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World Cup 2010 buying guide

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World Cup 2010 Information

The FIFA World Cup, also known as the World Cup, is being hosted in South Africa this year. The 2010 tournament will be held between 11 June and 11 July in 10 stadiums around South Africa. The venues include stadiums in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein Polokwane, Rustenburg, and Nelspruit. Five of the stadiums were constructed for the event, and the other five have been upgraded, ensuring a world-class soccer experience. This is the first time an African nation has hosted the World Cup tournament.

The tournament has been played every four years since its origination in 1930, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 when it was canceled due to World War II. In the past 18 tournaments, the title has been won by seven different nations: Brazil, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina, England, and France. Brazil has won the title a record five times, and they are considered a favourite to win the 2010 title. Italy is the defending champion. The World Cup is widely considered the most watched sports event in the world, with an estimated 715 million people watching the televised final match of the 2006 World Cup.

World Cup teams

Regardless of which team you support, you can easily show your loyalty with official team shirts. Each of the 32 teams has both a home and an away shirt, so you will be able to choose your favourite. You can also buy long sleeved shirts, warm-up jackets, and t-shirts in your favourite team’s colours.

  • The England World Cup home shirt and away shirt feature the distinctive red and white colours of England’s national team. Many of the items feature either the three lions emblem or a St George cross. England is considered one of the top four favourite teams to win the World Cup. They finished at the top of a difficult qualifying group, defeating Ukraine and Croatia.
  • Brazil is another favourite to win the tournament, tied with Spain for the lead. They are one of the strongest teams in the competition, and Brazil is confident they will claim their sixth World Cup championship.
  • The host nation for the 2010 World Cup, South Africas World Cup home shirt is a bright yellow shirt with green accents. The South Africa away shirt is the reverse configuration, green with yellow accents. Although South Africa will be playing their hardest as hosts, they will have a hard time making it out of their group.
  • The Mexico home shirt is green with red trim, while the away shirt is red with green trim. Mexico is likely to emerge safely from their group.
  • The Uruguay home shirt is light blue with a subtle checkered pattern; the away shirt is white with blue piping.
  • Frances World Cup home shirt is dark blue with red and white accents, somewhat resembling claw marks across the torso. The away shirt is white with dark blue vertical pinstripes on the chest, as well as red and blue trim on the shoulders. France is the favourite to win their group.
  • The Argentina World Cup home shirt features light blue and white vertical stripes. The away shirt is a solid medium blue with white accents. Argentina is currently ranked fourth among the favourites for the championship. Although they had some struggles during the qualifying rounds, they have a very talented team and could be a team to watch.
  • Greeces home shirt is white with a swirled blue piping, while the away shirt is blue with a white swirl. Greece is likely to be in the top two of their group, heading for the next round.
  • Germanys home shirt is white with navy trim; the away shirt is navy with red and white trim. Germany is playing in one of the weaker groups and should have no problem advancing.
  • Ghanas home shirt is white with black trim, while the away shirt has burgundy and light gold vertical stripes.
  • The Denmark World Cup home shirt is burgundy with diagonal stripes across the chest.
  • The Cameroon home shirt is solid green with burgundy and gold accents. The away shirt is light gold with burgundy pinstripes.
  • The Italy home shirt is medium blue with white trim, while the away shirt is white with blue trim.
  • Paraguays World Cup home shirt is predominantly light blue.
  • New Zealands home shirt features bold red and white vertical stripes.
  • The Ivory Coast home shirt is a solid medium gold colour, and the away shirt features green and white horizontal stripes, with a solid green shoulder.
  • Spains home shirt is bright red with navy trim, and the away shirt reverses the colours. Spain is tied with Brazil as a favourite to win the World Cup. They are currently number one in the FIFA rankings, win all ten of their qualifying matches. Pele, one of the greatest players in history, has recently backed Spain to win their first World Cup championship.
  • The Switzerland home shirt is dark red, and the away shirt is white with red trim.
  • If the USA can defeat England in the first match, they are likely to advance in the competition. Otherwise, USA is not considered a favourite to advance.
Other official team apparel you can choose from includes:

World Cup Entertainment

The World Cup provides numerous entertainment options, including watching the matches, playing home video games, and listening to World Cup songs. Get in the spirit of the event with some of the following choices.

