminine look to your outfit.
  • Karen Millen shoes include beautiful high heels and peep-toe designs. From strappy sandals, pumps, or boots, the line is known for sky-high heels, beautiful lines, and stunning materials and colours.
  • Manolo Blahnik shoes first appeared in the 1970s, opening his first shop in London’s Chelsea. The line quickly becoming a fashion favourite around the globe, known for their superb craftsmanship as much as for their beautiful designs. The lasts and heels used for the shoes are still perfected by Blahnik himself. These high-end shoes gained even more popularity thanks to the ‘Sex and the City’ TV show and movie.
  •  Sugar Shoes makes a line of colourful, comfortable flats for a classic look. Choices include solid colours, plaids, and patterns. 
  •  Viva La Diva makes a wide range of fashionable shoes. Their high heels, stunning colours and designs, make a distinct statement. Choose from pumps, sandals, and boots, all epitomizing the height of fashion.

Tips for you to consider before buying Womens Shoes

  •  Decide first whether you want shoes for work, sport, fashion, or some combination thereof. This helps you define the most important features, such as a rugged sole, beautiful looks, or athletic support.
  •  Find out whether the shoes are genuine or synthetic leather, if applicable. Either has its place, but leather is generally more expensive. You won’t want to pay for leather only to realize later that it’s synthetic. The materials also have different care instructions. Leather shoes will stretch slightly after wear, so they should be snug to begin.
  •  If you are choosing shoes to wear outdoors, find out if they are water proof or merely water resistant. Water resistant boots will keep you dry in a limited amount of moisture, but water will eventually soak through.
  • Once you have narrowed down your choices, you have to try them on. This is to make sure they fit comfortably and correctly. The best bargain is worthless if you never wear the shoes because they hurt your feet. Look for rubbing, pinching, and slipping. The shoes should not crowd your toes, either against the sides or the ends. Once you have tried on the shoes and found the right style and fit, you can come back to Price Inspector to let us get you the cheapest prices.
  • If the shoes do not provide enough cushion or arch support, consider adding insoles to increase the comfort and protect your feet.
  •  Make sure you try the shoes on with the correct socks or hosiery. Most women remember to try pumps on with stockings, but a common mistake is not to wear thick enough socks when trying on hiking boots, for example.

Jargon Explained

Sole This is the bottom of the shoe. Make sure it provides the correct traction for your needs. Dance shoes need slick enough soles for gliding, although not so slippery it makes you fall. Hiking boots need heavy traction.
Insole This is the interior of the shoe that your foot rests on. This part of the shoe is responsible for cushion and arch support.
Heel This is the bottom rear portion of the shoe that supports your heel. Flat heels are for more practical shoes, while high heels provide a fashion statement or make you look taller. 

Buying Guide to Womens Shoes
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