Popular video games include the FIFA World Cup 2010 game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP. The FIFA World Cup 2010 game is a very highly rated game, letting you get into the game. You can use home and away strategies, and home games will strengthen your team. The tournament lets you compete as one of the 199 teams that entered qualification, all the way through the finals. The game brings to life all the pageantry and emotion of the official tournament, such as seat cards, fireworks, confetti, and team flags.

If you do not already have a video game console or are considering upgrading to a newer model, popular choices include Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

When it’s time to watch the matches, you will want a good television, preferably one with a large screen, especially if you are hosting a finals party. Choose from an HD TV, LCD TV, LED TV, or 3D TV. Choosing the right TV is a combination of screen size, picture resolution, and viewing angle. The viewing angle is crucial if you will have a large gathering, as those guests sitting at too much of an angle will not be able to clearly see the screen.

No World Cup party would be complete without music to get you in the right mood. The Three Lions song is available for purchase or download, and it was the official team anthem of England’s national team for the 1996 European Championships. The lyrics were written by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner.

For any of these entertainment options, you have a variety of official 2010 World Cup merchandise and accessories to support your favourite team and the World Cup in general. Popular options include an official world cup 2010 match football, World Cup t-shirts, scarves, jackets, and shirts.

England World Cup merchandise

Of course, many football fans in the UK will be supporting the England national team, and here you will find many different ways to show your team loyalty.

For England World Cup shirts, you can find mens, womens, kids home shirts, and even baby England World Cup home shirts. These shirts are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

One popular option is the Umbro collection. In this range of items, you will find high-quality, attractive clothing. One of the newest England Umbro shirts is a white, performance cut single button front placket. The design features the traditional England crest of three lions, embroidered in high definition.

Inspired by the classic jacket worn by Sir Alf Ramsey, England’s World Cup winning manager, the England Umbro jacket is created using the most modern materials available for comfort and performance. It is an attractive dark blue jacket with an embroidered crest. The cuffs, collar, and waist hem feature a red, white, and blue striped design.

Regardless of the weather, you can sport your team colours with an England Umbro t-shirt, fleece, shorts, track suit, or training top. There are even baby England Umbro kits, so even the youngest England fans can support their team with the matching top, pants, and socks.

Other popular England clothing options include an England World Cup top, polo shirt, or jumper. For chilly days, complete your outfit with an England World Cup jacket, baseball cap, England World Cup cap, scarf, or cape. On a warm day, you can sport your Union Jack shorts, and in any weather, you can get your England World Cup sports socks or trainer socks. For drizzly days, consider an England poncho. Relive your team’s history with a retro 1966 World Cup shirt.

Of course your team support is not limited to clothing. You can find an England St George cross bracelet, St George cuff links, England dog tags or St George wig; decorate your car with an England car flag, car shade, or sticker, and dress up your mobile phone with an England iPhone cover. Carry all your gear in an England World Cup bag, and keep your money safe in your new England wallet.

Your home decor won’t be left out of the celebration, with choices including an England duvet, bean bag, or beach towel. Entertain yourself and your guests with an England table football game, or kick the ball around with your England football nets.

World Cup Heroes & favourites shirts

Throughout the history of the World Cup, there have been many heroes of the game. Some are long-time fan favourites, while new heroes emerge through match-winning plays. Now you can honour your past and present heroes with these classic shirts:

  • Gary Lineker, 1984-1992, and Alan Shearer, 1992-2000, is two of the top goalscorers in England’s team history.
  • Bobby Moore, 1962-1973, and David Beckham, 1996-present, are two of the most capped players for the England team.
  • Wayne Rooney is a newer member of the England team, but he was featured in the 2006 game and looks to be prominent in the 2010 game. He has quickly become one of England’s most important players, winning the FWA Footballer of the Year and the PFA Players' Player of the Year and the in 2009–10.
  • If you can’t decide which England team hero to honour, you can always get your own name added to an England team shirt. Live out your professional football dreams with a personalized jersey.
  • Brazil’s Pele is arguably one of the best, and most famous, footballers of all time, hailed as a national hero in his native land. He is an official ambassador for FIFA. Claudiano Bezerra da Silva, also known as Kaka, is a defender for Brazil and has played for a number of Brazilian clubs. Pele compiled a list of the 100 best footballers of all time, naming fellow Brazilian Ronaldo to the list.
  • Argentina’s Diego Armando Maradona is a former player and current manager for the Argentine national team. He and Pele shared the the FIFA Player of the Century award. Lionel Messi is a current player for Argentine, often cited as one of the best players of his generation.
  • Samuel Eto Fils is a striker and captain of the Cameroon national team. He plays for Italian Serie A club Internazionale and is currently captain of the Cameroon national team.
  • Some UK favourites will be representing their home countries in the World Cup, including players from the Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester clubs. Notable players from Chelsea include France’s Nicolas Anelka, Ghana’s Michael Essien, and Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba. Manchester’s Park Ji-Sung will be playing for South Korea. Liverpool’s Fernando Torres will play for Spain. Uruguay’s Diego Forlan is a former Manchester player.
  • Spain’s Xavier Hernandez i Creus, also known as Xavi, is considered one of the best playmakers in football and one of the greatest midfielders of all time. He is often cited as the best current midfielder in the world.
  • Landon Donovan is one of the premier players native to the United States. For the United States national team, he is the all-time leader in scores and assists and is the most capped active player.

Stage your Own World Cup Party!

Many people in England will be celebrating the matches by hosting World Cup parties. To throw a successful England football party for the World Cup, you need food, drink, and a good TV, but those are just the beginning. Your guests will be expecting decorations to set the mood and make it easy to cheer for your team.

  • Easy and inexpensive decorations for your party include football balloons. These can be shaped and decorated like generic footballs, or they can be in England team colours. You can blow the balloons up yourself, or you can buy a small helium tank to make them even more fun. Coloured balloon strings or streamers are another easy, inexpensive decoration.
  • If you do not have enough regular seating, or if you just want to add to the fun, you can buy an England football chair. You can choose collapsible canvas models, bean bags, or even an inflatable football chair. These provide additional, comfortable seating for your World Cup party, and then they deflate for easy storage between parties.
  • For your food and beverage serving needs, you can buy an England pint glass or St George cups. Whether you buy enough for every guest or just one for yourself, these are a fun way to serve your drinks. An England beer cooler will keep the drinks cold until served. St George plates will also add to the theme, and once you have used them, can be disposed of easily.
  • Even the most conservative party host can get a little crazy during the excitement of the World Cup. Show your enthusiasm with a red and white jester hat, and be sure to make a little noise with an England Vu Vu horn. These plastic horns are decorated with a St George flag design, and they are inexpensive enough to give them as party favours to your guests.
  • If the party spills outside, you might want to get a garden patio heater. This will make it comfortable for any guests who step outside for some air or a smoke, especially if the weather turns chilly.
  • Finally, even the most novice party host can’t go wrong with an England party pack. There are several to choose from, making it easy to fit your budget and your party size. Typical items included in the pack are balloons, poppers, streamers, and blowers, all decorated in your team colours.

However you choose to decorate, whatever you serve, make sure you have more food and drink than you think you will need. In the excitement of a close match, guests may drink or eat more than you expect. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to provide alternative transport for any guests who may drink more than they intended.

Also, choose foods that will be safe at room temperature, not requiring heating or refrigeration. You also want food that will be easy for your guests to eat and that won’t require a lot of work on your part. After all, you want to enjoy your guests and the matches, not spend your time in the kitchen. Whether you have a small, informal party or an over-the-top celebration, have fun! 

Buying Guide to World Cup 2010
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